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                On this date, October 24, 1946, a Nazi SS General Kurt Daluege was executed by hanging in Prague. He and Karl Hermann Frank were the ones who ordered the Lidice Massacre.

    Czech state president of the Protectorate, dr. Emil Hácha (sitting), listening to a speech of Reichsprotektor Kurt Daluege next to SS and Police General Karl Hermann Frank in Prague, September 1942.

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  • 10/24/15--04:54: QUISLING
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                70 years ago on this date, October 24, 1945, Vidkun Quisling was shot by a firing squad for treason. I will post information about this Norwegian Nazi from Wikipedia and other links.

    Norwegian Minister-President Vidkun Quisling in civilian clothes.

    In office
    1 February 1942 – 9 May 1945
    Serving with ReichskommissarJosef Terboven
    In office
    Prime Minister
    Preceded by
    Succeeded by
    Personal details
    Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling
    18 July 1887
    Fyresdal, Telemark, Norway
    24 October 1945 (aged 58)
    Akershus Fortress, Oslo, Norway
    Political party
    Other political
    • Fatherland League (1930–31)
    • Alexandra Andreevna Voronina
    • Maria Vasilijevna Quisling (disputed)
    • Lutheranism
    • Universism
    Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling (Norwegian: ʋɪdkʉn ˈkʋɪʃlɪŋ]  18 July 1887 – 24 October 1945) was a Norwegian military officer and politician, mostly known as nominal head of government of Norway during German occupation.

    Quisling first came to international prominence as a close collaborator of Fridtjof Nansen, organizing humanitarian reliefduring the Russian famine of 1921 in Ukraine. He was posted as a Norwegian diplomat to the Soviet Union, and for some time also managed British diplomatic affairs there. He returned to Norway in 1929, and served as Minister of Defence in the governments of Peder Kolstad(1931–32) and Jens Hundseid(1932–33), representing the Farmers' Party. Although Quisling achieved some popularity after his attacks on the political left, his party failed to win any seats in the Storting and was little more than peripheral in 1940. On 9 April 1940, with the German invasion of Norway in progress, he attempted to seize power in the world's first radio-broadcast coup d'état, but failed after the Germans refused to support his government.

    From 1942 to 1945 he served as Minister-President, heading the Norwegian state administration jointly with the German civilian administratorJosef Terboven. His pro-Nazipuppet government, known as the Quisling regime, was dominated by ministers from Nasjonal Samling, the party he founded in 1933. The collaborationist government participated in Germany's Final Solution. Quisling was put on trial during the legal purge in Norway after World War II and found guilty of charges including embezzlement, murder and high treason. He was executed by firing squad at Akershus Fortress, Oslo, on 24 October 1945. The word quisling has since become a synonym for collaborationist, an allusion to the very poor light in which Quisling's actions were seen both at the time and after his death.


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  • 10/24/15--15:46: SHOW TRIAL
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    Daniel Harold Rolling (May 26, 1954 – October 25, 2006), also known as The Gainesville Ripper, was an American serial killer who murdered five students in Gainesville, Florida. Rolling later confessed to raping several of his victims, committing an additional 1989 triple homicide in Shreveport, Louisiana, and attempting to murder his father in May 1990. In total, Rolling confessed to killing eight people. He was executed by lethal injection in 2006.

    Danny Rolling

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                70 years ago on this date, October 25, 1945, a Nazi Politician, Robert Ley committed suicide by hanging himself in his prison cell.

    Robert Ley
    Robert Ley (German: [ˈlaɪ]; 15 February 1890 – 25 October 1945) was a Nazi politician and head of the German Labour Front from 1933 to 1945. He committed suicide while awaiting trial at Nuremberg for war crimes.

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                100 years ago on this date, 25 October 1915, Private James Martin was only 14 years and nine months old when he succumbed to typhoid during the Gallipoli campaign. I will post information about this child soldier from Wikipedia and other links.

    Private James Martin

    James Charles Martin

    Studio portrait of 1553 Private (Pte) James (Jim) Martin, 1st Reinforcements, 21st Battalion, of Hawthorn, Vic. Pte Martin enlisted on 12 April 1915, aged 14 years and 3 months, perhaps the youngest soldier to serve in the Australian forces, and embarked from Melbourne aboard HMAT Berrima on 28 June 1915. He died of fever caught in the trenches of Gallipoli on 25 October 1915.

