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                On this date, September 6, 1901, the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley, was shot and fatally wounded inside the Temple of Music on the grounds of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. McKinley was shaking hands with the public when he was shot by Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist. The President died on September 14 from gangrene caused by the bullet wounds.

                Please go to this previous blog post to learn more about the assassination.

    Leon Czolgosz shoots President McKinley with a concealed revolver. Clipping of a wash drawing by T. Dart Walker.

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                On this date, September 6, 1966, the Founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, died of congestive heart failure in Tucson, Arizona, aged 86, about a year after the event that marked the climax of her 50-year career: the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Griswold v. Connecticut, which legalized birth control in the United States. I got the information about her from Wikipedia.

    Margaret Sanger in 1922.

    Margaret Higgins
    September 14, 1879
    Corning, New York,
    United States
    September 6, 1966 (aged 86)
    Tucson, Arizona,
    United States
    Social reformer, sex educator, nurse
    William Sanger (1902–1921)
    James Noah H. Slee (1922–1943).

    Margaret Higgins Sanger (September 14, 1879 – September 6, 1966) was an American birth control activist, sex educator, and nurse. Sanger popularized the term birth control, opened the first birth control clinic in the United States, and established organizations that evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Sanger's efforts contributed to several judicial cases that helped legalize contraception in the United States. Sanger is a frequent target of criticism by opponents of birth control and has also been criticized for supporting eugenics, but remains an iconic figure in the American reproductive rights movement.

    In 1916, Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in the United States, which led to her arrest for distributing information on contraception. Her subsequent trial and appeal generated enormous support for her cause. Sanger felt that in order for women to have a more equal footing in society and to lead healthier lives, they needed to be able to determine when to bear children. She also wanted to prevent unsafe abortions, so-called back-alley abortions, which were common at the time because abortions were usually illegal.

    In 1921, Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which later became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In New York City, she organized the first birth control clinic staffed by all-female doctors, as well as a clinic in Harlem with an entirely African-American staff. In 1929, she formed the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, which served as the focal point of her lobbying efforts to legalize contraception in the United States. From 1952 to 1959, Sanger served as president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. She died in 1966, and is widely regarded as a founder of the modern birth control movement.

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    NOTICE: The following article is written by the author itself and not by me, I am not trying to violate their copyright. I will give some information on them.

    ARTICLE TITLE:Margaret Sanger Would Have Loved Barack Obama
    DATE: Wednesday 5 March 2008
    AUTHOR:Pastor Clenard Howard Childress, Jr.
    AUTHOR INFORMATION: Pastor Clenard Howard Childress, Jr., a lifelong resident of Montclair, New Jersey, joined the New Calvary Baptist Church in September of 1974 under the pastorate of Dr. Shellie Sampson. In 1978, he was appointed Director of the Youth Department, to organize and educate youth.
    He also served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Superintendent of the Sunday School Department and Vice-President of the Outreach Ministries.
    Pastor Childress successfully completed Northern Baptist School of Religion in 1986 where he majored in Christian Education. He was ordained in 1988 by the North Jersey Shiloh Association and later installed as Senior Pastor of New Calvary in April of 1989.
    In 1997, Pastor Childress, along with his wife Regina, founded the Eutychus Mission, a ministry designed to provide continued rehabilitation and assistance to recently released juvenile detention detainees back into the mainstream of society.
    In October of 1998, Essex County Executive James Treffinger honored Pastor Childress’ faithful and effective work at the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center by installing him as a Chaplain.
    In November of 1998, he founded the Celebration of Life Day Care Center, which provides loving Christian care for children from infancy to 5 years of age.
    In August of 1999, Pastor Childress was appointed President of the Life Education And Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.) in Northeast Region. He was a chief organizer of the "Say So" March to the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC.
    In November of 2000, Pastor Childress was awarded the Community Service Award by the Montclair Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. for his dedicated work in the community.
    In May 2001, Pastor Childress began broadcasting "The Urban Prophet" taking the pro-life pro-family message into the urban areas.
    In September of 2002, Pastor Clenard H. Childress Jr. birthed the Pro-life website Blackgenocide. org. This website was designed to reach the Afro-American Community with the truth about abortion.
    In January 2003, Pastor Childress was appointed a member of the National Pro-Life Religious Council of Washington, DC.

