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    On this date, 10 August 1949, John George Haigh A.K.A The Acid Bath Murderer was hanged at Wandsworth Prison by Albert Pierrepoint. Please go to this Blog Post to learn more. 

    John George Haigh A.K.A The Acid Bath Murderer

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                On this date, August 11, 2013, a Nebraskan Spree Killer, Nikko Jenkins, began his spree killing of four people. I will post information about him from Wikipedia and other links.

    Nikko Allen Jenkins

    Police mugshot of Nikko Jenkins when he was taken into custody on 30 August 2013

    September 16, 1986
    Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    Unspecified prison in Lincoln, Nebraska
    Criminal penalty
    Pending mental clearance

    4 counts of 1st degree murder (April 16, 2014)
    United States
    12-gauge shotgun
    Date apprehended
    August 30, 2013

    Nikko Jenkinsis a convicted American spree killer known for committing four murders in Omaha, Nebraska in August 2013. Jenkins is easily identified by his facial tattoos, which he claims to be in the language of the ancient serpent god Apophis, under whose commands he claims to act. Jenkins' murder spree occurred within a month after he had been paroled from serving a ten-year prison sentence for unrelated armed robbery and assault charges.

    Early years

    Jenkins spent the majority of his life leading up to the murder spree behind bars. He first entered the system at age 7 after bringing a loaded .25 caliber handgun to his elementary school. At age 11, Jenkins was kicked out of a group home for repetitive violence, and stopped regularly attending school. He had committed multiple assaults, including one knife assault, by age 12. In 2003, after spending time in a youth detention facility, Jenkins was sent to prison for two armed carjackings. While incarcerated, he was charged twice: for his part in a 2006 prison riot, as well as for assaulting a prison guard while on a furlough for his grandmother's funeral.


    About 5 a.m. on the morning of August 11, 2013, a patrol officer discovered two bodies in a white Ford pick-up truck parked near a city swimming pool at 18th and F Streets, in Spring Lake Park. Both Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz had been shot in the head, their pockets turned inside out. The random double-murder began Jenkins' spree, less than two weeks after his release from prison on July 30.

    On August 19, around 7 a.m., the body of Curtis Bradford was found outside a detached garage at 18th and Clark Streets, by a man returning home from a night shift at a convenience store. Investigators arrived to find two bullet wounds in Bradford's back. It was later revealed that Bradford and Jenkins had posed for a Facebook photo posted the day before. Bradford would be the only victim familiar to Jenkins.

    Jenkins' fourth and final victim, Andrea Kruger, was discovered by a passerby on August 21, at about 2:15 a.m. Her body was found lying in the road at 168th and Fort Streets, with multiple bullet wounds. Kruger had been returning home after a bartending shift near 178th and Pacific Streets. Surveillance footage showed her locking up the Deja Vu Lounge at 1:47 a.m. Kruger's gold 2012 Chevrolet Traverse SUV was found abandoned 12 miles (19 km) away, in an alley at 43rd and Charles Streets, at 6:30 that evening. Later that week, a news conference was held by Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning, in which he stated that investigators believed the SUV had been abandoned roughly 2.5 hours after being stolen, and that a "feeble attempt" had been made at setting the vehicle's interior ablaze.

    The four victims of Nikko Jenkins

    Crime scene
    August 11, 2013
    Juan Uribe-Pena
    Pick-up truck by swimming pool at Spring Lake Park, near 18th & F St
    shot in head
    August 11, 2013
    Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz
    Pick-up truck by swimming pool at Spring Lake Park, near 18th & F St
    shot in head
    August 19, 2013
    Curtis Bradford
    Near 18th & Clark St, outside detached garage
    shot in head
    met in prison
    August 21, 2013
    Andrea Kruger
    168th St near Fort St, middle of road
    multiple shots


    On August 30, Nikko Jenkins was arrested on an unrelated terroristic threats charge. But by then, evidence against him had mounted—investigators had the image of a female associate on surveillance footage at a local gun outlet buying the kind of distinctive ammunition (Brenneke Classic Magnum 12-gauge, commonly known as "deer slugs") that had been used to commit the killings. Additional footage had been pulled from cameras along the route to Kruger's abandoned SUV. On the evening of September 3, Jenkins confessed to all four murders during a rambling 8-hour interview, attributing the acts as a sacrifice to Apophis. He was charged with four counts of murder following the confession.


    In handwritten letters dated November 3, 2013, submitted to the Omaha World Herald, prosecutors, and a judge, Jenkins said he wished to plead guilty to all counts in the four slayings, and that he would protect Apophis' kingdom with "animalistic savage brutality".

    On February 19, 2014, Jenkins filed a federal lawsuit seeking $24.5 million from the State of Nebraska for wrongfully releasing him from prison, stating that his claims of hearing voices from Apophis were repeatedly ignored. In the six-page handwritten filing, he stated that being kept in solitary confinement augmented his schizophrenia. He blamed corrections officials for the four killings.

    After being declared competent to stand trial, the proceedings against Jenkins commenced. On his request, Jenkins was allowed to represent himself at trial, under the guidance of advisory attorneys. Throughout the trial, Jenkins maintained that he acts under the command of Apophis. His courtroom antics included speaking in tongues, howling, and laughing as prosecutors recounted the details of his victims' deaths.

    On April 16, Judge Peter Bataillon found Nikko Jenkins guilty of all four murders.

    Sentencing dilemma

    Jenkins was initially scheduled to be sentenced on August 11, 2014. The date was delayed indefinitely following a hearing held to determine whether he was capable of understanding the death penalty proceedings against him. On July 29, Judge Bataillon ordered Jenkins to be housed at the Lincoln Regional Centerpsychiatric hospital until doctors were satisfied with his condition. Officials at the Regional Center refused to house Jenkins due to inadequate security, but doctors agreed to treat him at a Lincolnprison.


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                I will post information about Harry Roberts the Cop Killer who was involved directly in the death of 3 British policemen: Detective Sergeant Chris Head, Temporary Detective Constable David Wombwell and PC Geoff Fox were gunned down in Braybrook Street, Shepherds Bush, London from Wikipedia and other links. I was not surprise that he would be released one day, that is why LWOP is not honest at all.

    Harry Roberts
    Killer: Harry Roberts, 78, has been released from prison, reportedly leaving Littlehey prison in Cambridgeshire on Monday 10 November 2014.

    21 July 1936 (age 79)
    Wanstead, Essex, England
    Other names
    Ronald Ernest Hall
    Criminal penalty
    Life sentence with a recommended minimum term of 30 years
    Criminal status
    Harry Roberts
    Dorothy Roberts


    Harry Maurice Roberts (born 21 July 1936) is an English career criminal who in 1966 instigated the Shepherd's Bush murders, in which three police officers were shot dead. The killings happened after the plain-clothes officers approached the van in which Roberts and two other men were sitting in Braybrook Street, near Wormwood Scrubs prison in London. Roberts opened fire on the officers when he feared they would discover the firearms his gang were planning to use in an armed robbery. He shot dead two of the officers, while one of his accomplices fatally shot the third.

    After Roberts had spent nearly 48 years in jail, in 2014 the Parole Board for England and Wales approved his release, at the age of 78. Having exceeded by far his minimum term of 30 years imprisonment, Roberts was one of the United Kingdom's longest-serving prisoners, remaining in custody from 1966 until his 2014 release.

    Early life

    Roberts was born in Wanstead, Essex, on 21 July 1936 where his parents ran the George public house. As a child he became involved in crime by helping his mother sell stolen goods on the black market. Roberts later described how the family owned a café in north London where his mother was "...selling on mostly food—tea and sugar—and sometimes ration books. Anything she could get her hands on".

    In his late teens, he was sentenced to detention after using an iron bar to attack a shopkeeper during a robbery. Roberts served a 19-month sentence inside Gaynes Hallborstal, and was released in January 1956.

    One week after leaving the borstal, Roberts was called up for national service and joined the Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own), with whom he saw action during the Mau Mau Uprising and Malayan Emergency. Of his service in the jungle he said that this was where he learned to kill and that he had "personally killed at least four". Roberts has claimed that he reached the rank of Sergeant while in the Army although others have given his rank as Lance Corporal. Journalist and former armed robber John McVicar has said that Roberts "gloated" about his killings while in prison, and had "acquired a taste for killing prisoners [of war] on the orders of his officers" in the Army.

    After leaving the Army, Roberts returned to his criminal activities, and in partnership with Jack Witney carried out "dozens" of armed robberies, targeting bookmakers, post offices and banks. He said, "The most I earned was £1,000 from a single job. Witney was the eldest, the boss: he knew the best places to rob. [John] Duddy joined us later." In 1959 Roberts and an accomplice posed as tax inspectors to gain entry into the home of an elderly man. The man was bound, robbed, and beaten about the head with a glass decanter. Roberts was arrested, and at his trial the judge, Mr. Justice Maude, said, "You are a brutal thug. You came very near the rope this time. It is to be hoped you do not appear before us again." Roberts received a sentence of seven years, and the victim, who never recovered from his injuries, died one year and three days after the attack. Had the victim died two days earlier, Roberts could have been tried for his murder under the year and a day rule.

    Unarmed victims (from left): PC Geoffrey Fox, DC David Wombwell and DS Christopher Head were all shot dead
    Shepherd's Bush murders

    Following the shootings of 41-year-old Police Constable Geoffrey Fox, Detective Sergeant Christopher Head, aged 30, and 25-year-old Temporary Detective Constable David Wombwell, Roberts hid in Thorley Wood near Bishops Stortford to avoid capture. He was familiar with the area from visits there as a child. A £1,000 reward was offered for information leading to his arrest. Roberts used his military training to evade capture for ninety-six days, but was finally caught by police while sleeping rough in a barn at Blount's Farm near Bishop's Stortford.

    Trial and imprisonment

    Roberts was convicted of all three murders and sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommended minimum term of 30 years. The murders occurred just eight months after the Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965 suspended the death penalty in England, Wales and Scotland and substituted a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment. While in prison, Roberts made several attempts to escape.

    In 2001, he was moved to an open prison. However, Roberts was returned to a closed prison within months after allegations that he was involved in drug dealing and contraband smuggling. Author Kate Kray, who interviewed Roberts for her book Natural Born Killers (1999, ISBN 1857823826), said that he has no remorse for his victims and recreates the murders in art and pastry decorations, making apple pies and decorating them with pastry cut-outs of policemen being shot. Kray said that he also produces "precisely drawn and coloured" paintings depicting someone shooting a policeman.

    Harry Roberts (right), pictured in 2009 with a prison guard in Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire before his release

    In 2005 he failed in his appeal to the House of Lords over the use of secret evidence to keep him in jail. The evidence had been obtained by tapping private phone calls between Roberts and his solicitor. The material was then introduced as evidence at his parole hearings.

    In September 2006, 70-year-old Roberts applied for a judicial review over apparent delays by the parole board in reaching a decision to free him by the end of the year. In December 2006, he was again turned down for parole. On 29 June 2007, he was given leave to seek a High Court judicial review over his failed parole bid, with the judge saying his case "was of great public interest."

    It was reported in February 2009 that Harry Roberts hoped to be freed from prison within months, having already served 42 years in jail and completing the first stage of a parole board hearing; he believed this would pave the way for his release. Roberts hoped a final hearing would find that at the age of 72 he was no longer a risk to the public and that the parole board would order his immediate release. At this time he had already served 12 years more than the minimum term recommended by his trial judge who at the time of sentencing told Roberts that it was unlikely that any future Home Secretary would "ever think fit to show mercy by releasing you on licence... This is one of those cases in which the sentence of imprisonment for 'life' may well be treated as meaning exactly what it says." It was recognised that government ministers were concerned that any decision on the matter would provoke public fury and that Roberts' personal safety might be put at risk, but the parole board would nonetheless be powerless to halt the release.

    Supporters of Roberts had previously claimed that successive Home Secretaries have blocked his release for political reasons because of fears of a public backlash. However Peter Smyth, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said that there would be widespread anger among serving and former officers. Legal sources said they believed that the parole board was likely to recommend that he was eligible for an open prison as a way of preparing him for his eventual release. Jack Straw, the former Justice Secretary, retained the power to reject a parole board recommendation that Roberts be moved to an open prison. However, he could not block a decision by the board to order his release.

