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  • 04/18/16--15:15: BRANCH DAVIDIANS
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  • 04/18/16--15:16: WACO SIEGE
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                On this date, April 19, 1995, the 51-day FBI siege of the Branch Davidian building outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die. I will post information about David Koresh from Wikipedia and other links.

    David Koresh

    Mug shot of David Koresh in 1987.

    Vernon Wayne Howell
    August 17, 1959
    Houston, Texas, U.S.
    April 19, 1993 (aged 33)
    Mount Carmel Center
    McLennan County, Texas, U.S.
    Cause of death
    Body discovered
    Branch Davidian ranch
    McLennan County, Texas, U.S.
    Resting place
    Memorial Park Cemetery

    Elk, Texas, U.S.
    Religious leader of Branch Davidians
    Known for
    Rachel Jones
    • Cyrus Howell
    • Star Howell
    • Bobbie Lane Howell
    and twelve others
    • Bobby Wayne Howell
    • Bonnie Sue Clark
    David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell; August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993) was the American leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet.
    Coming from a dysfunctional family background, Koresh claimed to become a Christian in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, before joining a splinter group, based at the Mount Carmel Center near Waco, Texas, which took the name Branch Davidians. Here he competed for dominance with another leader named George Roden, until Roden was jailed for murdering another rival. Koresh was then accused of seducing a 13-year-old girl, apparently with her parents’ consent, a relationship that he sanctified as a ‘spiritual marriage’. But it was the serving of arrest and search warrants by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as part of an investigation into illegal possession of firearms and explosives that provoked the historic 1993 raid on the center. Four ATF agents and six Davidians were killed during the initial two-hour firefight, both sides claiming the other side fired first. The subsequent siege by the FBI ended with the burning of the center, where Koresh and 79 others were found dead after the fire.

    Early life

    Koresh was born Vernon Wayne Howell on August 17, 1959 in Houston, Texas, to a 14-year-old single mother, Bonnie Sue Clark (September 8, 1944 – January 23, 2009). His father was Bobby Wayne Howell (August 3, 1939 – July 16, 2008). Before Koresh was born, his father met another teenage girl and abandoned Bonnie Sue. Koresh never met his father, and his mother began cohabitatingwith a violent alcoholic.

    In 1963, Koresh's mother left her boyfriend and placed her 4-year-old son in the care of his maternal grandmother, Earline Clark. His mother returned when he was seven, after her marriage to a carpenter named Roy Haldeman. Haldeman and Clark had a son together named Roger, who was born in 1966. Koresh described his early childhood as lonely, and it has been alleged that he was once gang-raped by older boys when he was 8. Due to his poor study skills and dyslexia, he was put in special education classes and nicknamed "Vernie" by his fellow students. Koresh dropped out of Garland High School in his junior year.

    When he was 22, Koresh had an affair with a 15-year-old girl who became pregnant. He claimed to have become a born-again Christian in the Southern Baptist Church and soon joined his mother's church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church. There he fell in love with the pastor's daughter and while praying for guidance he opened his eyes and allegedly found the Bible open at Isaiah 34, stating that "...none should want for her mate..."; convinced this was a sign from God, he approached the pastor and told him that God wanted him to have his daughter for a wife. The pastor threw him out, and when he continued to persist with his pursuit of the daughter he was expelled from the congregation.

    In 1982, he moved to Waco, Texas, where he joined the Branch Davidians, not to be confused with the original Davidian Seventh-day Adventistgroup. A man named Ben Roden originated the Branch group. Roden had studied under Victor Houteff but upon the death of Houteff in 1955, he formed his own group with new teachings that were not connected with the original Davidians. Koresh played guitar and sang in church services at Mount Carmel Center. His band played a few times at clubs in Waco, and former members (such as David Thibodeau) have written that he recruited them through music. Koresh also tried pursuing his own record company but because of lack of funds and support was not successful.