    3 January 1901
    Tocumwal, New South Wales
    25 October 1915 (aged 14)
    At sea, off ANZAC Cove
    World War I
    1914–15 Star
    British War Medal
    Victory Medal

    James Charles (Jim) Martin (3 January 1901 – 25 October 1915) was the youngest Australian known to have died in World War I. He was only 14 years and nine months old when he succumbed to typhoid during the Gallipoli campaign. He was one of 20 Australian soldiers under the age of 18 known to have died in World War I.

    Early life

    James Martin was born to Amelia and Charles Martin on 3 January 1901 in Tocumwal, New South Wales. His father was born Charles Marks, in Auckland, New Zealand; however, after emigrating to Australia and settling in Tocumwal, he changed his name to Martin to avoid discrimination for being Jewish. Charles worked as a grocer, handyman and (horse-drawn) cab driver, while Amelia was born in Bendigo in 1876 to Thomas and Frances Park. Her parents had emigrated to Australia during the gold rush in the 1850s. The youngest of twelve children, she married Charles just before her 18th birthday. Martin's family moved to many different suburbs in and around Melbourne before finally settling in Hawthornin 1910. He was the third of six children, and the only son. He attended Manningtree Road State School from 1910 to 1915, during which time he also received basic military training as a junior cadet under the compulsory training scheme.

    World War I

    After the outbreak of World War IMartin enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force on 12 April 1915, against the wishes of his family. His parents finally agreed however when he made it clear that he would sign on under an assumed name and never write to them if they did not consent. He gave a false date of birth to the recruiting officer, claiming to be 18, when he was actually 14 years and three months. His father had earlier tried to enlist but had been rejected as being too old. Martin joined the 1st Reinforcements of the 21st Battalionas a private and trained in Broadmeadowsand Seymour(later Puckapunyal) camps in Victoriabefore boarding HMAT Berrimain June 1915 to deploy to Egypt, arriving there in late July.

    In late August, following the failed August Offensive, he was sent to Gallipolion the steamerHMT Southland, to take part in the fighting against the Turks, which had by that time developed into a bloody stalemate. En route, Southland was torpedoed by a German submarine off the island of Lemnos and Martin was rescued after spending four hours in the water. After being picked up, he rejoined his battalion at Mudros Island where they were transferred to the transport ship Abassieh on 7 September to resume their voyage to Gallipoli. The following morning, just before 2:00 am, Martin's platoon, 4 Platoon, landed at Watson's Pier in Anzac Cove. He then served in trenches around Courtney's Post, which was positioned on the ridge overlooking Monash Valley. During this time he wrote to his family telling them that "the Turks are still about 70 yards (64 m) away from us" and asked them not to worry about him as "I am doing splendid over here". Throughout his time in Gallipoli, although his family were writing to him, Martin did not receive any letters from home due to a breakdown in the mail system.

    As the campaign dragged on, winter approached and the weather on the Gallipoli Peninsula began to take its toll on the soldiers in the trenches. Following a period of cold temperatures and heavy rain Martin contracted enteric fever in the trenches. After suffering mild symptoms for about a fortnight during which time he refused treatment, he was subsequently evacuated to the hospital shipGlenart Castleon 25 October 1915 after he developed diarrhoea. He died of heart failure that night, at the age of 14 and nine months, and was buried at sea the next day. At the time of his death only Martin's parents and his best friend, Cec Hogan—who was himself only 16—knew Martin's real age. Nevertheless, on 18 December 1915, Melbourne's Heraldnewspaper reported Martin's death in an article titled "Youngest Soldier Dies".

    Honours and awards

    Martin was awarded the 1914–15 Star, the British War Medal, and the Victory Medal. His name is recorded on the Australian memorialat Lone Pine and on the Australian War Memorial roll of honour in Canberra.


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                On this date, 26 October 1964, Eric Edgar Cooke, an Australian Serial Killer, became the last man to be executed by hanging in Western Australia. Please go to this previous blog post to learn more.