    In April 2009 it was alleged that while working at an animal sanctuary on day release, Roberts made violent threats to the owners.

    In July 2009, the parole board determined that Roberts still posed a public risk and should continue to serve time at Littlehey prison in Cambridgeshire where he worked in the library. The decision followed newspaper reports that Roberts had orchestrated a five-year campaign of intimidation against an elderly woman who complained about his behaviour when he worked at the same animal sanctuary she did while he was on day release.

    In October 2014 the Parole Board for England and Wales approved his release at an unspecified later date. Roberts was released on 11 November 2014 after serving 48 years in prison (from 15 November 1966).

    Cultural impact

    Roberts' name has been used for many years to antagonise the police, with chants like "Harry Roberts is our friend, is our friend, is our friend. Harry Roberts is our friend, he kills coppers. Let him out to kill some more, kill some more, kill some more, let him out to kill some more, Harry Roberts" as well as "He shot three down in Shepherd's Bush, Shepherd's Bush, Shepherd's Bush. He shot three down in Shepherd's Bush, our mate Harry" (to the tune of "London Bridge Is Falling Down"), which originated with groups of young people outside Shepherd's Bush police station after Roberts had been arrested.

    There have been artistic representations of Roberts. The character of Billy Porter in the 2001 novel He Kills Coppers by Jake Arnott, and the 2008 TV adaptation, is based on Harry Roberts.

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    Adolf Hitler’s Antisemitic Quotes
           I will present this Speech of Adolf Hitler who speaks of why they are anti-Semites.

    REMINDER: Keep in mind, I am not antisemitic and I have Jewish friends too. I do it for educational purposes.

    "Why We Are Antisemites" - Text of Adolf Hitler's 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus
    Published by carolynon Tue, 2013-01-29 17:19

    National Socialist German Workers Party

    Public meeting in the Great Hall of the Hofbräuhaus 

    Friday 15 August 1920

     Adolf Hitler

    ~~Why We Are Antisemites~~

    My dear countrymen and women! We are quite used to being generally referred to as monsters. And we are considered particularly monstrous because, in a question that certain gentlemen in Germany are nervous about, we are marching at the head – namely in the question of the opposition to the Jews.

    Our people understand many things but this one problem nobody wants to understand, and in particular because, as a worker explained: “What connection is there at all between the workers and the Jewish Problem, when in reality most of the people have no idea what this problem means.” Most people let themselves be guided by feelings and say: “I have seen good and bad people among them, just like among ourselves.” 

    Very few have learned to view the problem free of emotion, in its clean form. I will at once begin with the word “work”.

    What does it mean – work?

    Work is an activity performed not of one’s free will, but for the sake of one’s fellowmen. If there is a difference between man and animals, so it is particularly regarding work, which does not originate in an instinct but comes from an understanding of a necessity. Hardly any revolution had so deep an effect as the slow one which gradually transformed the lazy man of primeval time into the man who works.

    Talking of work, we can assume that this activity followed these three phases:

    First, it was an effect of a simple instinct of self-preservation which we also see in animals. Later, it developed into the second form of work – the one from pure egoism. Also this form became gradually replaced by the third: Work out of ethical sense of duty, where an individual does not work because he is forced to it. We see it at every turn. Millions of people work without being constantly forced to it. Thousands of intellectuals are sometimes bound to their studies for whole nights on end, day after day, although they may not do it for material gains. The hundreds of thousands of German workers after the end of their work tend their gardens. And, generally, we see today that millions of people cannot imagine living without some sort of occupation.

    When I said that this process represents a slow but perhaps also the greatest of all revolutions in human history, then one must assume that also this revolution had to have a cause, and this cause was the greatest Goddess of this Earth, the one who is able to whip men to the uttermost – the Goddess of Hardship.

    We can see this hardship in early prehistory, above all in the northern part of the world, in those enormous ice deserts where only the meagrest existence was possible. Here, men were forced to fight for their existence, for things which were, in the smiling South, available without work, and in abundance. In those times man made perhaps his first groundbreaking discovery: In those cold stretches man was forced to find a substitute for the only gift of Heaven which makes life possible – the Sun. And the man who produced the first artificial sparks later appeared to Humanity as a god – Prometheus, the fire-bringer. The North forced men to further activity – production of clothes, building of abodes. First, it was simple caves, later huts and houses. In short, he created a principle, the principle of work. Life would not have been possible without it.

    Although work was still simple, it had already to be planned beforehand and each individual knew that if he has not done his part, he will die of hunger in the coming winter. At the same time another development followed – the terrible hardship became a means for breeding of a race. Whoever was weak or sickly could not survive the terrible winter period and died prematurely. What remained was a race of strong and healthy giants. Yet another trait of this race was born. Where man is externally muzzled, where his radius of action is limited, he begins to develop internally. Externally limited, internally he becomes unlimited. The more man, due to external forces, must depend on himself, the deeper internal life he develops and the more he turns inward.

     These three achievements: The recognized principle of work as a duty, the necessity, not only out of egoism but for preservation of the whole group of people – a small clan; second – the necessity of bodily health and thereby also of normal mental health; and third – the deep spiritual life. All these gave the northern races the ability to go to the world and build states.

    If this power could not find its full expression in the high North, it became apparent when the ice shackles fell and man turned south to the happier, freer nature. We know that all these northern peoples had one symbol in common – the symbol of the Sun. They created cults of Light and they’ve created the symbols of the tools for making fire – the drill and the cross. You will find this cross as a Hakenkreuz as far as India and Japan, carved in the temple pillars. It is the Swastika, which was once a sign of established communities of Aryan Culture.

    Those races, today called Aryans, created all the great cultures of the ancient world. We know that Egypt was brought upon its high cultural level by Aryan immigrants. Similarly, Persia and Greece; the immigrants were blond, blue eyed Aryans. And we know that outside of these Aryan states no civilized states have been founded. There emerged mixed races between the black, dark eyed and dark colored, southern races and the immigrants, but they failed to create any large, creative culture states.

    Why is it that only Aryans possessed the ability to create states? It was due, almost exclusively, to their attitude toward work. Those races which, as the first, stopped seeing work as the result of coercion and saw it rather as a necessity born out of hundreds of thousands of years of hardship, had to become superior to other people. And, besides, it was work that made people come together and divide the work among them. We know that the moment the individual work to sustain oneself turned into work within communities, the community tended to assign a particular work to those particularly talented, and with increasing division of work it became necessary for still greater joining together into still bigger groups. So, it is work which created kinships at first, later tribes, and still later, led to the creation of states.

    If we see, as the first prerequisite for creating states, the conception of work as social duty, so the second necessary ingredient is racial health and purity. And nothing helped the northern conquerors more against the lazy and rotten southern races than the refined strength of their race.

    States would remain an empty vessel if not decorated with that which we normally call culture. If we removed everything and kept just railways, ships, etc.; if we removed everything we consider art and sciences, such a state would in reality become empty and we would understand the creative power of the northern tribes. The moment their great, inborn imagination could act in great, free areas, it created everywhere immortal works. We see this process repeated continuously even in the smallest scale. Similarly, we know that great minds are often born at the bottom of society, unable to develop there but, given an opportunity, they begin to grow and become leaders in arts, sciences, and also in politics.

    We know today that there are extensive interrelations between the state, nation, culture, art and work and it would be madness to think that any of them could exist independently of the others. Let us take art – considered as an international domain – and we shall see that it is unconditionally dependent on the state. Art blossomed in those areas where the political development made it possible. The art of Greece reached its highest level when the young state had triumphed over invading Persian armies. Construction of the Acropolis began at that time. Rome became the city of art after the end of the Punic Wars, and Germany built her cathedrals, as in Worms, Speyer and Limburg, when the German Empire under Salians had achieved its greatest triumphs. We can follow this connection to our time. We know that art, for example the beauty of German towns, always depended on political development of these towns; that it was political considerations which moved Napoleon III to regulating of the Boulevards and Friedrich the Great to establishing Unter den Linden. Similarly in Munich where it was obvious that the city could not become an industrial center and so art was chosen to elevate the rank of the city, which now everyone who wants to get to know Germany must visit. Similar were the origins of today’s Wien (Vienna).

    The case was similar with other arts. The moment the small, powerless statelets began to unite into one state, then also one German art, proud of itself, began to grow. The works of Richard Wagner appeared in the period when shame and powerlessness were replaced by a unified, great German Reich.

    And so, not just art is dependent on the state, on the politics of the state; the same is the case with work itself because only a sound state is in the position to give the opportunity of working to its citizens and let them use their talents. The opposite is the case with the race in relation to everything else. A state with a rotten, sick and unsound race will never produce great works of art or make great politics, or at least baskin abundance. Each of these factors depends on the others. And only when all of them complement each other, can we say: There is harmony in the state, the way we Germanics understand it.

    Adolf Hitler’s Antisemitic Quotes
    Can the Jew build a state?

    Now we have to ask ourselves the question: How about the Jew as a state builder? Does the Jew possess the power to create a state? First we must examine his attitude to work, find out how he perceives the principle of work, and excuse me if I now take a book called The Bible. I am not claiming that all its contents are necessarily true, as we know that Jewry was very liberal in writing it. One thing, however, is certain: it has not been written by an antisemite. (Laughter) It is very important because no antisemite would have been able to write a more terrible indictment against the Jewish race than the Bible, the Old Testament. Let us take a look at a sentence: “By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou eat bread.” And it says that it was to be a punishment for the Fall of Man.

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Already here we see that the whole world lies between us; we could never conceive of work as a punishment – otherwise we would all have been convicts. We do not want to conceive of work as punishment. I must confess: I would not have been able to exist without work, and hundreds of thousands and millions would have been able to withstand perhaps 3 or 5 days, maybe even 10, but not 90 or 100 days without any activity. If Paradise really existed, the Land of Plenty, then our people would have been unhappy in it. (Calls: Hear, hear) We Germans seek constantly a possibility to do something and if we cannot find anything, at least from time to time we hit one another in the face. (Laughter) We are unable to bear absolute rest.

    Thus we see, already here, a big difference. Because a Jew has written this, true or not is unimportant because it still reflects the opinion which Jewry has about work. For them work is not an obvious ethical duty but at most a means to sustenance. In our eyes, this is not work because in this case any activity serving self-preservation, without regard to fellow men, might be called work. And we know that this work, in the past, consisted of plundering of caravans, and today in planned plundering of indebted farmers, industrialists and workers. The form has changed but the principle is the same. We do not call it work, but robbery.

    (Calls: Hear, hear)

    When already such a basic notion separates us, here comes another. I have already explained that in the long period in the North the races became purified. This means that all the inferior and weak gradually died out and only the soundest remained. Also, here the Jew differs from us because he has not become purified but instead practiced inbreeding; he multiplied greatly but only in narrow circles, and without selection. And therefore we see a generation which is plagued by defects caused by inbreeding.