    Margaret Sanger Would Have Loved Barack Obama
    By Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.,
    March 5, 2008

    Revelations of eugenic ideology and the racist practices of Planned Parenthood are unfolding more and more.

    the public is just beginning to believe what people of conscience have known long ago: Planned Parenthood has diabolically perpetrated their murderous plot to surgically eliminate those they deem undesirable.  In other words: kill the babies of unsuspecting minority women by aborting their children.  Then, tell them this is a "good thing" for you and your people.  No other ethnic group in the United States has been decimated more by abortion than the Afro-American community.  The war being waged upon innocent captives in the womb is led by Planned Parenthood.

    The strategy:

    Convince the targeted community to accept their eugenic racist plan by selecting one from their ethnicity to promote it.  One of Planned Parenthood's earliest known projects was in 1939.  It was called the “Negro Project” -- a project designed to control the birth of "human weeds" which was how Margaret Sanger referred to colored people; a project designed to introduce abortion, sterilization and different forms of birth control.  This is what a co-eugenic wrote to Margaret Sanger to make sure the "Negro Project" was a success:

    Clarence Gamble, heir of Proctor and Gamble, wrote a memorandum in November, 1939 entitled: "Suggestions for the Negro Project." In the letter he suggested black leaders “be placed in positions where it would appear they were in charge."

    This is a letter to Clarence Gamble, from Margaret Sanger, in which she wrote,

    "We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.  We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."

    For those of you that don't know, Barack Obama became a "minister" of Planned Parenthood a long time ago.  He's so good at carrying out their racist, murderous, agenda against Afro-Americans and society at large, they gave him a 100% score on his voting record.  Planned Parenthood is following the strategy of their racist founder, Margaret Sanger, to the letter.  Planed Parenthood is saying, “We have our poster boy!  Get him out in front as a lure for their women and men.  Get them into our abortion clinics and dismember their children by the millions!”  You say absurd?  No Way!  Planned Parenthood’s Valentine cards were sent out to hundreds of thousands of young people in the nation.  Whose face is plainly seen waving to them with a big smile?  Whose endorsement is given to this racist and calloused organization?  Who is used to lure children to give credibility to its hideous plot?  Barack Obama, that's who!

    On July 17, 2007, Barack Obama said the following before the Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

    "Thank You, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!  ($) Thanks to all of you at Planned Parenthood for all the work that you are doing for women all across the country and for families all across the country-and for men who have enough sense to realize you are helping them, all across the country. I want to thank Cecile Richards (national president of Planned Parenthood) for her extraordinary leadership. I am happy to see so many good friends here today, including Steve Trombley and Pam Sutherland from my home state of Illinois. We had a number of battles down in Springfield from many years and it's wonderful to see that they are here today"

    The first friend mentioned is, Cecile Richards, who he commends for extraordinary leadership in killing babies who are disproportionately black.

    The second is, Steve Trombley, who is the president of Planned Parenthood Chicago. You can imagine how many of our young women have been victimized and whose pre-born children were killed under his supervision.  His third friend he mentions is, Pam Sutherland. She is the State CEO of Planned Parenthood for Illinois.  America needs to know how much these folks were, and continue today, to be in the head and actions of Senator Barack Obama.  How much did he compromise his own values?

    I choose here to quote Dr. Martin Luther King from his last Sunday sermon before his death:

    "There comes a time when one must take the position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because conscience tells him it is right.  I believe today that there is a need for all people of goodwill to come with a massive act of conscience and say in the words of the old Negro Spiritual, ‘We ain't goin' study war no more.’"

    This is the challenge facing modern man.

    When the challenge came to Barack Obama to call on conscience, he refused.  What most Americans would say no to, he chooses to say, yes to!  He refused to do what The Dream called for: to allow your conscience to tell you what is right and what would be wrong. You may ask, why, but always remember this observation: Abortion is a lot like slavery; if it was not lucrative, it would not have been legal!