    Eric Edgar Cooke

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    On this date, October 26, 2010, a Prison escapee and repeat offender, Jeffrey Landrigan was executed by lethal injection in Arizona. This is another perfect example of letting a dangerous killer be kept alive. Please go to this Blog Post to learn more.  

    Jeffrey Landrigan

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                On this date, October 26, 1948, a female SS Guard, Elsa Ehrich was executed by hanging in Lublin Prison. I will post information about her from Wikipedia.

    Elsa Ehrich at the Majdanek Trials, 1946
    Else Lieschen Frida "Elsa" Ehrich (8 March 1914 – 26 October 1948) was an SS guard at the Nazi concentration camps, including at Kraków-Płaszówand the Majdanek concentration camp during World War II. She was tried in Lublin, Poland at the Majdanek Trials and sentenced to death for war crimes. Ehrich was hanged on 26 October 1948.

    She was an Oberaufseherinat Majdanek, and took active part in all the major selections to the gas chambers and executions. She maltreated prisoners, not sparing even children. Her assistant was reportedly Hermine Braunsteiner, who was later denaturalized and deported from the United States back to Germany.


    Ehrich was born in Bredereiche. She worked in a slaughterhouse. On 15 August 1940 she volunteered for service in the concentration camp Ravensbrückas an SS guard. From 1941 on, Ehrich worked as a SS-Rapportführerin (Rapport Leader). In October 1942 she was transferred to Majdanek near Lublin, where after some time she was promoted to SS-Oberaufseherin. She was under the SS command in the camp. Ehrich is blamed for the death of thousands of prisoners (including in gas chambers), from the women's section of the camp with children.

    During the 34 months of camp operation, more than 79,000 prisoners were murdered at the main camp alone (59,000 of them Polish Jews) and between 95,000 and 130,000 people in the entire Majdanek system of subcamps.

    On 3 November 1943 some 18,000 Jews were killed at Majdanek during the largest single-day, single-camp massacre of the Holocaust, named Harvest Festival (totaling 43,000 with 2 subcamps).

    In February 1943, Ehrich became ill due to typhoid. On 5 April 1944, she was the Oberaufseherin in the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp, and from June 1944 to April 1945 she was assigned to Neuengamme. After the war, in May 1945, she was arrested in Hamburg and stayed in the camp for war criminals PWE29 in Dachau, where she shared the cell with Maria Mandel. She was transferred to the Polish authorities. In 1948, she stood before the District Court of Lublin at the second Majdanek Trials, accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    Ehrich was found guilty of the allegations and on 10 June 1948, was condemned to death by hanging. After the announcement of the judgment, she asked the Polish President for clemency, on the grounds that she had a small son and wanted to atone for her guilt. President Bierut rejected the request. Ehrich was executed on 26 October 1948 in Lublin prison.

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    On this date, October 27, 2011, Frank Garcia was executed by lethal injection in Texas for the March 29, 2001 murder of his own wife, Jessica Garcia and also of Officer Hector Garza. To learn more about the case, please go to this blog post

    Cop Killer, Frank Garcia

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    On this date, October 29, 1901, the assassin of President William McKinley, Leon Czolgosz was executed by the electric chair in Auburn Prison in New York. He was executed on Oct. 29, 53 days after the crime and 47 after the president’s death. I personally wish that the death penalty could be enforced in a swift and sure manner like they did in those years where the crime is guilty beyond any doubt. 

    Leon Czolgosz
    Please go to this previous blog post to learn more.

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                Lemaricus Davidson A.K.A Slim, was the ringleader of the five gang members who murdered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, was sentenced to death on this date, October 30, 2009. I will post the latest news on him.

    Lemaricus Davidson

    Appellate court upholds death sentence for Lemaricus Davidson in torture killings
    Jamie Satterfield
    8:13 PM, Mar 10, 2015
    8:36 PM, Mar 10, 2015

    A state appeals court late Tuesday issued an opinion upholding the conviction and death sentence for the ringleader in one of Knoxville’s most notorious crimes.

    The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals in a 91-page opinion rejected every argument advanced by Lemaricus Davidson, who was sentenced to die in the January 2007 torture killings of Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23.

    Davidson was tried in October 2009. Trial testimony showed Davidson orchestrated the initial carjacking of the couple, who were held captive at Davidson’s Chipman Street house before their deaths, and DNA evidence linked him to repeated rapes of Christian. Of the four defendants charged and convicted in the case, Davidson was the only one to receive a death sentence.