    Finally, the Jew does not possess the third factor: The inner spiritual life. I do not need to explain here what a Jew generally looks like. You all know him. (Laughter) You know his constant restlessness that never gives him a possibility to concentrate and have a spiritual experience. In the most solemn moments he flickers his eyes and one can see that even during the most beautiful opera he is calculating dividends. (Laughter) The Jew has never had his own art. (Hear, hear) His own temple has been built by foreign builders: The first was the Assyrians, and for the building of the second – the Roman artists. He has not left anything which might be called art, no buildings, nothing. In music, we know that he is only able to skillfully copy the others’ art. We shall not conceal that today he has many famous conductors whose fame he can thank the well-organized Jewish Press for. (Laughter)

    When a nation does not possess these three traits, it is not able to create states. And that is true because throughout centuries the Jew was always a nomad. He has never had what we might call a state. It’s a mistake which is spreading widely today to say that Jerusalem was a capital of a Jewish state of a Jewish nation. On the one side, there was always a great chasm between the tribes of Judah and Caleb and the northern Israeli tribes, and only David, for the first time, succeeded in gradually bridging the chasm through the unitary cult of Yahweh. We know precisely that this cult has at a very late time chosen for itself Jerusalem as its sole seat. Only from that moment have the Jewish people gotten a center, like Berlin or New York or Warsaw today. (Hear, hear) This was a town in which the Jew, thanks to his talents and traits, gradually achieved predominance, partly through the force of arms, partly through the “power of trombones.” Besides, the Jews, already in those times, lived as a parasite in the body of other peoples and it had to be so. Because a people which does not want to work – the often hard work of building and maintaining a state – to work in mines, factories, in construction etc.; all this was unpleasant to the Hebrew. Such a people will never establish a state but prefers to live in some other state where others work and he acts as an intermediary in business, a dealer in the best case, or in good German – a robber, a nomad who undertakes robbing raids just like in ancient times. (Lively bravo! and hand clapping)

    And so we can now understand why the whole Zionist state and its establishing is nothing but a comedy. Herr Chief Rabbi has now said in Jerusalem: “Establishment of this state is not the most important; it is far from certain if it will at all be possible.” However, it is necessary that Jewry has this city as its spiritual headquarters because Jewry “materially and in fact are the masters of several states; we control them financially, economically and politically.” And so the Zionist state is going to be a harmless corn of sand in the eye. Efforts are made to explain that so and so many Jews have been found that want to go there as farmers, workers, even soldiers. (Laughter) If these people really have this urge in themselves, Germany today needs these ideal men as turf cutters and coal miners; they could take part in building our water power plants, our lakes etc. but it does not occur to them. The whole Zionist state will be nothing else than the perfect high school for their international criminals, and from there they will be directed. And every Jew will, of course, have immunity as a citizen of the Palestinian state (Laughter) and he will of course keep our citizenship. But when caught red-handed, he will not be a German Jew any longer but a citizen of Palestine. (Laughter)

    One can almost say that the Jew cannot help it because everything stems from his race. He cannot do anything about it and, besides, it doesn’t matter whether he is good or bad for he must act according to the laws of his race, just as do members of our people. A Jew is everywhere a Jew; consciously or unconsciously, he resolutely represents the interests of his race.

    Thus we can see the two great differences between races: Aryanism means ethical perception of work and that which we today so often hear – socialism, community spirit, common good before own good. Jewry means egoistic attitude to work and thereby mammonism and materialism, the opposite of socialism. (Hear, hear) And due to these traits, which he cannot ‘overstep’ as they are in his blood and, as he himself admits, in these traits alone lays the necessity for the Jew to behave unconditionally as a destroyer of states. He cannot do otherwise, whether he wants to or not. And thereby he is unable to create his own state because it requires a lot of social sense. He is only able to live as a parasite in the states of others. He lives as a race amongst other races, in a state within others states. And we can see very precisely that when a race does not possess certain traits which must be hereditary, it not only cannot create a state but must act as a destroyer, no matter if a given individual is good or evil. 

    Adolf Hitler’s Antisemitic Quotes

    The Jewish path of destruction

    We can follow this fate of Jewry from the earliest prehistory. It is not important if there is truth in every word of the Bible. In general, it gives us at least an extract of the history of Jewry. We see how the Jews present themselves because the Jew wrote these words quite innocuously. It did not appear to him as outrageous when a race, through cunning and deceit, invaded and despoiled other races, was always finally expelled and, unoffended, sought to repeat the same elsewhere. They pimped and haggled even when it came to their ideals, always ready to offer even their own families. We know that not long ago a gentleman was staying here, Sigmund Fraenkel, who has just written that it is quite unjust to accuse Jews of a materialistic spirit. One should only look at their sunny family life. However, this intimate family life did not prevent Grandfather Abraham from pimping off his own wife to the Pharaoh of Egypt in order to be able to do business. (Laughter) As was the grandfather, so was the father and so were the sons who never neglected their business. And you can be sure that they are not neglecting the business even as we speak. Who among you was a soldier, he will remember Galicia or Poland: There, at the train stations, these Abrahams were everywhere. (Laughter and hand clapping)

    They penetrated into other races for millennia. And we know very well that wherever they stayed long enough symptoms of decay appeared and the peoples could do nothing else than to liberate themselves from the uninvited guest or to disappear themselves. Heavy plagues came over the nations, no less then ten in Egypt – the same plague we experience today firsthand – and finally the Egyptians lost their patience. When the chronicler describes that the Jews were suffering when they finally left, we know differently, for as soon as they were out, they began to long after coming back. (Laughter) It seems that they did not have it so badly. On the other hand, if it’s true they had been forced to help build pyramids, it would mean today forcing them to earn their bread by working in our mines, stone quarries etc. And just as you are not going to see this race voluntarily do it, so there was nothing left to the Egyptians but to force them. What hundreds of thousands of others do as a matter of course, means for the Jew another chapter of suffering and persecution.

    Still later, the Jew was able to infiltrate the then soaring Roman Empire. We can still see his traces in southern Italy. Already 250 years before Christ he was there in all places, and people began to avoid them. Already, then and there, he made the most important decision and became a trader. From numerous Roman texts we know that he traded, like today, with everything from shoelaces to girls. (Hear, hear) And we know that the danger grew, and that the insurrection after the murder of Julius Caesar was mainly fomented by the Jews.

    The Jew knew even then how to make friends with the masters of the Earth. Only when they became shaky in their rule, he suddenly became a populist and discovered his wide open heart for the needs of the broad masses. So it was in Rome, as we know. We know that the Jew used Christianity, not out of love for Christ, but partly because he knew that this new religion questioned all earthly power and so it became an axe at the root of the Roman state, the state which was built on the authority of the public servant. And he became its chief bearer and propagator, without becoming a Christian – he couldn’t, he remained a Jew, precisely as today when he, never stooping to the level of worker, remains a master pretending to be a socialist. (Bravo!) He did the same 2000 years ago, and we know that this new Teaching was nothing else than a resurrection of the old truism that people in a state should have legal rights and, above all, that equal duties should give equal rights. This obvious Teaching was gradually turned against the Jew himself, as the similar Teaching of socialism has to turn on the Hebrew race today, its distorters and corrupters. We know that throughout the middle Ages the Jew infiltrated all European states, behaving like a parasite, using new principles and ways which the people did not know then. And from a nomad he became a greedy and bloodthirsty robber of our time. And he went so far that people after people rebelled and attempted to shake him off.

    We know it is untrue when people say that the Jew was forced to this activity; he could easily acquire land. And he did acquire land but not to work it but in order to use it as a trade object, just as he does today. Our forefathers were wiser; they knew that land was holy and they excluded the Jew from it, (Lively ovation) and if the Jew ever had the intention to tend the land and build a state, he could easily have done so at the time when whole new continents were discovered. He could easily have done it if only he used a small part of his power, craftiness, cunning, brutality and ruthlessness, as well as some of his financial resources. Because if this power was sufficient to subdue whole peoples, it would have been more than sufficient to build their own state. If only he had had the basic condition for this, which is a will to work, but not in the sense of usurious trade but in the sense in which millions work in order to keep a state going. Instead, we see him also today as a destroyer. In these days we see a great transformation: the Jew was once a Court Jew, submissive to his master he knew how to make the master pliable in order to dominate his subjects. For this purpose he whetted the appetites of these great men for unattainable things, extended the credit and soon turned them into debtors. In this way he himself got power over peoples. And he played this game with the same cruelty as, a few years later, the humanistic and philanthropic Jew whose wealth did not suffer at all when he showed his humanitarianism and his spirit of sacrifice to our people. (Big laughter) I said that he transformed from Court Jew (Hofjude) to Populist Jew (Volksjude). Why? Because he felt that the ground began to burn under his feet. 

    Hitler Speaks About the Jews
    Uploaded on Sep 11, 2011
    Holocaust Myth Exposed:

    Jeff Gates:

    Read about Holocaust claims during World War ONE here:

    Any help with grammar corrections would be appreciated.

    ,,Der Völkerstreit und der Hass untereinander, er wird gepflegt von ganz bestimmten Interessenten. Es ist eine kleine wurzellose internationale Clique, die die Völker gegeneinander hetzt, die nicht will, dass sie zur Ruhe kommen. Es sind das die Menschen, die überall und nirgends zu Hause sind, die nirgends einen Boden haben, auf dem sie gewachsen sind. Sondern die heute in Berlin leben, morgen genauso in Brussels sein können, übermorgen in Paris und dann wieder in Prague oder in Wien oder London und die sich überall zu Hause fühlen. Es sind die Einzigen, die wirklich als internationale Elementen anzusprechen sind, weil sie überall ihre Geschäfte betätigen können. Aber das Volk kann ihnen denn ja nicht nachfolgen. Das Volk ist ja gekettet an seinem Boden, ist ja gekettet an seiner Heimat ist ja gebunden an die Lebensmöglichkeiten seines Staates, der Nation."


    The ethical duty to work

    Gradually, he also had to lead an existential struggle against the growing awakening and anger of the people. This forced him to lay his hands on the inner structure of the states if he wanted to remain the master of the peoples.We see the resulting destruction in three areas, namely those same three areas which were preserving and developing the states.

    The first area was the fight against the principle of the ethical duty to work. The Jew had found another kind of work for himself where he could earn gold without practically moving a finger. He developed a principle which, throughout millennia, made it possible for him to amass fortunes without sweat and toil, unlike all other mortals, and above all – without taking risk.

    What does the word “industrial capital” really mean? Ladies and Gentlemen! People often accuse us, particularly in the factories: “You don’t fight against the industrial capital, just against finance and loan capital.” And most people don’t understand that one must not fight against industrial capital. What is industrial capital? It is a constantly changing factor, a relative concept. Once it was a needle and thread, a workshop and a couple of cents in ready money which a tailor in Nurnberg possessed in the 13th century. It was a sum that made work possible, that is: tools, workshops and a certain amount of money in order to survive for a period of time. Gradually, this small workshop became a big factory. But workshops and tools, machines and factories have, per se, no value able to produce value but are a means to an end. What produces value is work, and the few cents which made it possible to survive difficult times and buy some fabrics, multiplied through time, stand before us today – we call it Capital for continued operation in bad times, that is Working Capital.

    Here I want to emphasize one thing: Tools, workshop, machine, factory – or working capital, that is, industrial capital – against this you cannot fight at all. You can perhaps make sure that it is not abused but you cannot fight against it. This is the first major scam that one makes to our people, and they make it to distract us  from the real fight, to pull it off from the capital which should and must be fought – from the loan and financial capital. (Stormy bravo! and applause). This capital arises in a very different way. The smallest master craftsman was dependent on the fate that might affect him every day, on the general situation in the middle Ages, perhaps on the size of his city and its prosperity, the security in this city. Also today is this capital, that is, the industrial capital tied to the state and to the people, depending on the will of the people to work, but depending also on the possibility to procure raw materials in order to be able to offer work and find buyers who will really buy the product. And we know that a collapse of the state, under certain circumstances, renders the greatest values worthless, devalues them, as distinguished from the other capital, the finance and loan capital, which accrues interest very evenly without any regard to whether the owner, for example, of these 10,000 Mark himself passes away or not. The debt remains on the estate. We experience that a state has debts, for example, the German Reich’s bonds for Alsace-Lorraine railways; these bonds must bear interest although the railways are no longer in our possession. We know that this railway fortunately has now a 20 billion deficit but their bonds must bear interest, and even though they were sold, in part, more than 60 years ago and have already been repaid four times, the debt, the interest, runs further, and while a great nation gains nothing on this company, it still must bleed; the loan capital continues to grow completely irrespective of any outside disturbance.

    Here we already see the first possibility, namely that this kind of money-making, which is independent of all the events and incidents of daily life, must necessarily, because it is never hindered and always runs evenly, gradually lead to huge capitals which are so enormous that they ultimately have only one fault, namely the difficulty of their further accommodation.To accommodate this capital, you have to proceed to destroying whole states, to destroy entire cultures, to abolish national industries – not to socialize, but to throw all into the jaws of this international capital – because this capital isinternational, as the only thing on this Earth that is trulyinternational. It is international because its carrier, the Jews, are international through their distribution across the world. (Consent)

    And already here one should knock oneself on the head and say: if this capital is international because its carrier is distributed internationally, it must be madness to think that this capital can be fought internationally with the help of the members of the same race which possesses it. (Hear, hear) Fire is not extinguished by fire but by water and the international capital belonging to the international Jew can only be broken by a national force. (Bravo and applause!) So, this capital has grown to incredibly large proportions and today virtually rules the Earth, still eerily growing and – the worst! – is completely corrupting all honest work. For it is appalling that the common man who has to bear the burden in order to return the capital sees that, despite his hard work, diligence, thrift and in spite of the real work, he is hardly able to nourish himself and still less to dress, while this international capital devours billions just in interest, which he also must supply, and at the same time a whole racial stratum which does no other work than collect interest and cut coupons, spreads in the state. This is a degradation of any honest work, for every honestly working man must ask today: Does it have a purpose at all that I work? I will really never accomplish anything, and there are people who, practically without work, can not only live, but in practice even dominate us, and that’s their goal.