    Pam Sutherland ... of ... Illinois Planned Parenthood ... told ABC News, "We worked with him specifically on his strategy.  The Republicans were in control of the Illinois Senate at the time.  They loved to hold votes on 'partial birth' and 'born alive.' They put these bills out all the time because they wanted to pigeonhole Democrats. ..."

    Let me interpret.  We, Planned Parenthood, told him what to say, and how to say it, so we could continue to kill infants; babies, just a few inches from birth, and those completely out of the womb that we missed!  Our "colored minister" was well prepared by Planned Parenthood.  Partial Birth abortion -- which I will not describe here -- but know that 80% of Americans don't want this barbaric act practiced in this country – Barack Obama voted to keep legal!  The Born Alive Victims Act is a law to protect a child that was born alive after a botched abortion; a law that would require that the child would receive medical assistance.  Barack Obama voted against it! Yes.  Barack Obama, with an "engaging personality" is being used by the leading abortion provider in the United States to promote and execute infanticide of predominately minority babies!

    And what are most Afro-Americans saying?  "Yes We Can!  Yes We Can!  Yes We Can!"  They are ignoring conscience.  They are ignoring The Dream!

    “I have a Dream, that one day, my four little children, will live in a world where that they won't be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character ….”

    Yes, I believe it would be wonderful to have a Black man as president, but it's more important for there to be, God's man as president, and that his character would reflect my values; values reflected in the 10 Commandments and our Declaration of Independence.  While most African-Americans are applauding him for the color of his skin, they have failed to look at closely the content of his character.
    Martin Luther King, while sitting in a Birmingham jail, without the internet, cell phone, library resources, or communication from the outside, penned that famous prophetic letter to answer some local Pastors who questioned his use of public demonstrations.  Martin, in a portion of his letter, discussed the responsibility of the church to address social issues.  He said, "… the early church put an end to such evils as infanticide." Martin Luther King wrote from the passion of his spirit -- the spirit that was fighting for justice and equality.  Martin called infant killing evil.  Barack Obama calls it “a women's right.”  Martin Luther King made his observation from a jail cell, having been put there for defending the civil rights of those whom had been denied theirs.  Barack Obama has made his from caucusing with those who profit from the destruction of babies in the womb.  These are men and women who ignore the silent screams of a lost generation.

    Another quote from Dr. Martin Luther King that would be so appropriate here is, “The Negro cannot win if he chooses to sacrifice the future of his children for immediate comfort and safety." It is now imperative we all hear the words of this great Prophet of God.  It is obvious we must reject the “Barack Obamas” who have placed us in great danger by their ideologies, a position Martin Luther King warned us we cannot expect to win!  Can we trust Barack Obama's judgment?  I think not.

    Yes, Margaret Sanger would love Barack Obama ….  Her protégés certainly do

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  • 09/06/14--16:13: PRO-LIFE ACTION LEAGUE

  •             I will post information about the Pro-Life Action League from Wikipedia and other links.

    Pro-Life Action League Logo
    The Pro-Life Action League is an American anti-abortion organization founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in Chicago in 1980. It describes its type of activism as "non-violent direct action". The organization's primary goal to end abortion. Joe Scheidler is the national director, and his son, Eric Scheidler, is the executive director. Joe Scheidler's wife, Ann, is the vice-president of the organization.

    It was prominently involved in the Scheidler v. NOW 2006 Supreme Court decision, which was ultimately decided in favor of Scheidler in an 9-0 vote.


    Face the Truth

    The organization is perhaps most widely known for their Face the Truthdisplays, in which they display large images of abortion victims in public areas, such as largely inhabited cities or busy intersections. The tours are generally held monthly around the Chicago area and occasionally in other areas of the country.

    These displays have been known to elicit a strong response from passing drivers and pedestrians, ranging from words of support to angry protestations and violent action in rare cases. The League's goal is to educate the public and "to show what abortion does to the unborn child."