    Ascent to leadership of the Branch Davidians

    In 1983, Koresh began claiming the gift of prophecy. It is speculated that he had a sexual relationship with Lois Roden, the prophetess and leader of the sect, who was then 65 years old, eventually claiming that God had chosen him to father a child with her, who would be the Chosen One. In 1983, Lois Roden allowed Koresh to begin teaching his own message, called "The Serpent's Root," which caused controversy in the group. Lois Roden's son George Roden intended to be the group's next leader and considered Koresh an interloper. When Koresh announced that God had instructed him to marry Rachel Jones (who then added Koresh to her name), there was a short period of calm at Mount Carmel Center, but it proved only temporary. In the ensuing power struggle, George Roden, claiming to have the support of the majority of the group, forced Koresh and his group off the property at gunpoint.

    Disturbed by the events and the move away from the philosophy of the community's founders, a further splinter group led by Charles Joseph Pace, a Branch Davidian since 1973, moved out of Mount Carmel Center and set up a home church called Living Waters Branch of Righteousness in Gadsden, Alabama.

    In 1985, Koresh and around 25 followers set up camp at Palestine, Texas, 90 miles (140 km) from Waco, where they lived under rough conditions in buses and tents for the next two years, during which time Koresh undertook recruitment of new followers in California, the United Kingdom, Israel and Australia. That same year Koresh traveled to Israel where he claimed he had a vision that he was the modern day Cyrus. The founder of the Davidian movement, Victor Houteff, wanted to be God's implement and establish the Davidic kingdom in Palestine. Koresh also wanted to be God's tool and set up the Davidic kingdom in Jerusalem. At least until 1990, he believed the place of his martyrdom might be in Israel, but by 1991 he was convinced that his martyrdom would be in the United States. Instead of Israel, he said the prophecies of Daniel would be fulfilled in Waco and that the Mount Carmel Center was the Davidic kingdom.

    After being exiled to the Palestine camp, Koresh and his followers eked out a primitive existence. When Lois Roden died in 1986, the exiled Branch Davidians wondered if they would ever be able to return to Mount Carmel Center. But despite the displacement, "Koresh now enjoyed the loyalty of the majority of the [Branch Davidian] community". By late 1987, George Roden's support was in steep decline. To regain it, he challenged Koresh to a contest to raise the dead, going so far as to exhume a corpse to demonstrate his spiritual supremacy. Koresh went to authorities to file charges against Roden for illegally exhuming a corpse, but was told he would have to show proof (such as a photograph of the corpse). Koresh seized the opportunity to seek criminal prosecution of Roden by returning to Mount Carmel Center with seven armed followers attempting to get photographic proof of the crime. Koresh's group was discovered by Roden and a gunfight broke out. When the sheriff arrived, Roden had already suffered a minor gunshot wound and was pinned down behind a tree. As a result of the incident, Koresh and his followers were charged with attempted murder. At the trial, Koresh explained that he went to Mount Carmel Center to uncover evidence of criminal disturbance of a corpse by Roden. Koresh's followers were acquitted, and in Koresh's case a mistrialwas declared.

    In 1989, Roden murdered Wayman Dale Adair with an axe blow to the skull after Adair stated his belief that he (Adair) was the true messiah. Roden was convicted of murder and imprisoned in a mental hospital at Big Spring, Texas. Since Roden owed thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes on Mount Carmel Center, Koresh and his followers were able to raise the money and reclaim the property. Roden continued to harass the Koresh faction by filing legal papers while imprisoned. When Koresh and his followers reclaimed Mount Carmel Center, they discovered that tenants who had rented from Roden had left behind a methamphetaminelaboratory, which Koresh reported to the local police department and asked to have removed.