    Yes, one of the foundations of our strength is being destroyed, namely the ethical concept of work, and that was the brilliant idea of Karl Marx to falsify the ethical concept of work, and the whole mass of the people who groan under the Capital are to be organized for the destruction of the national economy and for the protection of international finance-and-loan capital. (Stormy applause) We know that today 15 billion of industry capital is facing 500 billion of loan capital. These 15 billion of industry capital is invested in creative values, while this 500 billion loan capital, which we always get in spoonful rates of 6 and 7 billion and which we use in periods of 1 to 2 months to supplement our rations a little, these 6 to 7 billion today which are decreed almost worthless scraps of paper, at a later date, should we ever recover, will have to be repaid in high quality money i.e. in a money behind which lies practical work. This is not only the destruction of a state, but already the application of a chain, of a neck collar for later times. 

    Adolf Hitler’s Antisemitic Quotes
    National purity as a source of strength

    The secondpillar against which the Jew as a parasite turns, and must turn, is the national purity as a source of the strength of a nation. The Jew, who is himself a nationalist more than any other nation, who through millennia did not mix with any other race, uses intermingling just for others to degenerate them in the best case; this same Jew preaches every day with thousands of tongues, from 19,000 papers in Germany alone, that all nations on Earth are equal, that international solidarity should bind all the peoples, that no people can lay a claim to a special status etc., and, above all, that no nation has a reason to be proud of anything that is called or is national. What a nation means, he, who himself never dreams of climbing down to those to whom he preaches internationalism, knows well.

    First a race must be denationalized. First it must unlearn that its power is in its blood, and when it has reached the level where it has no more pride, the result is a product, a second race, which is lower than the previous one and the Jew needs the lower one in order to organize his final world domination. In order to build it and keep it, he lowers the racial level of the other peoples, so that only he is racially pure and able to eventually rule over all the others. That’s race degradation, the effects of which we can see today in a number of peoples of the world. We know that the Hindus in India are a mixed people, stemming from the high Aryan immigrants and from the dark aborigines. And this nation bears the consequences, for it is a slave nation of a race that may seem in many ways almost as a second Jewry.

    Another problem is the problem of physical decomposition of races. The Jew is trying to eliminate all of which he knows that is somehow strengthening, muscle-steeling, and eliminate above all everything of that which he knows may keep a race so healthy that it will remain determined not to tolerate among themselves national criminals, pests to the national community, but under some circumstances, punish them with death. And that is his great fear and worry; for even the heaviest latches of the safest prison are not so tough, and the prison is not so safe that a few million could not open it eventually. Only one lock is permanent, and that is death, and in front of it he has the most awe. And therefore he seeks to abolish this barbaric punishment everywhere where he lives as a parasite. But wherever he already is, Lord, it is used ruthlessly. (Loud applause)

    And, for the breaking of physical strength, he has excellent means at hand. First of all, he has the trade that should be nothing more than distribution of foodstuffs and other necessary items for daily use. He uses it to withdraw these articles of daily life, when necessary, in order to raise the price on the one hand, but also to withdraw in order to create the conditions for physical weakening which have always worked best: hunger.

    Thus we see them brilliantly organize, from a Joseph in Egypt up to a Rathenau* today. Everywhere, what we see behind these organizations is not the desire to make a shining organization for food supply, but through them gradually to create hunger. We know that as a politician he never had reason and cause to shun the hunger, on the contrary, wherever the Jew appeared in political parties, hunger and misery was the only soil in which he could grow. He desires it, and therefore he does not even think of easing social misery. That’s the bed in which it thrives.*Walther Rathenau’s mother was Jewish. He became Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic, was assassinated on June 24, 1922, two months after signing the Rappalo Treaty. He was a leading proponent of a policy of assimilation for German Jews ]

    Hand in hand with this goes a battle against the health of the people. He knows how to turn all the healthy normal manners, the obvious hygienic rules of a race on its head, from night he makes day; he creates the notorious nightlife and knows exactly that it works slowly but surely, gradually destroying the healthy strength of a race, making it soft; the one is destroyed physically, the other spiritually, and into the heart of the third it puts the hatred as he has to see the others feast.

    And finally, as a last resort, he destroys the productive capacity, and if necessary, in connection with it, the productive resources of a nation. That is the great mystery of Russia. They have destroyed factories, not because they knew they would no longer be needed, but because they knew that the people would be forced, with enormous hardships, to replace what had been destroyed. So the Jew succeeds in harnessing the people, instead of the former 9 and 10 hours, for 12 hours. For at the moment when the Jew becomes Lord, he knows no 8-hour day, he recognizes his Sabbath for his cattle, but not for the Goyim, for the Akum [words for non-Jews]. 

    Adolf Hitler talks about the Jews and the Allies

    The destruction of culture

    Finally, he reaches for the last method: The destruction of all culture, of all that we consider as belonging in a state which we consider civilized. Here is his work perhaps most difficult to recognize, but here the actual effect is the most terrible. We are familiar with his activity in the arts, like today’s paintings which became a caricature of all that we call true inner perception. (Prolonged applause) They always explain that you don’t understand the inner experience of the artist. Don’t you think that also a Moritz Schwind and Ludwig Richter experienced internally when they created? (Stormy bravo! and applause)

    Don’t you, finally, believe that, for example, Beethoven’s chords also came from inner experience and feeling and that a Beethoven symphony reflects his inner experience? This is true inner experience, unlike the other ones, which are only superficial swindle (Applause), set in the world with an intent to gradually destroy in the people any healthy idea and to whip the people into a state in which no one can understand whether the times are crazy, or whether he himself is mad. (Big laughter and applause.)

    Just as he works in painting, sculpture and music, so he does in poetry and especially in literature. Here he has a great advantage. He is the editor and, above all, publisher of more than 95% of all newspapers. He uses this power, and he who has become such a brutal antisemite as myself (Laughter) smells out, even as he takes the paper in his hand, where the Jew begins; (Laughter) he knows already from the title page that it is again not one of us, but one of the “folks behind.” (Laughter) We know full well that all his contortions and wordplays only serve to conceal the inner emptiness of his mind and hide the fact that the man has no real spiritual life, and what he lacks in true spirit he replaces with bombast phrases, word twists and turns that seem unreasonable, but he cautiously explains from the outset that he who does not understand them is not sufficiently mentally developed. (Laughter)

    When we talk about literature, we also need to jump straight to another chapter where we can admire in excess Moritz and Salomon Wolf and Bear: Our theater, the places which a Richard Wagner wanted once to have darkened to create the highest degree of consecration and seriousness,in which he wanted to perform works which it would be shameful to call shows, so he named them “consecration plays;” the place where there should be nothing else but the highest elevation, a detachment of the individual from all the grief and misery, but also from all the rot which surrounds us in life, to lift the individual into a purer air. What has become of it? A place which today you are ashamed to enter unless someone might notice you the moment you go in. (Hear, hear) We see that although a Friedrich Schiller received just 346 thalers for “Mary Stuart,” for “Merry Widow”* people today receive 5 1/2 million, that the greatest kitsch today makes ​​millions for which an author in ancient Greece would probably have been expelled from the state by ostracism. (Loud applause) *Hitler later changed his mind about “The Merry Widow” (composed by fellow Austrian Franz Lehár) and endorsed it, along with Operetta in general.

    And if theater has become a hotbed of vice and shamelessness, then a thousand times more so that new invention which perhaps comes from genial inspiration, but which the Jew understood right away to remodel into the filthiest business that you can imagine: the cinema. (Thunderous applause and clapping.) At first people attached greatest hopes to this brilliant invention. It could become an easy mediator of profound knowledge for the entire people of the world. And what has become of it? It became the mediator of the greatest and the most shameless filth. The Jew works on.

    For him there is no spiritual sensitivity, and just as his forefather Abraham was selling his wife, he finds nothing special about the fact that today he sells girls, and through the centuries we find him everywhere, in North America as in Germany, Austria-Hungary and all over the East, as the merchant of the human commodity and it can not be denied away; even the greatest Jew defender cannot deny that all of these girl-dealers are Hebrews. This subject is atrocious. According to Germanic sentiment there would be only one punishment for this: death. For people that play fast and loose, regarding as a business, as a commodity, what for millions of others means greatest happiness or greatest misfortune. For them love is nothing more than business in which they make money. They are always ready to tear apart the happiness of any marriage, if only 30 pieces of silver can be made. (Stormy bravo! and applause)

    They tell us today that all that which was known as family life is a completely outlived notion, and who only saw the play “Castle Wetterstein”* could see how the holiest that still remained to the people was shamelessly called “brothel”. *An anti-bourgeoise play written in 1912 by Frank Wedekind, pre-figuring the “new realism,” in which a young woman is corrupted. It was played up by the Jews and became very popular.So we should not be surprised when he also attacks what many people even today are not indifferent to, and what to many at least can give inner peace – religion. Also here we see the same Jew who himself has enough religious customs which others could easily mock, but no one does, as we, in principle, never ridicule religion because it is sacred to us. But he tries to destroy everything without offering a substitute. Who today, in this age of the vilest deceit and swindle, is detached from it; for him there are just two more possibilities, either he hangs himself in despair or becomes a crook.

    Adolf Hitler’s Antisemitic Quotes

    The “authority of the majority”

    When the Jew has destroyed the state according to these three major aspects, when he has undermined the state-forming and sustaining power, the ethical conception of work, the racial purity of a people and its spiritual life, he puts to the ax the authority of reason in the state and puts in its place the so-called authority of the majority of the crowd, and he knows that this majority will dance as he whistles because he has the means to direct it: He has the Press, not perhaps for registering of public opinion, but for forgery of it, and he knows how to harness public opinion through the Press in order to dominate the state. Instead of the authority of reason, there enters the authority of the great spongy majority led by the Jew, because the Jew is always going through three periods.

    First, autocratically-minded, ready to serve any prince, he then descends to the people, fighting for democracy, of which he knows that it will be in his hand, and steered by him; he owns it, he becomes a dictator. (Hear, hear) And we see this today in Russia, where a Lenin has just assured that the councils are already outlived, and that now it is not absolutely necessary that a proletarian state be led through one council or parliament, that it is sufficient that 2 or 3 proletarian-minded people govern this country. These proletarian-minded persons are some Jewish billionaires, and we know very well that behind 2 or 3 proletarians ultimately stands another organization which is outside of the state: the Alliance Israelite and their grandiose propaganda organization and the organization of Freemasonry. (Loud applause and clapping of hands)

    And in all these things we must understand that there are no good or evil Jews. Here everyone works exactly according to the instincts of his race, because the race, or should we say, the nation and its character, as the Jew himself explains, lies in blood, and this blood is forcing everyone to act according to these principles, whether he is the leading mind in a party that calls itself democratic, or calls itself socialist, or a man of science, literature, or just an ordinary exploiter. He is a Jew; he works aglow with one thought: How do I get my people to become the Master Race.

    The political organization

    And when we see, for example, in these Jewish magazines, that it is specified that every Jew everywhere is obligated to fight against any antisemite, wherever and whoever he is, then it follows by deduction that every German, wherever and whoever he is, will become an antisemite. (Stormy bravo! and prolonged applause) For if the Jew has a racial determination, so have we, and we are also obliged to act accordingly. Because it seems inseparable from the social idea and we do not believe that there could ever exist a state with lasting inner health if it is not built on internal social justice, and so we have joined forces with this knowledge and when we finally united, there was only one big question: How should we actually baptize ourselves? A party? A bad name! Notorious, discredited in the mouth of everyone, and hundreds told us, “Why have you called yourselves a party? When I hear that word I go mad.” And others told us, “It’s not necessary for us to organize ourselves more closely, it is sufficient that the scientific knowledge of the danger of Jewry gradually deepens and the individual, on the basis of this knowledge, begins to remove the Jews from himself.” But I very much fear that this whole beautiful line of thought was designed by none other than a Jew himself. (Laughter.)