    Abortion Clinic Presence

    Another major facet of the League's activism is its presence at abortion clinics, which may include protests, prayer vigils, or sidewalk counseling. According to the League's philosophy, presence outside clinics is crucial to ending abortion, both on a national and individual basis — a steady clinic presence across the country maintains the idea that abortion is not universally supported, and alternative services can be provided to women seeking abortions.

    The League holds pickets and protests and abortion facilities as a way to let the community know that abortions are being performed at these locations.

    The League gained attention for its campaign to stop an Aurora Planned Parenthood clinic from opening in September 2007, and their efforts resulted in the clinic's opening being delayed for over two weeks. The league has since maintained a constant presence at this facility.

    Joseph M. Scheidler
    Joseph M. Scheidler (born 7 September 1927) is a noted American pro-lifeactivist, National Director of the Pro-Life Action League, former Benedictinemonk, and named defendant in the NOW v. Scheidler litigation, a 19-year saga which was ultimately resolved in Scheidler's favor by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2006. He is affectionately known as the "Father of Pro-Life Activism". Scheidler lives in Chicago with his wife Ann, and has seven children and numerous grandchildren, many of whom are involved in his organization.

    NOW v. Scheidler

    In 1986 the National Organization for Women (NOW) filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court against a host of Pro-Life groups and individuals including the Pro-Life Action Network (PLAN) and Scheidler, among others. The suit was filed under the claim that Scheidler and the other defendants had violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act(RICO) through a conspiracy to prevent women from accessing abortion services through the threat of violence or the implied threat of violence. The district court dismissed the case on the grounds that an organization without an academic motive (such as the Pro-Life Action League, a non-profit organization) could not be considered a "racketeering enterprise" under RICO.

    However, the case was then brought to the Court of Appeals where it was determined that a non-profit organization could, in fact, be considered a racketeering enterprise. This was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1994, in a 9-0 vote in favor of NOW. This allowed the original case to move forward. The decision did not make any statements about whether or not Scheidler and PLAN were guilty of the racketeering allegations, however. It simply stated that they couldbe tried under RICO.

    A trial began in 1998 to determine whether the allegations against Scheidler and PLAN were true, and if they were, in fact, violations of RICO and the Hobbs Act (this was added as a predicate). It was the role of NOW to prove that there had been a national effort by PLAN to prevent women from accessing abortion clinics through violence or the threat thereof. After NOW's testimonies, the jury decided unanimously that PLAN was guilty. The court awarded monetary compensation to NOW, and also ruled that PLAN was forbidden to interfere with NOW's right to provide abortion services.

    PLAN appealed to the seventh circuit under the claim that they had not violated the Hobbs Act. The act explicitly defines extortion as obtaining property, and PLAN argued that at no point had they taken property from NOW. This claim was rejected, and PLAN took it to the Supreme Court. The court voted 8-1 in favor of Scheidler and PLAN. It ruled that PLAN, while depriving abortion clinics of property, did not actually acquire anything, meaning PLAN did not commit extortion under the Hobbs Act.


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                On this date, September 9, 1978, a group of super villains called The Legion of Doom mad its first appearance in a cartoon series, "Wanted: The Super Friends" (Challenge of the Super Friends, Episode 1). There were thirteen members of the Legion of Doom, so I decided to post 13 dead terrorists who were either executed or killed in military action. I will put them in order of the dates they were terminated from the face of the earth, starting with the earliest.


    Screenshot of the Legion of Doom. From left to right: Black Manta, Giganta, Toyman, the Riddler, Bizarro, the Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac, and Sinestro.

    Timothy McVeigh

    1. Timothy McVeigh A.K.A Timothy James"Tim"McVeigh (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001) was an American terrorist who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Commonly referred to as the Oklahoma City Bombing, the attack killed 168 people and injured over 800. It was the deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. As of 2013, the bombing remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in United States history. McVeigh, a militia movement sympathizer and Persian Gulf War veteran, sought revenge against the federal government for their handling of the Waco Siege, which ended in the deaths of 76 people exactly two years prior to the bombing, as well as for the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992. McVeigh hoped to inspire a revolt against what he considered to be a tyrannical federal government. He was convicted of eleven federal offenses and sentenced to death. His execution took place on June 11, 2001 at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana. Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier were also convicted as conspirators in the plot.