    If the Bible is true, then I'm Christ.
    Name change

    Vernon Howell filed a petition in California State Superior Court in Pomona on May 15, 1990, to legally change his name "for publicity and business purposes" to David Koresh. On August 28, 1990, Judge Robert Martinez granted the petition. Koresh is the Persian name of Cyrus the Great (کوروش, Kurosh), a Persian king who is named a Messiah for freeing Jews during the Babylonian Captivity. His first name, David, symbolized a lineage directly to the biblical King David, from whom the new messiah would descend. By taking the name of David Koresh, he was "professing himself to be the spiritual descendant of King David, a messianic figure carrying out a divinely commissioned errand."

    Accusations of child abuse and statutory rape

    The child abuse and sexual abuse claims have been widely circulated in the press coverage though it is often difficult to separate the purported claims from the evidence. Koresh's doctrine of the House of David did lead to "marriages" with both married and single women in the group and with at least one underage girl. The underage girl was Michelle Jones, the younger sister of Koresh's legal wife Rachel and the daughter of lifelong Branch Davidians Perry and Mary Belle Jones. Koresh had sex with Michelle when she was thirteen, evidently with the consent of the Joneses. This means Koresh was in violation of state law and could have been prosecuted for statutory rape in Texas. A six-month investigation of child abuse allegations by the Texas Child Protection Services in 1992 failed to turn up any evidence, most likely because the Branch Davidians concealed the spiritual marriage of Koresh to Michelle Jones, assigning a surrogate husband (David Thibodeau) to the girl for the sake of appearances. A second allegation involved an underage girl, Kiri Jewell, who testified in the Congressional hearings in Waco in 1995. She claimed that, beginning from when she was ten years old, Koresh forced her to perform sexual acts.

    Regarding the allegations of child abuse, the evidence is less sure. In one widely reported incident, ex-members claimed that Koresh became irritated with the cries of his son Cyrus and spanked the child severely for several minutes on three consecutive visits to the child's bedroom. In a second report, Koresh was said to have beaten the eight-month-old daughter of another member for approximately forty minutes until the girl's bottom bled. In a third incident, a man involved in a custody battle visited Mount Carmel Center and claimed to have seen the beating of a young boy with a stick. Finally, the FBI's justification for forcing an end to the 51-day standoff was predicated on the charge that Koresh was abusing children inside Mount Carmel Center. In hours following the deadly conflagration, Attorney General Janet Renotold reporters that "We had specific information that babies were being beaten." But FBI Director William Sessions publicly denied the charge and told reporters that they had no such information about child abuse inside Mount Carmel Center. A careful examination of the other child abuse charges found the evidence to be weak and ambiguous, casting doubt on the allegations.

    The allegations of child abuse stem largely from detractors and ex-members. The 1993 U.S. Department of Justice report cites allegations of child sexual and physicalabuse. But despite the merits of the charges, legal scholars point out that the ATF had no legal jurisdiction in the matter of child protection and it appears that these accounts were inserted by the ATF to inflame the case against Koresh. For example, the account of former Branch Davidian Jeannine Bunds is reproduced in the affidavit. She claimed that Koresh had fathered at least fifteen children with various women and that she had personally delivered seven of these children. Bunds also claims that Koresh would annul all marriages of couples who joined the group, had exclusive sexual access to the women, and would also have regular sexual relations with young girls. There is no question that Koresh had multiple children by different women in the group. His House of David doctrine based on a purported revelation involved the reproduction of 24 children by chosen women in the community. These 24 children were to serve as the ruling elders over the millennium after the return of Christ. In his book, James Tabor states that Koresh acknowledged on a videotape sent out of the compound during the standoff that he had fathered more than 12 children by several "wives". On March 3, 1993, during negotiations to secure the release of the remaining children, Koresh advised the Negotiation Team that: "My children are different than those others", referring to his direct lineage versus those children previously released.


    I am more willing to come out when I get my message from my commander.
    Raid and siege by federal authorities

    Main article: Waco siege

    On February 28, 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) raided Mount Carmel Center. The raid resulted in the deaths of four agents and six Branch Davidians. Shortly after the initial raid, the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) took command of the federal operation, since the FBI has jurisdiction over incidents involving the deaths of federal agents. Contact was established with Koresh inside the compound. Communication over the next 51 days included telephone exchanges with various FBI negotiators.

