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    On this date, September 10, 2010, a carjacker and rapist murderer, Cal Coburn Brownwas executed by lethal injection in the State of Washington. He was convicted of raping and stabbing Holly Carol Washa to death on May 24, 1991. Although he was put to death 19 years after the murder and 17 years after being sentenced to death, the victims’ families did not regret watching him die, even two years after witnessing the execution

    Cal Coburn Brown

    Cal Coburn Brown

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                Ten years ago, on this date, September 12, 2007, Daryl Keith Holton was executed by the electric chair in the Tennessee. He was convicted of murdering four children (3 of them were his sons) on November 30, 1997.  He needed a suicide assist and decided to choose the electric chair, instead of the lethal injection. 

    Daryl Keith Holton (November 23, 1961 – September 12, 2007) was an American convicted child killer, executed by electrocution by the state of Tennessee on September 12, 2007 in Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville.


    "Contemplate that if Hitler falls into our hands we shall certainly put him to death. Not a Sovereign who could be said to be in hands of Ministers, like Kaiser. This man is the mainspring of evil. Instrument - electric chair, for gangsters no doubt available on lend-lease."

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                On this date, 13 September 1946, the Nazi Butcher A.K.A Amon Goeth was executed by hanging in Kraków, Poland. Please go to this previous Blog Post to learn more about this Nazi War Criminal.


    Amon Leopold Goeth's mug shot (1945)

    Amon Leopold Goeth(represented in German as Göth pronounced [ˈɡøːt]) (11 December 1908 – 13 September 1946) was an SS-Hauptsturmführer (captain) and the commandant of the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp in Płaszów in German-occupied Poland during World War II. He was tried as a war criminal after the war by the Supreme National Tribunal of Poland at Kraków and was found guilty of personally ordering the imprisonment, torture, and extermination of individuals and groups of people. He was also convicted of homicide, the first such conviction at a war crimes trial, for "personally killing, maiming and torturing a substantial, albeit unidentified number of people". He was executed by hanging not far from the former site of the Płaszów camp. The film Schindler's List depicts his practice of shooting camp internees.

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    On this date, September 13, 2004, a Juvenile who later became a serial killer, Charlie Brandt, who murdered again when he was an adult, committed suicide by hanging himself. Please go to this previous blog post to learn more about this serial killer.


    Charlie Brandt

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                On this date, September 13, 2011, a Satanic White Supremacist, Steven Michael Woods was executed by lethal injection in Texas. He was put to death for the May 2, 2001 murders of Bethena Brosz and Ron Whitehead in Texas.


     Steven Michael Woods

                Please go to this previous blog post to learn more about this killer.

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    Karl Steubl

    SS-SturmbannführerKarl Steubl, Steubel, or Steibel(October 25, 1910 – September 21, 1945) was an Austrian Nazi, perpetrator of euthanasia programme dubbed Action T4, and commander of transportation at the Sobibor extermination camp during Operation Reinhard, the most deadly phase of the Holocaust. Arrested after the war, Steubl committed suicide in Linz, Austria.

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                    On this date, September 30, 2011, an Islamic Militant, Anwar Al-Awlaki was killed by two predator drones in Yemen. Please go to this previous blog post to learn more about this terrorist and this blog post to hear an op-edabout him.

    Anwar al Awlaki

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                On this date, September 30, 2009 at 11:15 a.m. EST, Pedophile, John Couey died at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital after complications from anal cancer. He was convicted of the murder of Jessica Lunsford. I got the information from Wikipedia. It was better off that he died in prison than get protective custody behind bars. I could not stand the fact that he can live longer and get protected from other inmates.

    John Evander Couey (September 19, 1958 – September 30, 2009) was an American sex offender convicted of kidnapping, sexually battering, and murdering nine-year old Jessica Lunsford in February 2005, in Florida. Lunsford's disappearance and Couey's subsequent confession and trial received extensive media coverage. Due to Couey's actions, Jessica's Law was enacted in Florida, and the U.S. Congress created the Jessica Lunsford Act. A jury recommended that Couey receive the death penalty, and on August 24, 2007, he was sentenced to death. Couey died on September 30, 2009, of anal cancer before his sentence could be carried out.

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                The World Day Against the Death Penalty is held every year on October 10. As a former Death Penalty opponent myself, I used to support this event but as I think of the feelings of the murdered victims’ families, I switched my position. At the same time, I noticed the Abolitionists in this organizationare begging poetic sympathy for evildoers. They do not dare to mention the names of violent criminals, terrorists, mass murderers, prison killers, pedophiles, serial killers and most of all, repeat offenders

                Rather than celebrate the World Day Against the Death Penalty, I rather honor the victims who died in the Nag Hammadi massacre. I will remember that Hamam El-Kamouny was hung this date (October 10, 2011) to remind the abolitionists that keeping killers alive are dangerous.

     Hamam El-Kamouny


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                On this date, October 15, 1999, The Rainbow Warrior A.K.A Joseph Mitchell Parsons was executed by lethal injection in Utah. He was convicted of murdering Richard Lynn Ernest on August 31, 1987. I will post information about him from Wikipedia before giving my thoughts. Please go to Unit 1012 Blog to hear from the victim's family members. 