    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
    2. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Arabic: أبومصعب الزرقاوي‎, ’Abū Muṣ‘ab az-Zarqāwī, Abu Musab from Zarqa); October 30, 1966 – June 7, 2006), born Ahmad Fadeel al-Nazal al-Khalayleh (Arabic: أحمد فضيل النزال الخلايله‎, ’Aḥmad Faḍīl an-Nazāl al-Ḫalāyla) was a Jordanian militant Islamist who ran a paramilitary training camp in Afghanistan. He became known after going to Iraq and being responsible for a series of bombings, beheadings, and attacks during the Iraq War.
    He formed al-Tawhid wal-Jihad in the 1990s, and led it until his death in June 2006. Zarqawi took responsibility, on several audio- and videotapes, for numerous acts of violence in Iraq including suicide bombings and hostage executions. Zarqawi opposed the presence of US and Western military forces in the Islamic world, as well as the West's support for the existence of Israel. In late 2004 he joined al-Qaeda, and pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden. After this al-Tawhid wal-Jihad became known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), and al-Zarqawi was given the Al-Qaeda title, "Emir of Al Qaeda in the Country of Two Rivers".
    In September 2005, he declared "all-out war" on Shia in Iraq after the Iraqi government offensive on insurgents in the Sunni town of Tal Afar. He dispatched numerous suicide bombers throughout Iraq to attack American soldiers and areas with large concentrations of Shia militias. He is also responsible for the 2005 bombing of three hotels in Amman, Jordan. Zarqawi was killed in a targeted killing by the USAF on June 7, 2006, while attending a meeting in an isolated safehouse approximately 8 km (5.0 mi) north of Baqubah. One United States Air Force F-16C jet dropped two 500-pound (230 kg) guided bombs on the safehouse.

    From left to right: Ali Ghufron Mukhlas, Imam Samudra & Amrozi
    3 to 5.AmroziA.K.A the Smiling Assassin was executed together with Imam Samudraand Ali Ghufron Mukhlas by firing squad in Nusa Kambangan Island, Indonesia. They were involved in the 2002 Bail Bombings

    Noordin Mohammad Top

    6. Noordin Mohammad Top (11 August 1968 – 17 September 2009), of Malaysian citizenship, was a Muslim extremist, also referred to as (Noordin) Din Moch Top, Muh Top, or Mat Top, and Indonesia's most wanted Islamist militant. Born in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia, he is thought to have been a key bomb maker and/or financier for Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and to have left JI and set up a more violent splinter group Tanzim Qaedat al-Jihad. Noordin was reported by the FBI to be "an explosives expert". The FBI also has reported him to be "an officer, recruiter, bombmaker, and trainer for the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) group."
    Noordin and Azahari Husin were thought to have masterminded the 2003 JW Marriott hotel bombing in Jakarta, the 2004 Australian embassy bombing in Jakarta, the 2005 Bali bombings and the 2009 JW Marriott - Ritz-Carlton bombings, and Noordin may have assisted in the 2002 Bali Bombings.
    Noordin, nicknamed "Moneyman", was an indoctrinator who was specialized in recruiting militants into becoming suicide bombers and collecting funds for militant activities.
    Having long since been wanted by Malaysian and Indonesian authorities, in 2006, he also became listed on the FBI's third major "wanted" list, the FBI Seeking Information - War on Terrorism list.
    He was killed during a police raid in Solo, Central Java, on 17 September 2009 conducted by the Indonesian anti-terrorist team, Densus 88.