    As the standoff continued, Koresh, who was seriously injured by a gunshot wound, along with his closest male leaders, negotiated delays, possibly so he could write religious documents he said he needed to complete before he surrendered. His conversations with the negotiators were dense with biblical imagery. The federal negotiators treated the situation as a hostage crisis.

    The 51-day siege of Mount Carmel Center ended on April 19 when U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno approved recommendations of FBI officials to proceed with a final assault in which the Branch Davidians were to be removed from their building by force. In the course of the assault, the church building caught on fire in circumstances that are still disputed. Barricaded inside the building, 80 Branch Davidians, including David Koresh, did not survive the fire; 22 of these victims were children under the age of 17. According to the FBI, Steve Schneider, Koresh's right-hand man who "probably realized he was dealing with a fraud," shot and killed Koresh and then committed suicide with the same gun.


    Koresh is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Tyler, Texas in the "Last Supper" plot/section. Several of David Koresh's albums were released, including Voice Of Fire in 1994. In 2004, Koresh's 1968 Camaro, which had been damaged during the raid, sold for $37,000 at auction.

    The Mount Carmel Center raid was cited by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols as motivations for the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995—timed to coincide with the second anniversary of the Waco assault.

    On January 23, 2009, Koresh's mother, Bonnie Clark Haldeman, was stabbed to death in Chandler, Texas; her sister, Beverly Clark, was charged with the murder.

    Several documentary films have been made about the siege, including different versions of Waco: The Rules of Engagement and Waco: A New Revelation.

    The American rapper Rick Ross referenced Koresh in his song "Sanctified"


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    Twenty years ago on this date, 19 April 1996, an English Serial killer, John Martin Scripps was executed by hanging at Changi Prison in Singapore for the murder of South African tourist, Gerard Lowe. He was the last Englishman to die by the gallows.


    John Martin Scripps

    Please go to this previous blog post to learn more.

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    On this date, 19 April 2010, a murderer, Carl Williams, from Melbourne, Australia was murdered in HM Prison Barwon by a lifer, Matthew Johnson.


    Victim, Carl Williams

    Murderer, Matthew Johnson

    A CCTV still shows Carl Williams sitting at a table unaware that he was about to be bludgeoned to death

    Please go to this previous blog post to learn more.

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  • 04/19/16--15:43: ANTISEMITISM
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  • 04/19/16--15:44: NAZI PROPAGANDA
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    Adolf Hitler against Christianity

    Hitler’s War on Christianity (Quotes)

    Posted by Tony Listi on December 14, 2008

    Hitler was NOT a Christian. He hated Christianity. If he made any public remarks in support of Christianity, that was because he was in public and would lie or obfuscate to appease a crowd at times. Hitler was opposed to atheism because  he was a spiritual man: “atheism… is a return to the  state of the animal…” (Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 59). But opposition to atheism doesn’t make anyone a Christian. Nazism was his religion, an authentic religion of his own creation (yes, life is SO much better when people create their own personal religions in a search for “authenticity,” ha).

    Hitler’s Table Talk is a compilation of sayings by Hitler in private conversations that were recorded by other Nazis. It is a good source for what Hitler reallythought.

    “…the only way of getting rid of Christianity is to allow it to die little by little.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 61

    “It’s Christianity that’s the liar. It’s in perpetual conflict with itself.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 61

    “In the long run, National Socialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 6

    “Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to attempt a synthesis between National Socialism and Christianity. I don’t believe the thing’s possible, and I see the obstacle in Christianity itself.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 145

    “As far as we are concerned, we’ve succeeded in chasing the Jews from our midst and excluding Christianity from our political life.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 394

    “There is something very unhealthy about Christianity.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 418

    “The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity. Christianity is a prototype of Bolshevism: the mobilisation by the Jew of the masses of slaves with the object of undermining society. Thus one understands that the healthy elements of the Roman world were proof against this doctrine.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 75-76