    Then we were told further, “It is not necessary that you are politically organized, it is sufficient to take away from the Jews their economic power. Economic organizing only – here lies the salvation and the future.” Here, too, I have the same suspicion that a Jew sowed this idea the first time because one thing has become clear: In order to liberate our economy from this fix it is necessary to combat the pathogen, the politically organized struggle of the masses against their oppressors. (Stormy applause) Since it is clear that scientific knowledge is worthless as long as this knowledge is not a basis for an organization of the masses for the implementation of what we consider necessary, and it is further clear that for this organization only the broad masses of our people can be considered. Because it sets us apart from all those who today are ‘saviors of Germany,’ whether Bothmer or Ballerstedt*, that we believe that the future strength of our people is not to be found in Odeon bar or Bonbonniére** but in the countless workshops, in which they work every day – that here we find the millions of hardworking, healthy people whose lives are the only hope of our people for the future. (Loud applaus.) *Opponents of Hitler ** Places of frivolity in Munich

    Furthermore, we realized that if this movement does not penetrate into the masses, to organize them, then everything will be in vain; then we will never be able to liberate our people and we will never be able to think of rebuilding our country. The salvation can never come from above, it can and will only come from the masses, from the bottom up. (Applause)

    And as we came to this realization and decided to form a party, a political party that wants to enter into the ruthless political struggle for the future, then we heard a voice: Do you believe that you few can do it, do you really believe that a couple of guys can do it? Because we understood that we had an immense battle ahead of us but also that anything created by men can be destroyed by other men. And another conviction has arisen within us, that this can not be a matter of whether we think we can do it, but only a question of whether we believe that it is right and that it is necessary, and if it is right and necessary, then it is no longer a question of whether we want to, but rather it is our duty to do what we feel is necessary. (Stormy bravo!) We did not ask after money and supporters, but we decided to go forth.

    And while others are working a whole generation, perhaps in order to get a small house or to have a carefree retirement, we put our lives at stake and have begun this difficult struggle. If we win, and we are convinced we will, though we may die penniless we will have helped create the biggest movement which will now extend over all Europe and the whole world. (Loud applause)

    The first three principles were clear, and they are inseparable from each other. Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not just for oneself but also for one’s fellow man’s sake, and above all the principle: Common good before own good, a struggle against all parasitism and especially against easy and unearned income. And we were aware that in this fight we can rely on no one but our own people. We are convinced that socialism in the right sense will only be possible in nations and races that are Aryan, and there in the first place we hope for our own people and are convinced that socialism is inseparable from nationalism. (Loud applause)

    To be nationalist does not mean for us to belong to one party or another, but to show with every action that one benefits the people; it means love for all the people without exception. From this point of view we will realize that it is necessary to preserve the most precious thing a people has, the sum of all active creative powers of its workers, to keep it healthy in body and soul.(Cheers) And this view of nationalism compels us to immediately form a front against its opposite, the Semitic conception of the idea of people (Volk), and especially against the Semitic concept of work. Since we are socialists, we must necessarily also be antisemites because we want to fight against the very opposite: materialism and mammonism. (Lively bravo!)

    And when today the Jew still runs into our factories and says: How can you be a socialist antisemite? Are not you ashamed? - there comes a time in which we will ask: How can you not be an antisemite, being a socialist! (Hear, hear) There comes a time when it will be obvious that socialism can only be carried out accompanied by nationalism and antisemitism. The three concepts are inseparably connected. They are the foundations of our program and therefore we call ourselves National Socialists. (Cheers)

    Adolf Hitler - Speech about Judaism is satanic
    Uploaded on Jan 11, 2012
    Video from THELINDGRENN.
    Adolf Hitler - Speech about Judaism is satanic


    How to proceed

    Finally, we know how great the social reforms must be so that Germany may recover. If it doesn’t happen, perhaps the only reason will be too modest efforts. We know that one will have to cut deep. We will not be able to come around the national problem and the issue of land reform, and the problem of care for all those who, day after day, are working for the community and in their old age this care must not be a pittance, but they have a right to have their old days be still worth living.

    If we wish to make these social reforms, this must go hand in hand with the fight against the enemy of every social institution: Jewry. Here too we know that scientific knowledge can only be the groundwork, but that behind this knowledge must stand an organization which one day will be able to go over into action. And in this action we will remain adamant, which means: removal of Jews from amongst our people (Loud and long sustained applause and clapping), not because we begrudge them their existence – we congratulate the rest of the world on account of their visits (great hilarity) – but because we value the existence of our own people a thousand times higher than that of an alien race. (Bravo!)

    And since we are convinced that this scientific antisemitism that clearly recognizes the terrible danger of this race for any people can only be a guide, and the masses will always perceive them emotionally – for they know the Jew first and foremost as the man in daily life who always and everywhere sticks out – our concern must be to arouse in our people the instinct against Jewry and whip it up and stir, until they come to the decision to join the movement which is willing to take the consequences. (Bravo and applause.)

    Some people tell us:Whether you succeed depends eventually on whether you have the sufficient money and so on. To this, I think I can say the following: Even the power of money is somehow limited; there is a certain limit beyond which, eventually, not the money rules but the truth. And we are all aware that, once the millions of our workers realize who are the leaders who now promise them a blissful future kingdom, when they recognize that everywhere gold is at play, they will throw the gold in their face and declare: Keep your gold and don’t think that you can buy us. (Bravo!)

    And we do not despair if we maybe still stand alone, if we today, wherever we go, do see potential supporters but nowhere the courage to join the organization. That should not lead us astray; we have accepted the fight and we must win it. I have assured you before the election that this election would not decide Germany’s fate, that after this election no recovery would come and, already today, I think most of you will agree with me. I could predict it back then because I knew that the courage and the will to act were absent everywhere.

    We have proclaimed as our election platform only one thing: Let the others go to the polls today, to the Reichstag, to the parliaments and loll in their club chairs; we want to climb up the beer tables and pull the masses with us. We’ve kept this promise and will keep it in the future. Tirelessly and constantly, as long as we have a spark of strength and a breath in the lungs, we will come out and call all our people; and always tell the truth until we can begin to hope that this truth will prevail. Till the day finally comes when our words fall silent and action begins. (Stormy bravo! and long-lasting applause.)

    (Pause and discussion)

    Closing remarks of the speaker Hitler:

    Ladies and gentlemen! We are not as dreadful as our primary enemy and we cannot shatter Jewry by ourselves; we do not imagine it is so easy. However, we have decided not to come with any buts and ifs. But once the matter comes to the solution, it will be done, and done thoroughly.

    What the gentleman said, that for him it doesn’t matter – any person is a human being – I agree, as long as that person does not get in the way. But when a great race systematically destroys the life conditions of my race, I say no, no matter where they ‘belong.’ In that case, I say that I am one of those who, when they get a blow on the left cheek, they return two or three. (Bravo!)

    Then a gentleman said that our movement would mean a battle into which the working class would be drawn. Yes, and we (the social democrats and communists?) will promise our people Heaven on Earth, and after the fools have fought for forty years, then instead of the Heaven they’ll have nothing but a pile of rubble and misery. That mistake we will not make. (Bravo!) We do not promise any Heaven but the one thing, that if you are determined to carry out this program in Germany, maybe once again the time will come in which you will be able to have a life. If you carry out the glorious reform which these gentlemen here wish, you will in an even shorter time face the need to embellish this life with the very same decrees which their leaders Trotsky and Lenin issue now: Those who are not willing to fight for the blessings of that State, die.

    Finally, he said that they opposed any capitalism. My esteemed audience! The communists have so far merely been fighting industrial capital and have only hung industrial capitalists. But name me one Jewish capitalist whom they have hung. (That’s right! says the crowd) 300,000 Russians have been murdered in Russia. The Soviet Government itself admits this now. Among those 300,000 is not a single Jew! But in the leadership more than 90% are Jews. Is that persecution of Jews or rather, in the truest sense of the word, persecution of Christians? (Hear, hear)

    Then you said you fought against both the loan capital and industrial capital. But you have so far combated neither the one nor the other. You cannot fight the industrial capital, at most destroy it, and then you must again start with a 12-hour working day to rebuild it. (Hear, hear) And the other you’ve so far never fought! This one is paying you. (Thunderous applause and clapping of hands)

    Then the second speaker stated the cause of the revolution should be looked for in poverty. We prefer to put it this way: Poverty has made Germany ripe for those who wanted the revolution. You can read the piece written by their Lord and Master who was then ruling Germany, Rathenau, where he explained precisely that the revolution had a real and deliberate purpose: Displacement of the feudal system and its replacement by plutocracy. These men have been the financiersof this glorious movement. If their revolution would have been even the slightest threat to Capital, then the Frankfurter Zeitung would not have triumphantly announced on the 9th November: “The German people have made a revolution.” When we make our revolution, the Frankfurter Zeitung will whistle a very different tune. (Loud applause)

    Then you said further: Before the war one has not heard anything of Jews. That is a sad fact that we have heard so little. This does not mean, however, that he was not there. But above all, it is not true, because this movement did not begin after the war but has been there just as long as there are Jews. If you go back and read in Jewish history, the Jews gradually exterminated the original tribes in Palestine by the sword, so you can imagine that there has been antisemitism as a logical reaction. And it existed the whole time till this day, and the pharaohs in Egypt were probably just as antisemitic as we are today. If you had, before the war, not only read their famous writers Moritz, Salomon, and others – I do not even mention newspapers which, a priori, carry the stamp of approval of the Alliance Israelite- you would have heard that in Austria there was a huge anti-Semitic movement, but also the Russia people constantly attempted to rise up against the Jewish bloodsuckers. That in Galicia, the Poles groaned and no longer worked, and sometimes rose in despair against those crazy idealists who were hell-bound to send the people to their early graves. Unfortunately, too late we have begun to understand this there, but you say: Before the war, one has not heard of it. But really deplorable are only those who hear it now and still cannot get the courage to answer our call. (Stormy bravo! and applause)

    Then you declare further that Lenin made some mistakes. We are grateful that at least you admit that your pope has made mistakes. (Laughter) But then you declare you would not make these mistakes. For one thing, when 300,000 people are hanged in Germany and when our whole economy is shattered after their pattern, then your statement that you would not make the same mistakes is not enough. You seem to have a poor idea of what the Bolshevik system really means. It will not improve the situation, but it is put there in order to destroy the races with these errors. (Hear, hear) When you declare today that one did so in Russia up until now, this is a sorry excuse; when you first exterminate a race, first totally ruin a national economy; and finally this state lives practically only by the mercy of Tsarist officers who, driven by force make conquests for it, then, in my opinion, it’s a strange policy. (Hear, hear.) One thing I know is that if we do not have the iron will to stop war madness – that mutual tearing one another to pieces – we’ll perish.

    Finally, you explain, since the loan capital is international, we cannot fight it nationally, otherwise the international world will shut us off. These are the consequences of relying on international solidarity! (Loud applause.) Had you not made us so powerless, we could not have cared less if the other world is happy with us or not. But when you yourself admit that this International, which practically dominates Britain, France and North America, is able to shut us off, do you believe then that the fight against Capital is being fought over there? So long as this Earth exists, nations have never been freed by the will and the deed of other nations, but either by their own force or they remained in bondage. (Cheers)

    And then, finally, you also turn to the Bible, and that’s, after all, a good sign in a Communist. (Laughter) And you explain that, because of a peculiar conformity of Bible and our Party program, I am a Communist. What you are telling me here, Dr. Gerlich has already said, and Mr. Hohmann has called me too: If you stand up for what you have in the program, you are a communist. On the other hand, the “Post” says all the time, I am an arch-reactionary, a completely diseased, militaristic reactionary.

    (Interruption: The “Post” is itself reactionary.)

    Would you please confront the chief editor with this and allow me to listen? (Big laughter and applause) Also, the “Kampf” emphasizes again and again that we are the bastion of the counter-reaction. So I recommend that you first go to the “Post ” and to “Kampf” and tell them that we are Communists because I myself couldn’t care less how I am called, whether reactionary, Pan-German, a Junker, big industrialist or a communist – I am and will remain a German national socialist. I have my program in front of me and, as I said earlier, I will pursue it to the last spark of my strength and the last breath in my lungs. (Long sustained stormy bravo! and applause)

    The Chairman thanks for the numerous attendance and closes the meeting.