    John Allen Muhammad
    7. The D.C. Sniper, John Allen Muhammad was executed by lethal injection at Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia on November 10, 2009. He went on a spree killing and had killed more than 10 people. 
    John Allen Muhammad (December 31, 1960 - November 10, 2009) was a convicted murderer from the United States. He, along with his seventeen-year-old partner, Lee Boyd Malvo, carried out the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks, killing at least 10 people. Muhammad and Malvo were arrested in connection with the attacks on October 24, 2002, following tips from alert citizens. Although the pairing's actions were classified as psychopathy attributable to serial killer characteristics by the media, whether or not their psychopathy meets this classification or that of a spree killer is debated by researchers.
    Born as John Allen Williams, Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in 1987 and later changed his surname to Muhammad. At Muhammad's trial, the prosecutor claimed that the rampage was part of a plot to kill his ex-wife and regain custody of his children, but the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support this argument. His trial for one of the murders (the murder of Dean Harold Meyers in Prince William County, Virginia) began in October 2003, and the following month he was found guilty of capital murder. Four months later he was sentenced to death. While awaiting execution in Virginia, in August 2005, he was extradited to Maryland to face some of the charges there, for which he was convicted of six counts of first-degree murder on May 30, 2006.
    Upon completion of the trial activity in Maryland, he was returned to Virginia's death row pending an agreement with another state or the District of Columbia seeking to try him. He was not tried on additional charges in other Virginia jurisdictions, and faced potential trials in three other states and the District of Columbia involving other deaths and serious woundings. All appeals of his conviction for killing Dean Harold Meyers had been made and rejected. Appeals for Muhammad's other trials remained pending at the time of his execution.
    Muhammad was executed by lethal injection on November 10, 2009, at 9:06 pm EST at Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia, and was pronounced dead at 9:11 pm EST. Muhammad declined to make a final statement.

    8. Dulmatin (6 June 1970 – 9 March 2010) was a senior figure in the militant group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and one of the most wanted terrorists in Southeast Asia. He was also known as Amar Usmanan, Joko Pitoyo, Joko Pitono, Abdul Matin, Pitono, Muktarmar, Djoko, and Noval. He had a nickname "Genius". Dulmatin was a Javanese with 172 cm tall, weighing 70 kg, with a brown complexion.
    According to the Jakarta Globe when he was a young man he attended a religious boarding school run by the founder of the Jemaah Islamiyah, Abu Bakar Bashir.
    Dulmatin had received training in al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. He was believed to have been the protégé of Azahari Husin and under Azahari's guidance Dulmatin became an electronics specialist and bomb making expert. He participated in the car bomb attack on the Philippine ambassador in Jakarta on 1 August 2000 and assembled the timers for the 38 Christmas 2000 church bombings in Indonesia which killed 19 people. He was one of the masterminds behind the 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia which killed 202 people, including 27 from the United Kingdom and 88 Australian citizens . Working alongside Azahari, Dulmatin helped to assemble car bomb and explosive vests used in the attack. He allegedly set off one of the bombs with a mobile phone.
    He was believed to be with the Abu Sayyaf group in the Philippines since 2003 and was involved in providing explosive expertise and training other militants. From radio intercept and human intelligence, authorities believe that Dulmatin was wounded in a gun battle with the Philippines military in January 2007, on the southern island of Jolo. In May 2007, Dulmatin again eluded capture when he fled from a safe house in Simunul island just hours before Philippine police and military forces raided the location. The authorities found 4 children believed to be Dulmatin's children.
    The United States government offered a reward of up to US$10 million for the capture of Dulmatin under the Rewards For Justice Program.
    At the beginning of 2010 Dulmatin began training a group of militants in the foothills of Jalin, just south of Banda Aceh in Indonesia in an attempt to build a 'nerve centre for Southeast Asian terrorism' under the name 'Al-Qaeda of the Verandah of Mecca.' The group was quickly wiped out, beginning with police raids on 22 February 2010, when many were killed or arrested, and followed up with intelligence from locals and ex-rebels who banded against the non-Acehnese militants.
    Dulmatin was killed in a police raid in Pamulang, Jakarta on 9 March 2010 on the outskirts of Jakarta by Detachment 88, Indonesia's special counter-terrorism unit. 