    “When all is said, we have no reason to wish that the Italians and Spaniards should free themselves from the drug of Christianity. Let’s be the only people who are immunised against the disease.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 145

    “Our epoch will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity. It will last another hundred years, two hundred years perhaps. My regret will have been that I couldn’t, like whoever the prophet was, behold the promised land from afar. We are entering into a conception of the world that will be a sunny era, an era of tolerance.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 343-344

    “Pure Christianity—the Christianity of the catacombs—is concerned with translating the Christian doctrine into facts. It leads quite simply to the annihilation of mankind.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 146

    “Christianity is the worst of the regressions that mankind can ever have undergone, and it’s the Jew who, thanks to this diabolic invention, has thrown him back fifteen centuries.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 322

    “The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity. Bolshevism practises a lie of the same nature, when it claims to bring liberty to men, whereas in reality it seeks only to enslave them. In the ancient world, the relations between men and gods were founded on an instinctive respect. It was a world enlightened by the idea of tolerance. Christianity was the first creed in the world to exterminate its adversaries in the name of love. Its key-note is intolerance.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 7

    “But Christianity is an invention of sick brains : one could imagine nothing more senseless, nor any more indecent way of turning the idea of the Godhead into a mockery. A negro with his tabus is crushingly superior to the human being who seriously believes in Transubstantiation.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 144

    “It took fourteen centuries for Christianity to reach the peak of savagery and stupidity.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 314

    “Let it not be said that Christianity brought man the life of the soul, for that evolution was in the natural order of things.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 7

    “We must recognise, of course, that, amongst us, Christianity is coloured by Germanism.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 46

    “We’ll see to it that the Churches cannot spread abroad teachings in conflict with the interests of the State. We shall continue to preach the doctrine of National Socialism, and the young will no longer be taught anything but the truth.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 62

    “Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 51
    “By nature the Duce is a freethinker, but he decided to choose the path of concessions. For my part, in his place I’d have taken the path of revolution. I’d have entered the Vatican and thrown everybody out—reserving the right to apologise later: “Excuse me, it was a mistake.” But the result would have been, they’d have been outside!” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 145

    “So it’s not opportune to hurl ourselves now into a struggle with the Churches. The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death. A slow death has something comforting about it. The dogma of Christianity gets worn away before the advances of science. Religion will have to make more and more concessions. Gradually the myths crumble. All that’s left is to prove that in nature there is no frontier between the organic and the inorganic.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 59

    “But, even so, it’s impossible eternally to hold humanity in bondage with lies. After all, it was only between the sixth and eighth centuries that Christianity was imposed on our peoples by princes who had an alliance of interests with the shavelings. Our peoples had previously succeeded in living all right without this religion. I have six divisions of SS composed of men absolutely indifferent in matters of religion. It doesn’t prevent them from going to their deaths with serenity in their souls.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 143

    “Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers—already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity!—then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 667 (Talk about Islamo-fascism!)

    “The priests of antiquity were closer to nature, and they sought modestly for the meaning of things. Instead of that, Christianity promulgates its inconsistent dogmas and imposes them by force. Such a religion carries within it intolerance and persecution. It’s the bloodiest conceivable.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 322-323

    “One cannot succeed in conceiving how much cruelty, ignominy and falsehood the intrusion of Christianity has spelt for this world of ours. If the misdeeds of Christianity were less serious in Italy, that’s because the people of Rome, having seen them at work, always knew exactly the worth of the Popes before whom Christendom prostrated itself.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 288

    “With what clairvoyance the authors of the eighteenth, and especially those of the past, century criticised Christianity and passed judgment on the evolution of the Churches!” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 88

    “When understanding of the universe has become widespread, when the majority of men know that the stars are not sources of light but worlds, perhaps inhabited worlds like ours, then the Christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 59

    “The fact that the Japanese have retained their political philosophy, which is one of the essential reasons for their successes, is due to their having been saved in time from the views of Christianity.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 393