    Translation from German by Hasso Castrup (Copenhagen, Denmark), January, 2013, from the original published in Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, 16. Jahrg., 4. H. (Oct., 1968), pp. 390-420.  Edited by Carolyn Yeager.

    0 0

                I will post information about the ISIS Executioner, Jihadi John from Wikipedia and other links. 

    A close-up of the Jihadi dubbed “John”

    Mohammed Emwazi
    17 August 1988 (age 26)
    Al Jahra, Kuwait
    Other names
    "Jihadi John"
    "John the Beatle"
    "Jailer John"
    Abu Abdullah al-Britani
    Abu Muharib al-Yemeni
    Mohammed al-Ayan
    Muhammad ibn Muazzam

    Mohammed Al-Zuhary
    BSc (lower second-class honours) in Information Systems with Business Management from the University of Westminster (2009)
    Known for
    Involvement in multiple beheadings
    Sunni Islam
    Military career
    Al-Nusra Front, then
    Years of service
    Mohammed Emwazi(born Muhammad Jassim Abdulkarim Olayan al-Dhafiri, 17 August 1988) is a Kuwaiti-British man who is thought to be the person seen in several videos produced by the Islamic extremist group ISIL showing the beheadings of a number of captives in 2014 and 2015. A group of his hostages nicknamed him "Jihadi John" since he was part of a four-person terrorist cell with British accents whom they called "The Beatles".

    Early life

    Emwazi was born Muhammad Jassim Abdulkarim Olayan al-Dhafiri on 17 August 1988 in Kuwait to Jassem and Ghaneyah. The family, who were Bedoon of Iraqi origin, moved to the United Kingdom in 1994 when he was six. They settled in inner west London, moving between several properties in Maida Vale, later living in St John's Wood and finally in Queen's Park. Emwazi attended St Mary Magdalene Church of England primary school, and later Quintin Kynaston School.

    In 2006 he went to the University of Westminster, studying Information Systems with Business Management. He secured a lower second-class BSc (Hons) on graduation three years later. At age 21, he worked as a salesman at an IT company in Kuwait and was considered by his boss as the best employee the company ever had.


    Emwazi was given the nickname "John" by a group of his hostages. The hostages said that he was part of a terrorist cell they called "The Beatles", and that he guarded Western hostages while handling communications with their families. The nickname refers to John Lennon of the Beatles, and other members of the cell are known as "George", "Paul", and "Ringo", in reference to the other Beatles. The cell members all had British accents. The nicknames "Jihadi John", "Jailer John" and "John the Beatle" were created by the press.

    Ringo Starr expressed his disgust at the use of his former band's name in this context, saying: “It’s bullshit. What they are doing out there is against everything the Beatles stood for,” and adding that the Beatles had stood for peace and opposed violence.

    Jihadi John and his hostages.

    James Foley

    Main article: James Foley (journalist)

    In a video uploaded to YouTube on 19 August 2014, Foley read a prepared statement criticizing the United States, the recent airstrikes in Iraq, and his brother who serves in the United States Air Force. Emwazi, wearing a mask, also read a prepared statement in which he criticized America and PresidentBarack Obama and made demands to cease the 2014 American-led intervention in Iraq. The masked man then beheaded Foley off-camera, after which he threatened to behead Steven Sotloff if his demands were not met. The FBI and United States National Security Council confirmed that the video, which included footage of Foley's beheaded corpse, was genuine.

    Steven Sotloff

    Main article: Steven Sotloff

    On 2 September 2014, a video was released reportedly showing American journalist Steven Sotloff's beheading by Emwazi. The White House confirmed the video's authenticity.

    David Haines

    On 13 September 2014, a video, directed at British Prime Minister David Cameron, was released, showing British hostage aid worker David Haines being beheaded by Emwazi.

    Alan Henning

    Main article: Alan Henning

    On 3 October 2014, a video released by ISIS showing Emwazi beheading British aid worker Alan Henning. Henning, a taxi driver from Salford, Greater Manchester, had volunteered to deliver aid to Syria when he was kidnapped in Ad Dana, an area held by ISIS, on 27 December 2013.

    Peter Kassig

    On 16 November 2014 a video was posted by ISIS of Emwazi standing over a severed head, which the White House confirmed was that of Peter Kassig. Kassig's actual beheading was not shown, and unlike earlier hostage beheading videos he did not make a statement.

    Syrian soldiers

    The video that ended with a shot of Kassig's severed head showed the beheadings of 21 Syrian soldiers in gruesome detail, by a group led by a masked Emwazi. It was said by the BBC that, unlike previous videos, this one shows the faces of many of the militants, indicates the location as being Dabiq in Aleppo Province, and that this video "revels in gore." Unlike previous videos that cut away without showing the killing, Emwazi is shown beheading a victim.

    Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto

    Main article: Kenji Goto

    Haruna Yukawa, age 42, was captured sometime before August 2014. Kenji Goto, age 47, was captured sometime in October 2014 while trying to rescue Yukawa. In January 2015, they were threatened to be killed unless the Japanese government paid a ransom of $200 million. Haruna was beheaded on 24 January, and Kenji on 31 January 2015.


    It was claimed in August 2014 that ISIS held more than 20 hostages. Many hostage families chose not to reveal their relatives' names in order to avoid drawing attention to them and compromising their safety. All or nearly all of the Europeans were ransomed by their countries. However, laws in the US and the UK prohibit payment of ransoms.

    John Cantlie

    Main article: John Cantlie

    Cantlie is a British citizen held hostage who has appeared in a series of ISIL videos. He was kidnapped along with James Foley on 22 November 2012.

    Beheading procedure
    Analysis of videos

    Official analysis

    Officially the FBI and United States National Security Council confirmed that the James Foley video, which ended with footage of a beheaded corpse, is genuine. David Cameron and the British Foreign Office also confirmed the authenticity of the video showing the death of David Haines.

    The videos were produced and distributed by Al Hayat Media Center, a media outlet of ISIS that is under the authority of the ISIS's official propaganda arm, the Al-Itisam Establishment for Media Production, that targets specifically Western and non-Arabic speaking audiences.

    Unofficial analysis

    An unnamed forensics expert commissioned by The Times to look at the James Foley video said "I think it has been staged. My feeling is that the murder may have happened after the camera was stopped."The Times concluded that "No one is questioning that the photojournalist James Foleywas beheaded, but camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used." Two unnamed video specialists in the International Business Times of Australia claimed that portions of the video appeared to be staged and edited. Dr. James Alvarez, a British-American hostage negotiator, also claimed the James Foley video was "expertly staged", with the use of two separate cameras and a clip-on microphone attached to Foley’s orange jumpsuit. Jeff Smith, Associate Director of the CU Denver National Center for Media Forensics said "What's most interesting is that the actual beheading that takes place in the videos, both of them are staged."

    British analyst Eliot Higgins(Brown Moses) published photographic and video forensic evidence suggesting that the James Foley video was taken at a spot in the hills south of the Syrian city of Raqqa.

    Identification and manhunt

    Search for identity and early speculation

    'Jihadi John' became the subject of a manhunt by the FBI, MI5, and Scotland Yard. In his videos, "Jihadi John" concealed his identity by covering himself from head to toe in black, except for tan desert boots, with a mask that left only his eyes visible. Despite this, several facts about 'Jihadi John' could be ascertained from both videos. He spoke with an apparent London or southern England accent and appeared to have a skin tone consistent with Africanor South Asian descent. In both videos, he was seen to sport a pistol in a leather shoulder holster under his left shoulder, typical of right-handedpeople, but his actions in the videos suggest he is left-handed.

    Other factors that could have led to his identification were his height, general physique, the pattern of veins on the back of his hands, his voice and clothes. A team of analysts might use the topography of the landscape in the video in an attempt to identify the location. On 24 August 2014, the British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott, said that Britain was very close to identifying 'Jihadi John' using sophisticated voice recognition technology, but when pressed, refused to disclose any other details.

    On 20 September 2014, the United States Senate approved a $10 million reward for information that led to the capture of anyone involved in the murders of James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Cawthorne Haines, which includes 'Jihadi John'. On November 20, the bill, extending the potential scope of the reward program to any American kidnapped and murdered by a "foreign terrorist organization" and limiting the reward to a maximum of $5 million, was referred to the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

    On 14 September British Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that the identity of 'Jihadi John' was known but had yet to be revealed.

    On 25 September, FBI DirectorJames Comey told reporters that they had identified the suspect, but did not give information regarding the man's identity or nationality. "I believe that we have identified him. I'm not going to tell you who I believe it is," Comey stated. Michael Ryan, an author and scholar from the Middle East Institute speculated "Maybe 98 percent of 95 percent sure is not sure enough to put a man's name out."

    In August 2014, The Sunday Times reported that Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary ("L Jinny"), 23, a hip-hop musician from West London had "emerged as a key suspect" in the investigation. Other sources also stated that Abu Hussain Al-Britani, 20, a computer hacker from Birminghamand Abu Abdullah al-Britani, in his 20s from Portsmouth, were suspects.

    Mohammed Emwazi

    On 26 February 2015, The Washington Postidentified the perpetrator as Mohammed Emwazi, a British man in his mid-20s who was born in Kuwait and grew up in west London. The Washington Post investigation was undertaken by Souad Mekhennet and Alan Goldman.

    Emwazi was born to Iraqi parents who moved to neighboring Kuwait from Iraq. When the Kuwaiti government rejected their application for citizenship, in 1994 they moved to Iraq and then on to Britain. According to his student card from the University of Westminster, Emwazi was born on 17 August 1988.

    Scotland Yard and 10 Downing Street declined to comment on the reports. The Counter Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police Service released a statement saying: "We are not going to confirm the identity of anyone at this stage or give an update on the progress of this live counter-terrorism investigation." The security services in the US and UK are believed to have known the identity of 'Jihadi John' since September 2014, but have not revealed the name for operational security reasons.

    In an interview with The Washington Post, one of Emwazi's close friends said: "I have no doubt that Mohammed is Jihadi John. He was like a brother to me. ... I am sure it is him." Asim Qureshi, research director at the advocacy group CAGE, who had been in contact with Emwazi before he left for Syria, also identified the man in the videos as Emwazi, stating:

    "There was an extremely strong resemblance. This is making me feel fairly certain that this is the same person." U.S. officials declined to comment for the Washington Post report, and Emwazi's family declined a request for an interview. Qureshi said that Emwazi was "extremely kind, gentle and soft-spoken, the most humble young person I knew".

    The BBC stated that Emwazi is believed to be "an associate of a former UK control order suspect ... who travelled to Somalia in 2006 and is allegedly linked to a facilitation and funding network for Somali militant group al-Shabab." He reportedly prayed on occasion at a mosque in Greenwich. He graduated with a degree in Information Systems with Business Management from the University of Westminster (2009). His final address in the UK before he went abroad was in the Queen's Parkarea of north-west London.

    The Post reported interviews with Emwazi's friends indicating that Emwazi was radicalizedafter a planned safari to Tanzania following his graduation. According to the interviews, Emwazi and two friends, a German convert to Islam named Omar and another man, Abu Talib, never made the safari. Rather, upon landing in Dar es Salaamin May 2009, the three were detained, held overnight by police, and eventually deported. In May 2010, The Independent reported on the episode, identifying Emwazi as Muhammad ibn Muazzam. According to e-mails sent by Emwazi to Qureshi and that were provided to the Post, after leaving Tanzania, Emwazi flew to Amsterdam, where he claimed that an MI5 officer accused him of attempting to go to Somalia, where al-Shabab operates. Emwazi denied attempting to reach Somalia, but a former hostage told the Postthat "Jihadi John was obsessed with Somalia" and forced captives to watch videos about al-Shabab. Tanzanian officials have denied that they detained and deported Emwazi at the request of MI5, saying instead that he had been refused entry for being drunk and abusive.

    Later, Emwazi and his friends were permitted to return to Britain, where Emwazi met with Qureshi in late 2009. The Post quoted Qureshi as saying that Emwazi was "incensed" at the way he had been treated. Emwazi moved to Kuwait shortly afterward, where (according to emails he wrote to Qureshi), he worked for a computer company. Emwazi returned to London twice, however, and, on the second visit, he made plans to wed a woman in Kuwait.