    The appellate court, in the opinion authored by Judge James Curwood Witt Jr., ruled there was ample evidence to support all of Davidson’s myriad convictions for the carjacking, kidnapping, rape and slayings of the couple. The court rejected claims by Davidson’s defense team of bad rulings before trial, legal mistakes during the trial and constitutional issues involving the law itself.

    The court also affirmed a jury’s decision to order Davidson put to death for his crimes. In so doing, the court noted the Knox County jury was instructed to make its decision based not on emotion but on the weighing of listed aggravating factors and mitigating factors. The jury, the court said, concluded the aggravated factors outweighed those mitigating factors — with good cause.

    “The evidence established that (Newsom) was forced to walk barefoot over gravel, half naked, to the railroad tracks where he suffered three gunshot wounds,” Witt wrote. “(Christian) was kept alive inside the Chipman Street residence and repeatedly sexually assaulted and beaten before she was stuffed alive into five trash bags and then a trash can. There, she suffocated to death, even after, according to (Davidson’s) own statement to the police, she asked not to die.

    “Proof of the aggravated circumstances in this case was simply overwhelming.”

    More details as they develop online and in Wednesday’s News Sentinel.

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  • 11/01/15--06:04: BELZEC EXTERMINATION CAMP
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    Pat Buchanan’s Pro-Life idea

    ‘A New Dark Age’
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    “If God does not exist, then everything is permissible.”

    Ivan Karamazov’s insight came to mind while watching the video of Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood describe, as she sipped wine and tasted a salad, how she harvests the organs of aborted babies for sale to select customers.

    “Yesterday was the first time … people wanted lungs,” said Nucatola, “Some people want lower extremities, too, which, that’s simple. …

    “I’d say a lot of people want liver. … We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

    Nucatola is describing how an unborn baby should be killed and cut up to preserve its most valuable organs for sale by its butchers.

    Welcome to God’s Country, 2015.

    Planned Parenthood’s image — a progressive organization that provides free birth control to women who seek to space pregnancies as they plan their families — will not easily survive these tapes.

    For Nucatola sounds as though she were reading from a film script about a 1940s clinic in Nazi Germany devoted to the disposal of “useless eaters” in the Third Reich.

    Watching these tapes, one name comes to mind: Mengele.

    Defenders of Planned Parenthood argue that those who taped Nucatola did so surreptitiously, and they misrepresented themselves as buyers from a human biologics company. Moreover, the tapes were deceptively edited and the women undergoing abortions had agreed to donate the organs of their dead fetuses for biomedical research.

    Perhaps. But even if all of that is true, the tapes have thrown the “pro-abortion rights” movement in America onto the defensive and brought calls for complete Congressional defunding of a Planned Parenthood that receives $500 million yearly from taxpayers.

    Set aside the legality of what Nucatola describes. Do Americans want hundreds of millions of tax dollars provided to an organization that harvests and sells the body parts of aborted babies as a potentially lucrative sideline business? Do Americans want to be associated in any way with an organization with the moral mindset exhibited by Nucatola?

    That Americans were stunned by those tapes is undeniable. People are not faking their moral revulsion. Indeed, “pro-abortion rights” Democrats are hiding in the weeds because they rightly sense that the disgust is widespread and genuine.

    Yet there are questions raised by what these tapes reveal that apply to all of us.

    Were we really in the dark? Were we unaware that 55 million unborn have been killed since Roe, many by such crushing methods as described by Nucatola?

    Is the Black Lives Matter movement unaware that the execution rate of babies in the womb is highest among African-American women? However many black men or boys are killed in clashes with cops each year, it is not one-tenth of 1 percent of the black babies aborted in the USA?

    Did we think that these abortions were almost all painless, like some sick pet being put to sleep, euthanized? Did we not know that the abortionist stabs the baby in the womb, or tears it to pieces coming out? And the more developed the baby, the greater the pain and the suffering and the bloodier the inescapable death?

    But if one believes an unborn baby is not a human being, not a human life, why object to selling its body parts?

    Trash haulers and garbage men find uses for what they pick up. Scrap metal collectors find folks who want to buy it. Conservation they call it. Why would we think that abortionists, who regard fetuses as human tissue, not human beings, were any different?