    “This terrorism in religion is the product, to put it briefly, of a Jewish dogma, which Christianity has universalised and whose effect is to sow trouble and confusion in men’s minds.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 393

    “It may be asked whether concluding a concordat with the churches wouldn’t facilitate our exercise of power…. I’m convinced that any pact with the Church can offer only a provisional benefit, for sooner or later the scientific spirit will disclose the harmful character of such a compromise. Thus the State will have based its existence on a foundation that one day will collapse.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pp. 58-59

    “It is to these private customs that peoples owe their present characters. Christianity, of course, has reached the peak of absurdity in this respect. And that’s why one day its structure will collapse. Science has already impregnated humanity. Consequently, the more Christianity clings to its dogmas, the quicker it will decline.” –Hitler’s Table Talk, pg 60

    More links:

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    Today I will once more be a prophet. If the international Jewish financiers, inside and outside Europe, succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevisation of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!
    In 1922 Joseph Hell asked Hitler, "What do you want to do to the Jews once you have full descretionary powers?" (1) Hitler, who until then had spoken calmy and with measured words, underwent a total transformation:

    "His eyes no longer saw me but instead bore past me and off into empty space; his explanation grew increasingly voluble until he fell into a kind of paroxysm that ended with his shouting, as if to a whole public gathering:

    'Once I really am in power, my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews. As soon as I have the power to do so, I will have gallows built in rows - at the Marienplatz in Munich, for example - as many as traffic allows. Then the Jews will be hanged indiscriminately, and they will remain hanging until they stink; they will hang there as long as the principles of hygiene permit. As soon as they have been untied, the next batch will be strung up, and so on down the line, until the last Jew in Munich has been exterminated. Other cities will follow suit, precisely in this fashion, until all Germany has been completely cleansed of Jews.'"

    (1) Josef Hell, "Aufzeichnung," 1922, ZS 640, p. 5, Institut für Zeitgeschichte. The retired Major Josef Hell was a journalist in the twenties and in the beginning of the thirties, during which time he also collaborated with Dr. Fritz Gerlich, the editor of the weekly newspaper Der Gerade Weg.

    Jews executed in a Rumanian town, and left hanging in the market place, guarded by a German soldier

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  • 04/19/16--15:45: Der Stürmer


    Photo of front page of Der Stürmer, dated May 1934, which is on permanent display at the Jewish Museum, Berlin. Subject matter is the Blood libel against Jews. Accompanying text reads:

    "Der Stürmer, a weekly magazine published by Julius Streicher, was the most vile anti-Semitic publication of the National Socialist period. This special edition was dedicated to the practice of ritual murder ascribed to the Jews. The authors presented their prejudices as fact in order to intensify anti-Semitic hatred towards the 'murderers of Christ.' This accusation, which emerged in the Middle Ages, maligned Jews as 'murderers' of Christian children for ritualistic purposes. Der Stürmer attempted to keep this old prejudice alive by citing alleged current examples"
    Der Stürmer (pronounced [deːɐ̯ ˈʃtʏʁmɐ], lit. "the Attacker") was a weekly tabloid-format Nazi newspaper published by Julius Streicher (a prominent official in the Nazi Party) from 1923 to the end of World War II, with brief suspensions in publication due to legal difficulties. It was a significant part of Nazi propaganda and was vehemently antisemitic. Unlike the Völkischer Beobachter (translatable as The People's Observer), the official party paper which gave itself an outwardly serious appearance, Der Stürmer often ran obscene material such as antisemitic caricatures of Jews and accusations of blood libel, plus sexually explicit, anti-Catholic, anti-Communist, anti-capitalist and anti-monarchist propaganda also too.