    In June 2010, Emwazi was detained by counter-terrorism officials in Britain, who searched and fingerprinted him, and blocked him from returning to Kuwait. In an email four months later to Qureshi, Emwazi expressed sympathy for Aafia Siddiqui, an al-Qaeda operative who had just been sentenced in U.S. federal court for assault and attempted murder. Qureshi said he last heard from Emwazi when Emwazi sought advice from him in January 2012. Close friends of Emwazi interviewed by the Post said that he was "desperate to leave the country" and one friend stated that Emwazi unsuccessfully tried to travel to Saudi Arabia to teach English in 2012. Sometime after January 2012, Emwazi traveled to Syria, where he apparently contacted his family and at least one of his friends.

    In March 2015, following media reports that his mother had recognised Jihadi John's voice as her son's, his father denied that this had happened or that Emwazi was Jihadi John.


    US President Barack Obama condemned the actions of 'Jihadi John' and vowed punishment for all the militants responsible behind the videotaped beheadings. Secretary of StateJohn Kerryalso called 'Jihadi John' a "coward behind a mask" and, echoing Obama, stated that all those responsible would be held accountable by the United States. British officials have also reiterated their commitment to capturing 'Jihadi John'. Admiral Alan West, a former UK Minister for Security and Counter-terrorism, said that he is a "dead man walking" who will be "hunted down"like Osama bin Laden. David Cameron also stated that he was absolutely certain that Jihadi John would "one way or another, face justice", he also condemned the actions. UK Justice SecretaryChris Grayling, and Secretary General of InterpolRonald Noble also stated that Jihadi John should be brought to justice.

    Reacting to the naming of Emwazi by the media, a spokesman for the family of Steven Sotloff told the BBC that they wanted to see him behind bars. Bethany Haines, daughter of David, said "It's a good step but I think all the families will feel closure and relief once there's a bullet between his eyes."

    Lord Carlisle, a former independent reviewer of UK anti-terror laws, said, "Had control orders been in place, in my view there is a realistic prospect that Mohammed Emwazi, and at least two of his associates, would have been the subject of control orders with a compulsory relocation."

    In reaction to the revelation, Emwazi's father, Jassem, has said that he is ashamed of his son. Previously, when he learned from his son that he was going to Syria "for jihad", Jassem had told him that he hoped he would be killed. But the day after the naming he issued a statement denying that his son was Jihadi John. An unidentified cousin issued a statement which said, "We hate him. We hope he will be killed soon. This will be good news for our family."

    On 8 March 2015, according to The Sunday Times, Emwazi apologised to his family for "problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused" them. The message was conveyed via an unspecified third party.


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                On this date, August 18, 2012, the ruler of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh made announcement that he would carry out the death sentences in his country. I will now post an article stating that in 2015, the firing squad will return.

    The Gambian Firing Squad

    Gambia to reinstate firing squads: president
    July 18, 2015 12:22 PM

    Banjul (Gambia) (AFP) - Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has warned that death row inmates should expect to have their sentences implemented, apparently signalling an end to a three-year unofficial moratorium on executions.

    The military strongman said in a meeting with religious leaders broadcast on state television late on Friday that the move was a response to the spiralling murder rate.

    "During Ramadan, someone buried her child alive. Three days before Ramadan, someone in the Upper River Region threatened to kill someone and ended up killing the individual,"he said.

    He did not say whether death sentences for convicts already on death row would be brought forward, but he appeared to pre-empt criticism of any move to resume executions.

    "If I am driving a vehicle on the road and you decide to cross in front of the vehicle, if the vehicle knocks you down and you die, am I the one that killed you or are you the one that killed yourself?" he said.

    No official crime statistics are released by the government of mainland Africa's smallest country, which is surrounded by Senegal except for a narrow strip of Atlantic coast.

    Jammeh announced in August 2012 that all death row prisoners would be executed by mid-September that year.

    A week later the first batch of nine convicts were executed by firing squad.

    The killings caused international outrage, especially in Senegal, which had two citizens among those put to death.

    Rights groups estimate another 30 convicts face the firing squad but no executions have been announced since.

    Jammeh, an outspoken military officer and former wrestler, has ruled the Gambia -- which has a population of just 1.7 million -- with an iron fist since seizing power in a bloodless coup in 1994.

    He is often accused of rights abuses and the suppression of free speech, and is pilloried for paranoia as he regularly reshuffles his government.

    The country currently allows the death penalty only for people convicted of causing someone's death through violence or the administration of toxic substances.

    The government announced in June however it would hold a referendum on expanding the list of offences punishable by death to any crime deemed sufficiently serious by parliament.

    All Gambians aged over 18 will be entitled to take part in the vote, a date for which has yet to be set.

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                I will post information about several people in Novorossiya who are in favor of capital punishment and tough punishment on crimes from several internet sources.

    The appointed pro-Russian president of the 'Supreme Court' in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, Eduard Yakubovsky, poses on November 28, 2014 in the court in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Yakubovsky, a Russian citizen who favors the death penalty, he is trying to become the new face of justice in rebel-head east Ukraine. appointed president of the 'Supreme Court' in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic late September, the burly ex-investigator from Moscow says he's now busy vetting judges as he attempts to set up a legal system in this illegal state. AFP PHOTO / ERIC FEFERBERG

    Ukraine rebel leaders lay down law in eastern area

    CAPITAL PUNISHMENT:The president of a new court said that Ukrainian law is the basis for the new legal system, which includes a reintroduction of the death penalty

    AFP, DONETSK, Ukraine
    Mon, Dec 01, 2014 - Page 6

    A Russian citizen who favours the death penalty, Eduard Yakubovsky, is trying to become the new face of justice in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic
    Eduard Yakubovsky, a Russian citizen who favors the death penalty, is trying to become the new face of justice in rebel-held east Ukraine.

    Appointed president of the “supreme court” in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in late September, the burly former investigator from Moscow says he is busy vetting judges as he attempts to set up a legal system in the state that Kiev and the West consider illegal.

    Dressed in military fatigues, Yakubovsky, 55, is a far cry from the typical image of a staid magistrate in a gown and suit.

    “Believe me, at a time like this, these are the most suitable clothes for the job,”Yakubovsky said in an interview at Donetsk city court.

    “We haven’t yet come up with a dress code for the judges that we’ll swear in,” he said.

    The justice system collapsed in Ukraine’s eastern rebel zones after the pro-Russian uprising began in April, with the rule of the gun quickly replacing the rule of law. Arbitrary and brutal punishments have been meted out by armed commanders with no oversight or accountability.

    The UN in July accused rebels of conducting a “reign of fear and terror” that has seen people abducted, tortured and even executed. Since then, online videos and rumors have swirled of popular tribunals handing down death sentences at mob hearings.

    Now, as the Kremlin-backed separatists tighten their grip over their territory, they are looking to give themselves the trappings of a legitimate state and greater control over the population.

    Yakubovsky, who has a Russian passport, but says he has lived in Ukraine for 30 years, claims he is currently sifting through the resumes of judges and lawyers who once worked in the Ukrainian system and want to sign up to administer law under a new regime.

    “At the moment, we’re going through all their documents before appointing any judges,” he said.

    “We have to check the background of each candidate,” he added.

    It is not just about hiring judges — the criminal code is also a work-in-progress.

    Despite being in a fight to the death with Kiev, Yakubovsky says the rebels have accepted Ukrainian law as the basis for their system “when it doesn’t contradict with the our texts.”

    They have already introduced new laws — most notably the re-introduction of the death penalty, which was officially banned in Ukraine in 2000.

    “We have the death penalty and it will be applied,” Yakubovsky says. “For crimes against life, like aggravated murder, some military crimes and crimes against humanity.”

    Until the new legal system gets up and running, it is down to local commanders to dole out whatever justice they see fit.

    “If it is a combatant from our side who has committed an offense, then the head of military police decides on the punishment,” a rebel tasked with security on Donetsk’s streets told reporters.

    “If it is a civilian, then it is the commander of the group that arrests them that takes the decision,”he said, refusing to give his name.

    Particularly in their sights are drug dealers and users who they say are still operating in the region.

    A man was recently arrested for taking methamphetamine and jailed for 15 days and forced to clean out all the prison cells, the rebel said.

    Another individual, accused of manufacturing and selling “large amounts” of narcotics, has been in jail for three-and-a-half months awaiting trial.

    Yakubovsky said that innocent people might have got caught up in the rebel dragnet. The problem is, he does not know exactly how many there are and when they will ever come to trial.

    “It’s true that there could be some innocent people among them,” he said. “We’ll see when they go to trial. If that is the case, they’ll be set free.”


    Ukraine's rebels mete out rough justice in authority vacuum
    By Mstyslav Chernov (Associated Press) | Updated April 29, 2015 - 2:45am

    A man stands tied to a post by pro-Russian rebels, accused of stealing from local people, with a poster around his neck reading "I am marauder, I beat and steal from civilians", standing next to a highway in Krasnyi Partyzan, Ukraine, Thursday, April 23, 2015. (AP Photo/Mstyslav Chernov)
    KRASNYI PARTYZAN — A bruised rebel fighter in battle fatigues is tied to a traffic pole, avoiding glances as a crude message hung about his neck flutters in the wind:

    "I am a marauder. I beat up and robbed my countrymen."

    The man's captors were not his foes, but fellow separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine.

    In the maelstrom of conflict, summary justice has become commonplace in rebel-controlled areas, and it targets civilians and combatants alike.

    Rebel unit commander Alexander Nazarchenko stood a few paces away from the humiliated fighter in the town of Krasnyi Partyzan. He said he consulted with superiors before taking such a drastic measure. The man's offenses, he explained, were particularly outrageous.

    "He assaulted a civilian, stole his car, took cash from his relatives," Nazarchenko said. "He said he was borrowing the money, but that isn't exactly how you borrow money."

    The victim reported the fighter to rebel authorities, who sentenced him to trench-digging duties — the standard punishment among the rebel militia. Undeterred, the fighter got drunk and stole back the car from the same victim.

    His chin dug into his chest and hands pinned back with plastic cable, the man admitted to a reporter that he committed the crimes — and groaned for a cigarette. His eye was swollen and cheeks puffed up with bruises; blood had dried on his split lip.

    These types of incidents are fruit of the chaos — judicial, bureaucratic and economic — that has prevailed in eastern Ukraine throughout the conflict.

    Andrei Pasichnik, deputy head of police in Luhansk, the second largest separatist-held city, condemned the arbitrary justice. But he conceded that much work remained to get a proper justice system in rebel areas.

    When officials loyal to the central government in Kiev were forced out last year, they appear to have taken much of the cash and resources with them.

    Pasichnik said efforts are now focused on installing police departments in areas under nominal Luhansk rebel control. There are no judges, so sentences are directly passed down by prosecutors.

    Things are slightly better in the neighboring Donetsk region, where rebels have fashioned a would-be breakaway state dubbed the Donetsk People's Republic.

    In early April, the head of the top rebel court, Eduard Yakubovsky, said tribunals had only resumed administering civil, family and criminal cases three months earlier. The separatist justice system is modeled on the old Soviet one, albeit on a far smaller scale than earlier as money is short.

    "Before, in the territory of the Donetsk region, there were 55 local courts ... employing 3,262 people. That's the size of a full-fledged mechanized infantry unit," Yakubovsky said at a press conference. "The number of judges has now been reduced fourfold."

    That has provided fertile ground for kangaroo courts, particularly in areas under control of Cossack commanders. Cossacks are members of a semi-military group that traditionally guarded the far-flung outposts of the Russian empire.

    Pasichnik said that anybody taking the law into their own hands and administering punishments such as whipping or even executions would face criminal charges.

    "Vigilante justice? No. Only the law-enforcement system has the right to that," Pasichnik said. "The Cossacks ... did cooperate with us before, of course, but there were certain individuals that tried to create their mini-states."

    That was a veiled reference to Cossack commanders like Nikolai Kozitsyn, a Russian national who ruled over the town of Perevalsk in defiance of Ukrainian and rebel authorities alike.

    In an interview with The Associated Press in November, Kozitsyn explained that he believed capital punishment was a necessary deterrent to crime in unruly times.

    "It has had a positive effect," he told AP. "We have no marauding, no burglaries or car-jacking."