    We have long known and praised family members of the victims in auto accidents who volunteer the organs of their loved ones to save or extend the lives of others.

    What makes this tape so different, so appalling, is that, at some level, there a sense in all of us, which ideological indoctrination cannot wholly suppress, that, morally, something terrible is happening here.

    Listening to that Planned Parenthood woman discourse casually on the hearts, livers, lungs and lower extremities, we know something else. While the women undergoing the abortions at Planned Parenthood may have volunteered those body parts, the butchered children had no say in the decision to be torn to pieces and have their organs put up for sale to a laboratory that was the highest bidder.

    Speaking after the fall of France, at the beginning of the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill said, “But if we fail, then the whole world … including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.”

    Those phrases, “perverted science,” and “a new Dark Age,” do they not fairly describe our future if the views and values of Nucatola’s Planned Parenthood are the future of America and her people?

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    Pat Buchanan

    Today, our government certified the culture of death in an easy to swallow tablet. No moral country should ever make killing a child as casual as curing a headache, but the FDA’s approval of RU-486 turns a new page in America’s national tragedy. Millions more will perish, and their blood will stain our nation’s soul. This decision is an affront to all that is right in America and an abomination before the God who authored these unborn lives.
    [RU-486 is an abomination before God - Source: Press Release on RU-486 , Sep 28, 2000]

    AUTHOR: Patrick Joseph"Pat"Buchanan (/bjuːˈkænɨn/; born November 2, 1938) is an American paleoconservativepolitical commentator, author, syndicated columnist, politician and broadcaster. Buchanan was a senior advisor to U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, and was an original host on CNN's Crossfire. He sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996. He ran on the Reform Party ticket in the 2000 presidential election.
    He co-founded The American Conservativemagazine and launched a foundation named The American Cause. He has been published in Human Events, National Review, The Nation, and Rolling Stone. He was a political commentator on the MSNBC cable network, including the show Morning Joe until February 2012. Buchanan is a regular on The McLaughlin Group and now appears on Fox News.

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                On this date, 3 November 2006, Took Leng Hownicknamed “Took How Long?”, was executed by hanging in Singapore. He was convicted of the 10 October 2004 murder of eight-year-old Huang Na. He was put to death two years and a month after committing the homicide. What a swift and sure execution!

    Took Leng How was hanged for the murder of 8 year old Huang Na.

    Took Leng How was the suspect in the murder of 8 year old Huang Na.

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    11-year-old Kurdish girls: Avan Haji and Havin Hasan

    File photos of the main offender and his young victims. Photo: Rudaw.
    Parliamentary panel approves death penalty, life imprisonment for child rapists
    Published: November 3, 2015

    ISLAMABAD: In what will be a historic legislation, a parliamentary panel approved on Tuesday life imprisonment or death penalty for a child’s rapist.

    “Whosoever commits an offence under sub-section (1) of section 376 against a woman when she is under 14 years of age shall be punished with imprisonment for life or death,” a source quoting the amended clauses of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 told The Express Tribune.

    The bill, which has been approved by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Interior, will now be sent to the National Assembly for approval. “It’s a historic legislation which will prevent children from rapists,” said MNA Shaista Perverz, who moved the bill.

    The number of cases of rape reported each year in Pakistan run into some thousands. Very few, however, ever reach their logical conclusion.

    In November last year, the interior ministry had told the Senate that an alarming 14,583 rape cases had been registered in the country over the last five years.

    Punjab, which accounted for 12,795 of the cases, saw convictions in just 949 cases. Of the 90 rape cases reported in the federal capital, there was conviction in only one case.

    In August, a gang of 20 to 25 men had filmed as many as 400 videos of sexual abuse involving at least 280 children belonging to Hussain Khan Wala village in Kasur, Punjab. As the country’s biggest child pornography scandal went viral on social media it prompted country-wide outrage while the law enforces sprang into action to defend themselves and to downplay the sickening child abuse expose.

    Last month, a report of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the scandal revealed that as many as 239 children were sexually abused and 31 cases had been registered. Activists condemning the Kasur child abuse case have demanded that the case be in tried in military court and that the real culprits behind it be arrested.

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