    The newspaper originated at Nuremberg during Hitler's attempt to establish power and control. During the struggle to achieve power, Streicher was accused by the opposition of the Nazi party as being "a liar, a coward, of having unsavory friends, mistreating his wife and of flirting with women". Despite the accusations, the first copy of Der Stürmer was published April 20, 1923. Der Stürmer’s circulation grew over time, distributing to a large percentage of the German population as well as Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

    Between August 1941 and September 1944, Streicher authorized articles demanding the annihilation and extermination of the Jewish race. After the war, he was convicted of crimes against humanity and executed.

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    Shannon M. Johnson was executed by lethal injection in Delaware on this date, April 20, 2012 for the murder of Cameron Hamlin on September 24, 2006. He was put to death only after six years of the murder as he needed a suicide assist. 


    Shannon M. Johnson

    The victim: Cameron Hamlin
    (May 10, 1981 to September 24, 2006)

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  • 04/20/16--05:26: QUOTES BY ADOLF HITLER
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    James Dobson
    QUOTE:Into that world comes a young William Wilberforce — a young Parliamentarian — who saw this and said this is evil, this is wrong, I will do what I can to fight it. In some ways, it's very similar to our situation here with regard to abortion because that's a multi-million dollar industry. You know the money that even our own Congress gives to Planned Parenthood is reminiscent of the evil that was expressed in that day because other Parliament members didn't want to touch that very lucrative business. And so here you've got Wilberforce standing up and saying "this is wrong" and he was vilified and attacked and discredited and marginalized. It sounds kind of familiar to what happens to pro-life people today.["William Wilberforce’s Courageous Stand for Life", Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson: 11:09, 28 February 2011, retrieved on 2011-08-06]

    AUTHOR: James Dobson A.K.A James Clayton "Jim" Dobson, Jr. (born April 21, 1936) is an American evangelical Christian author, psychologist, and founder in 1977 of Focus on the Family (FOTF), which he led until 2003. In the 1980s he was ranked as one of the most influential spokesmen for conservative social positions in American public life. Although never an ordained minister, he was called "the nation's most influential evangelical leader" by Time while Slateportrayed him as a successor to evangelical leaders Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson. He is no longer affiliated with Focus on the Family. Dobson founded Family Talk as a non-profit organization in 2010 and launched a new radio broadcast, "Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson", that began May 3, 2010 on over 300 stations nationwide. As part of his former role in the organization, he produced Focus on the Family, a daily radio program which according to the organization was broadcast in more than a dozen languages and on over 7,000 stations worldwide, and reportedly heard daily by more than 220 million people in 164 countries. Focus on the Family was also carried by about sixty U.S. television stations daily. He founded the Family Research Council in 1981.

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                Twenty years ago on this date, April 24, 1996, The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996were signed into law. I will post a case of how two terrorists were executed by the firing squad in a swift and sure execution.

    Sick Al Qaeda terrorists face FIRING SQUAD after brutal assassination of journalist
    TWO jihadis of the Al Qaeda splinter terror group al-Shabaab have been executed by firing squad after they brutally assassinated a local journalist.

    00:24, Sun, Apr 10, 2016

    In a strong act of high profile justice, the two members of the East African terror cell were tied to posts and gunned down after appealing their life sentences.

    But instead of reducing the sentence like the killers had hoped, the barbaric pair saw their punishment increased to execution.

    Abdulahi Hussein Mohamed, deputy judge of the supreme military court in Somalia said: “Both of them were found guilty of murdering journalist Hindiyo Haji Mohamed whose car was blown with explosive device.”

    They were led out to the be gunned down at Mogadishu police academy, with both jihadis’ heads covered by bags.

    Both of them were found guilty of murdering journalist Hindiyo Haji Mohamed
    But the blindfolds were removed before the punishment was laid down, forcing two terror assassins to stare down their imminent fates.

    Abdirisak Mohamed Barow and Hassan Nur Ali both admitted to being members of the sick terror group in court.

    The two were found guilty of assassinating national television journalist Hindiyo Haji Mohamed, who was killed last December at the hands of a car bomb as she travelled home from a university class.

    Four other men were also sentenced for their roles in Mrs Mohamed's murder – with two being given life sentences and two being sentenced to ten and 15 years behind bars.