    Osama Bin Laden
    9. Osama Bin Laden (March 10, 1957 – May 2, 2011) was the founder of al-Qaeda, the Sunni militant Islamist organization that claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets. He was a Saudi Arabian, a member of the wealthy bin Laden family, and an ethnic Yemeni Kindite.
    He was born in the bin Laden family to billionaire Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden in Saudi Arabia. He studied there in college until 1979, when he joined the mujahideen forces in Pakistan against the Soviets in Afghanistan. He helped to fund the mujahideen by funneling arms, money and fighters from the Arab world into Afghanistan, also gaining popularity from many Arabs. In 1988, he formed al-Qaeda. He was banished from Saudi Arabia in 1992, and shifted his base to Sudan, until US pressure forced him to leave Sudan in 1996. After establishing a new base in Afghanistan, he declared a war against the United States, initiating a series of bombings and related attacks. Bin Laden was on the American Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) lists of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and Most Wanted Terrorists for his involvement in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings.
    From 2001 to 2011, bin Laden was a major target of the War on Terror, as the FBI placed a $25 million bounty on him in their search for him. On May 2, 2011, bin Laden was shot and killed inside a private residential compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by members of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group and Central Intelligence Agency operatives in a covert operation ordered by United States President Barack Obama.

    Here are 5 previous blog posts about Osama Bin Laden:

    Anwar al-Awlaki

    10. Anwar al-Awlaki (also spelled al-Aulaqi; Arabic: أنور العولقي‎Anwar al-‘Awlaqī; April 21, 1971 – September 30, 2011) was an American and Yemeni imam and Islamic militant. U.S. government officials said that he was a senior talent recruiter and motivator who was involved in planning terrorist operations for the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda. With a blog, a Facebook page, the al-Qaeda magazine Inspire, and many YouTube videos, the Saudi news station Al Arabiya described him as the "bin Laden of the Internet." After a request from the U.S. Congress, in November 2010 YouTube removed many of Awlaki's videos.
    U.S. officials say that as imam at a mosque in Falls Church, Virginia (2001–02), which had 3,000 members, al-Awlaki spoke with and preached to three of the 9/11 hijackers, who were al-Qaeda members. In 2001, he presided at the funeral of the mother of Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist who later e-mailed him extensively in 2008–09 before the Fort Hood shootings. During al-Awlaki's later radical period after 2006–07, when he went into hiding, he was associated with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian who attempted the 2009 Christmas Day bombing of an American airliner. Al-Awlaki was allegedly involved in planning the latter's attack.
    The Yemeni government began trying him in absentia in November 2010, for plotting to kill foreigners and being a member of al-Qaeda. A Yemeni judge ordered that he be captured "dead or alive." U.S. officials said that in 2009, al-Awlaki was promoted to the rank of "regional commander" within al-Qaeda. He repeatedly called for jihad against the United States.
    In April 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama placed al-Awlaki on a list of people whom the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency was authorized to kill because of terrorist activities. The "targeted killing" of an American citizen was unprecedented. Al-Awlaki's father and civil rights groups challenged the order in court. Al-Awlaki was believed to be in hiding in Southeast Yemen in the last years of his life. The U.S. deployed unmanned aircraft (drones) in Yemen to search for and kill him, firing at and failing to kill him at least once, before succeeding in a fatal American drone attack in Yemen on September 30, 2011. Two weeks later, al-Awlaki's 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen who was born in Denver, was killed by a CIA-led drone strike in Yemen. Nasser al-Awlaki, Anwar's father, released an audio recording condemning the killings of his son and grandson as senseless murders.

    Hamam El-Kamouny
    11.Hamam El-Kamounywas executed by hanging in Egypt on a Monday morning (October 10, 2011). He was put to death for the January 7, 2010 Nag Hammadi massacre where he shot dead six Christians and a Muslim.