    Mug shot of Joseph Mitchell Parsons
     (Utah State Prison mug shot)
    Joseph Mitchell "Yogi" Parsons (July 22, 1964 – October 15, 1999) was an American who was executed for the August 1987 murder of Richard Lynn Ernest. Parsons hitched a ride with Ernest in California and stabbed him to death at a remote rest area in Utah. After assuming Ernest's identity, Parsons continued to insist that he was Ernest when he was later arrested.

    Parsons, who called himself the "Rainbow Warrior", pleaded guilty to the murder. During his sentencing hearing, Parsons said that he killed Ernest to fend off a homosexual advance, but was unable to present any evidence to support this claim in his defense. The jury sentenced him to death. In 1999, Parsons stated that "it's time to move on" and dropped his appeals, allowing his execution to proceed. Discussion was later raised whether "Rainbow Warrior" was a reference to homosexuality or Parsons' favorite auto racing team.

    Parsons chose to die by lethal injection, avoiding the publicity that John Albert Taylor, the previous prisoner to be executed in Utah, sought by selecting the firing squad. Parsons shunned attention and described himself as "Utah's forgotten inmate". His 1999 execution at Utah State Prison was the first to be carried out in a new chamber designed for both lethal injections and firing squads. 

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    On this date, 15 October 1946, Hermann Göring, one of Hitler’s Henchman committed suicide before his execution. 

     Hermann Göring

    Hermann Wilhelm Göring (or Goering; 12 January 1893 – 15 October 1946), was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). A veteran of World War I as an ace fighter pilot, he was a recipient of the coveted Pour le Mérite, also known as the "Blue Max". He was the last commander of Jagdgeschwader 1, the fighter wing once led by Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron".

    A member of the NSDAP from its early days, Göring was wounded in 1923 during the failed coup known as the Beer Hall Putsch. He became permanently addicted to morphine after being treated with the drug for his injuries. After helping Adolf Hitler take power in 1933, he became the second-most powerful man in Germany. He founded the Gestapo in 1933. Göring was appointed commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe (air force) in 1935, a position he held until the final days of World War II. By 1940 he was at the peak of his power and influence; as minister in charge of the Four Year Plan, he was responsible for much of the functioning of the German economy in the build-up to World War II. Adolf Hitler promoted him to the rank of Reichsmarschall, a rank senior to all other Wehrmacht commanders, and in 1941 Hitler designated him as his successor and deputy in all his offices.

    Göring's standing with Hitler was greatly reduced by 1942, with the Luftwaffe unable to fulfill its commitments and the German war effort stumbling on both fronts. Göring largely withdrew from the military and political scene and focused on the acquisition of property and artwork, much of which was confiscated from Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Informed on 22 April 1945 that Hitler intended to commit suicide, Göring sent a telegram to Hitler asking to assume control of the Reich. Considering it an act of treason, Hitler removed Göring from all his positions, expelled him from the party, and ordered his arrest. After World War II, Göring was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials; he was the highest-ranking Nazi to be tried there. He was sentenced to death by hanging, but committed suicide by ingesting cyanide the night before the sentence was to be carried out.

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                On this date, October 15, 1976, SS Corporal Erwin Lambert passed away. 

    Erwin Lambert

    Erwin Hermann Lambert (7 December 1909 – 15 October 1976) was a perpetrator of the Holocaust. In profession, he was a master mason, building trades foreman, Nazi Party member and member of the Schutzstaffel with the rank of SS-Unterscharführer (corporal). He supervised construction of the gas chambers for the Action T4 euthanasia program at Hartheim, Sonnenstein, Bernburg and Hadamar, and then at Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps during Operation Reinhard. He specialized in building larger gas chambers that killed more people than previous efforts in the extermination program.

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    2016 Normandy church attack

    St-Étienne church, where the attack took place

    26 July 2016
    09:43 CEST (UTC+2)
    Attack type
    3 (including both perpetrators)
    Non-fatal injuries
    Adel Kermiche
    Abdel Malik Petitjean

    On 26 July 2016, two Islamist terrorists attacked participants in a Mass at a Catholicchurch in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, northern France. Wielding knives and wearing fake explosive belts, the men took six people captive and later killed one of them, 85-year-old priestJacques Hamel, by slitting his throat, and also critically wounded an 86-year-old man. The terrorists were shot dead by BRI police as they tried to leave the church.

    The attackers, 19-year-olds Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik Petitjean, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which claimed responsibility for the attack.

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                On this date, October 15, 2012, a Prison Killer and Escapee by the name of Eric Donald Robert, was executed by lethal injection in South Dakota. He was convicted of murdering Prison guard, Ron Johnson on April 12, 2011 in an escaped attempt. He was put to death only after a year and a half of committing the homicide as he requested a suicide assist. Please go to this Unit 1012 Blog Post to hear from the victim’s families. 


    Eric Donald Robert