    The two were led out with bags covering their faces before the blindfolds were removed
    Abdirisak Mohamed Barow and his co-conspirator admitted to being part of the terror cell in court
    At the time Abdirahin Ise Ado, director of Radio Mogadishu, said: “Hindiyo died at the hospital of the serious injuries she sustained, we are very sorry about her death”

    Her late husband, who also worked as a journalist, was brutally murdered in a terror attack three years prior after jihadis struck a restaurant in Mogadishu.

    Ms Mohamed was reportedly the 38th journalist to be killed in Somalia since 2010.

    Hindiyo Haji Mohamed was killed last December by a car bomb as she travelled home from university
    Al-Shabaab pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda in 2012 when then leader Mukhtar Abu al-Zubair begged the heinous terror group to lead them “to the path of jihad and martyrdom that was drawn by our imam, the martyr Osama”.

    It comes as a new terror group in East Africa has pledged allegiance to Islamic State's commander in chief in a terrifying harbinger of the rise of the extremist group in the region.

    The new organisation, calling itself Jahba East Africa, told its recruits to "leave al-Shabaab and their sponsor groups" and back ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    THIS Country Just Showed The World How To Deal With Muslim Terrorists
    By  | 

    From US Herald:

    Guess what they do with Muslim terrorists over in Somalia? Let’s just say they don’t turn them loose, with a pat on the back, and a see ya’ later, like President Obama.

    In the case of two al-Shabaab terrorists who killed a journalist, a wife and mother of seven children, they sentenced them to life in prison.

     The two terrorists appealed the court’s sentence of life imprisonment. They stood before the court and stated their case.

    The judge considered all that they had to say, rolled it around in his brain, and decided that he agreed with them—life in prison was not fair. It was not fair to the public, that is.

    So, instead of denying their appeal, he altered their sentence. They were bungee cord tied to some stakes on a beach and killed by firing squad. That’s justice. Something the world of radical Muslim appeasement does not have enough of right now.

    The men targeted Hindiyo Jaji Mohamed’s journalist husband four years ago, and were successful in their suicide attack. Hindiyo raised her children alone, and continued in her journalist career up until very recently when the terrorists laced her vehicle with explosives.

    She died a hospital from injuries sustained in the blast, and now her children are orphaned.  There was another Jihadist executed the same way some time ago. In that case, he was a journalist who went Jihadi, turned on his co-workers, and killed five of them.

    With a country boasting a 99.8% Muslim populace, is it any wonder Somalia churns out terrorists?

    Here’s a fun fact—Obama brings in Somali refugees to the tune of 700 per month. They are scattered about our nation, biding their time, until they get their orders to act. In fact, 34 of the Minnesota Somalis have run off to join ISIS and al-Shabaab.

    This is what the refugee resettlement program is all about—infiltration by Jihadists and our president is 100% enabling it.

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    On this date, 26 April 2002, a spree killer, Alton Coleman was executed by lethal injection in Ohio. I will post information about him from Wikipedia and please go to Unit 1012 Blog to hear from one of the victims’ family members.

    Alton Coleman
    Alton Coleman(November 6, 1955 – April 26, 2002) was an American spree killer. He was executed by the state of Ohio for the murder of 43-year-old Marlene Walters of Norwood, Ohio during a six-state killing spree in 1984.

    0 0

    Ten years ago on this date, 26 April 2006, Daryl Linnie Mack was the last person executed by lethal injection in Nevada. He needed a suicide assist and got his wish.


    Daryl Linnie Mack

    Daryl Linnie Mack, a 47 year-old black male, was voluntarily executed by lethal injection at the Nevada State Prison in Carson City, Nevada on April 26, 2006. Mack was found guilty of the 1988 murder of Betty Jane May, a 55 year-old white female. Mack, who was 30 years old when he committed the capital crime, was sentenced to death on May 15, 2002. He was the 1019th execution carried out in US since 1976.

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