    Kozitsyn has since been squeezed out and is currently thought to be back in Russia. But there are still holdouts.

    In Stakhanov, a town of 120,000 people, Cossacks are still in charge. A Cossack commander who gave only his nom de guerre, Borsch, explained how he dealt with drunks.

    "We caught one drunk and jailed him for three days. We gave him five lashes," he said. "We then made him drink two cups of sunflower oil, and let him out at night and let him run back home."

    Mr Druz said Ukraine's government was a "terrorist" organisation

    Ukraine crisis: Rebel adviser 'admits executions'
    2 August 2014

    A senior adviser to rebels in eastern Ukraine has confirmed that extrajudicial killings have been carried out "to prevent chaos".

    Igor Druz told the BBC such "executions" sent an important signal to the rest of the rebel forces.

    He also said Ukraine's government was a "terrorist" organisation, committing war crimes against civilians.

    Igor Druz is advisor to the rebels' military commander Igor Strelkov, and a senior spokesman for the rebel-held territories of Donetsk region. He is in charge of the ideology of the eastern Ukrainian rebel movement. In an interview with the BBC in Donetsk he outlined his vision of the so-called 'state of Novorossia' they hope to build here.

    He says he is a strong supporter of Orthodox Christian morality and family values, and opposed to homosexuality. He hopes to legalise death penalty for the most serious crimes and he is sure that most rebels will support him in this initiative.

    Mr Druz told the BBC: "On several occasions, in a state of emergency, we have carried out executions by shooting to prevent chaos. As a result, our troops, the ones who have pulled out of Sloviansk, are highly disciplined."

    Sloviansk was a key rebel stronghold before it was recaptured last month by Ukrainian government forces.

    Mr Druz said the rebels wanted to establish a socially responsible state that would protect Christian values.

    He also said the Ukrainian government was "totally illegitimate".        

    Mr Druz said: "These people have come to power by committing murders and staging an armed coup. Now they are committing war crimes. They are bombing our cities. They shell cities and then blame it on our fighters. This is nonsense. Why would we shell cities which are under our control?"

    Refugees fleeing the fighting in the east have told the BBC they believe the Ukrainian government is shelling residential areas, and complain they had to escape at short notice with no warning from the government.

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  • 08/17/15--15:08: THE D.P.R FIRING SQUAD

  •                 I will post information about how the Firing Squad procedure is being used in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

    Honor guards of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic attend a ceremony at the memorial of Russian revolutionary Fyodor Sergeyev, known as Comrade Artyom, in Donetsk on Nov. 14, 2014. U.S. President Barack Obama described Russia's aggression against Ukraine as "appalling" at the G-20 summit. Getty Images

    DPR to carry out capital punishment by firing squad

    20.11.2014 | 16:02

    DNR Troops marching at a ceremony

    The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic will establish military courts that will have the power to sentence people to death by firing squad, the DPR’s press service has told the online news channel Еspreso.TV.

    Chairpersons of military field courts, including judges that are also servicemen, are appointed and dismissed by a decision of the prime minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic at the suggestion of the court martial chairperson, and are accountable to the court martial chairperson, the press service said.

    Military field courts will have jurisdiction over crimes including non-compliance with a commander’s order (instructions), murder, treason, espionage, sabotage, intentional destruction of property, looting, plundering, robbery, stealing and damaging of military property, evading military service or deserting, as well as other crimes and violations of existing laws, the report read.

    Military field courts must, without undue delay, send an official notification in writing to the DPR court martial chairperson and the Prosecutor General about any death sentences they pass. The court martial chairperson and the Prosecutor General must review the legal grounds and the justification of each sentence without delay.

    Military field courts deal with crimes committed by servicemen with ranks up to company commander inclusive, while military leaders with a rank of head of service (battalion commander) and up are to be tried by court-martial.

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    "Introducing the death penalty is not revenge, it is the highest degree of social protection."
    - Vladimir Antyufeyev

                On this date, August 18, 2014, The Donetsk People’s Republic introduced the death penalty and military tribunals. I will post information about the death penalty in that State from several news sources.

    Alexander Zakharchenko being escorted with his bodyguards from the Oplot Battalion.

    Donetsk Separatists Introduce the Death Penalty for Treason

    By Damien Sharkov8/18/14 at 1:52 PM 

    Alexander Zakharchenko, prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, attends a news conference in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, August 18, 2014.Maxim Shemetov/Reuters
    The government of the breakaway region of Donetsk in Ukraine announced that it will introduce the death penalty for serious crimes, including treason, after the first meeting of the separatist Council of Ministers today.

    “A legislative act provides for the death penalty for the gravest crimes,” a press release on the Donetsk People’s Republic’s (DNR) official website read.

    The meeting was intended to set the founding stones of the military court justice system of the new republic, which is not recognised by the Ukrainian government.

    The Council agreed that military tribunals will be sanctioned to pass the death penalty for offences including treason, espionage, attempts on the lives of the leadership and sabotage, the Moscow Times reported.

    Separatist leaders agreed that the DNR will use the Russian Federation’s Criminal Code as a basis, RIA Novosti adds.

    "Introducing the death penalty is not revenge, it is the highest degree of social protection," senior DNR leader, Vladimir Antyufeyev said in a statement which reiterated that the new justice code “would greatly facilitate the fight against looting and banditry”.

    The military court system will have two tiers, one for offenders of rank squadron commander and lower, while the other will deal with offenders of rank battalion commander and higher.

    Pro-Russian rebels have been accused of using capital punishment before. A document surfaced in May signed by Donetsk’s former Defence Minister Igor ‘Strlkov’ Ghirkin invoking a 1941 Stalin-era law to order the killing of two DNR officers on charges of looting.

    More recently video footage of Crimean separatist leader Igor Bezler was posted online in June showing Bezler seemingly executing two pro-Kiev soldiers by firing squad.

    While Monday’s meeting of DNR’s council of ministers only discussed military legislation, the Republic’s Foreign Minister Alexander Karaman insisted the separatist government would set about “on the path of humanization of the criminal law”.

    The DNR declared independence from Ukraine following a referendum on 11 May this year. The results of the referendum were not recognised by the US or EU, but the separatist republic announced the election of its own government headed by Prime Minister Alexander Borodai.

    The DNR’s chairman Denis Pushilin has stated the republic would ideally like to be adopted as a constituent member of the Russian Federation.

    Igor Bezler, in green fatigues and without his walrus moustache, is at a briefing of policemen in Gorlovka. Photograph: Alexei Kravtsov

    Betrayal, desertion could mean execution, Ukraine rebel leaders warn fighters
    Source: Reuters - Mon, 18 Aug 2014 05:23 PM Author: Reuters

    * Death penalty move comes amid reports of desertions, defections
    * Separatists worried over looting, lawlessness, by fighters

    By Thomas Grove

    DONETSK, Ukraine, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Under growing pressure from a government offensive, the rebel leadership in Ukraine's battle-torn east warned its fighters on Monday that desertion and betrayal could be met by execution.

    The warning appeared to signal a growing concern by the leadership of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) over a breakdown of discipline in the fighting ranks as Kiev's military stepped up its offensive.

    Apart from being worried about desertions, which the Kiev military says are now telling on rebel ranks, the separatists are also worried about widespread lawlessness.

    "It is no secret that we have service personnel who carry out crimes. There are instances of looting and use of violence," Eduard Yakubovsky, the rebel republic's acting prosecutor-general, said in a video released by the rebels.

    Witnesses in Donetsk say armed men have walked into car showrooms and simply driven off with the stock and firearms store owners have been forced to give up their stocks after rebels have demanded arms at gunpoint.

    Rebels fear acts such as this are discrediting the separatist cause even as the leadership steps up a recruitment drive to try to hold back government forces.

    In an announcement carried on its website, the leadership quoted top officials as expressing anger at looting and "unauthorised" use of force by some of its fighters against the civilian population.

    Military tribunals would be set up and a criminal code which included the death penalty for a range of what it called very serious crimes including espionage, subversion and desertion, would be adopted, it said.

    "The death penalty in this code will be for the following crimes. First, aggravated murder - that is the murder of two or more people, or with distinct cruelty, or of a child or a pregnant woman, and a range of other crimes," Yakubovsky said in the video, which showed him addressing a leadership meeting.

    "Secondly, (it will be handed out) for certain military crimes committed in war times on the battlefield, such as handing over military hardware or weapons, desertion and some others," he said at the meeting on Sunday.

    Rebel commander and Muscovite Igor Strelkov, who has since left his post, had previously ordered executions of those in his ranks who were known to have breaken the law while he was leading separatist forces in Slaviansk.

    Sections of a criminal code published with the announcement on Monday said treason, espionage, attempts on the life of rebel leaders, rebellion, sabotage as well as murder and rape would all qualify for execution.

    Alexander Zakharchenko, the new rebel leader in Donetsk, was also quoted on the rebel website as saying: "Servicemen must know what crimes they will be punished for."

    "The death sentence is being brought in as a greater measure of social protection,"Zakharchenko said at a news conference. "We haven't shot anyone yet."

    Ukrainian military spokesman say that the rebels are now panicking and many are deserting or defecting to the Ukrainian side as the government forces makes inroads into rebel-held enclaves in the east, including Donetsk and Luhansk cities.

    Zakharchenko said at the weekend however that the rebels had received a boost by securing supplies of fresh heavy military equipment from Russia and 1,200 trained Russian fighters.

    "Introducing the death penalty is not revenge, it is the highest degree of social protection," another senior rebel leader, Vladimir Antyufeyev, was quoted as saying.

    (Writing by Richard Balmforth; editing by Philippa Fletcher)

    Donetsk Separatists Introduce Death Penalty for Treason

    Aug. 18 2014 15:52 

    A separatist guards a checkpoint near the village of Rozsypne in the Donetsk region.

    In a sign that separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine are struggling with discord in the ranks, Donetsk separatists announced Monday they were setting up military tribunals and bringing in the death penalty.

    The self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, or DNR, said it would bring in military tribunals with the right to pass the death sentence for a string of offences including treason, espionage, attempts on the lives of the leadership and sabotage.

    The announcement, issued on the Donetsk's separatists website, quoted leading rebel officials as saying that other serious violations including looting would also be dealt with harshly.

    "Introducing the death penalty is not revenge, it is the highest degree of social protection,"a senior separatist leader, Vladimir Antyufeyev, was quoted as saying.

    Reports of executions orchestrated by separatists in eastern Ukraine have, for months, been used as a propaganda tool by both sides in the Ukraine conflict, though none of the reports has been independently verified.

    In one of the most high-profile incidents to date, a document surfaced in May purportedly showed one of the separatists' main leaders, Igor Strelkov, had ordered the executions of two DNR militants on charges of looting.

    The document apparently showed Strelkov, a Russian citizen also known as Igor Girkin, had based the ruling on a 1941 Stalin-era law introducing capital punishment for theft of property.

    A month later, in June, separatist leader Igor “The Imp” Bezler published a video showing two blindfolded Ukrainian army officers apparently being shot to death by a firing squad as a warning to Ukraine government forces. He later dismissed the video as fake.

    Material from the Moscow Times was included in this report.

    "Introducing the death penalty is not revenge, it is the highest degree of social protection."
    - Vladimir Antyufeyev

    “DPR" decides to "protect people" by death penalty

    KYIV, August 18 /Ukrinform/. The so-called Donetsk People's Republic introduced the death penalty and military tribunals.

    According to the Ostrov with reference to the “DPR” press-center, August 17, the first meeting "of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People's Republic" was held, which approved the "Regulations on Military Courts of the Donetsk People's Republic" and "The Criminal Code of the Donetsk People's Republic," developed within the regulatory framework of the Russian Federation.

    As specified, the death penalty is provided for the most serious crimes. Moreover, "the First Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR" Vladimir Antyufeyev said that introduction of the death penalty is "not a revenge, but the highest degree of social protection."

    "We must be on the side of the victim, on the side of his family. We must protect the people," the Deputy Chairman of the Council Of Ministers” said.

    Moreover, "the Presidium" has heard a report of "Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR" Aleksandr Karaman on basic activities of "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR." He, in particular, reported that "Foreign Ministry" has developed and implements priority measures to create "the image of the legal, democratic state” in the so-called republic.

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