    Ajmal Kasab

    Mohammad Ajmal Kasab pictured carrying an automatic rifle as he enters a train station in Mumbai late on November 26, 2008. (Credit: AFP) 
    12. Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab (Punjabi/Urdu: محمد اجمل امیر قصاب‎‎; 13 July 1987 – 21 November 2012) was a Pakistani militant and a member of the Lashkar-e-Taiba Islamist group, through which he took part in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks in India. Kasab was the only attacker captured alive by police.
    Kasab was born in Faridkot, Pakistan to a family belonging to the Qassab community. He left his home in 2005, engaging in petty crime and armed robbery with a friend. In late 2007, he and his friend encountered members of Jama'at-ud-Da'wah, the political wing of Lashkar-e-Taiba, distributing pamphlets, and were persuaded to join.
    On 3 May 2010, Kasab was found guilty of 80 offences, including murder, waging war against India, possessing explosives, and other charges. On 6 May 2010, the same trial court sentenced him to death on four counts and to a life sentence on five counts. Kasab's death sentence was upheld by the Bombay High Court on 21 February 2011. The verdict was upheld by the Supreme Court of India on 29 August 2012. Kasab was hanged on 21 November 2012 at 7:30 a.m. and buried at Yerwada Jail in Pune.

    Afzal Guru
    13. Mohammad Afzal Guru (1969 - 9 February 2013), an Indian national, was convicted by Indian court for the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, and sentenced to death by a special Prevention of Terrorism Act Court in 2002. The Delhi High Court confirmed the judgment in 2003 and his appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court of India in 2005. The Supreme Court did not find any evidence as to his membership to any terrorist organisation but stated that the circumstances clearly established that Guru was associated with the deceased terrorists in almost every act done by them in order to achieve the objective of attacking the Parliament and there was sufficient and satisfactory circumstantial evidence to establish that he was a partner in the conspiracy. The sentence was scheduled to be carried out on 20 October 2006, but Guru was given a stay of execution after protests in Jammu and Kashmir and remained on death row. On 3 February 2013, his mercy petition was rejected by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. He was secretly hanged at Delhi's Tihar Jail around 08:00 am on 9 February 2013 and afterward buried inside jail grounds in Operation Three Star. His family was not informed prior to execution and his dead body was later denied to his family, while his execution resulted in violent protests across the Kashmir region.

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                On this date, September 10, 2010, a carjacker and rapist murderer, Cal Coburn Brown was executed by lethal injection in the State of Washington. He was convicted of raping and stabbing Holly Carol Washa to death on May 24, 1991. Although he was put to death 19 years after the murder and 17 years after being sentenced to death, the victims’ families did not regret watching him die, even two years after witnessing the execution

    Cal Coburn Brown
                Please go to this previous blog post to learn more about this killer.

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    On this date, September 12, 1945, IJA General Seishirō Itagakisurrendered Japanese forces in Southeast Asia to British Admiral Louis Mountbatten in Singapore. I will post information about this Japanese General from Wikipedia.

    General Seishirō Itagaki (板垣征四郎 Itagaki Seishirō)

    Native name

    21 January 1885
    Morioka, Iwate, Japan
    23 December 1948 (aged 63) executed by hanging
    Sugamo Prison, Japan
    Empire of Japan
    Imperial Japanese Army
    Years of service
    Commands held
    • 5th Division
    • Japanese Korean Army
    • Seventh Area Army
    • Russo-Japanese War
    • Second Sino-Japanese War
    • World War II
    Other work
    Minister of War

    Seishirō Itagaki(板垣征四郎Itagaki Seishirō, 21 January 1885 – 23 December 1948) was a General in the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II and a War Minister. Convicted of war crimes, he was executed in 1948.


    Itagaki was born in Morioka city, Iwate prefecture into a samurai class family formerly serving the Nanbu clan of Morioka Domain. He graduated from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in 1904. He fought in the Russo-Japanese Warin 1904–1905.

    From 1924-1926, Itagaki was a military attaché assigned to the Japanese embassy in China. On his return to Japan, he held a number of staff positions within the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff during 1926–1927 before being given a field command as commanding officer of the IJA 33rd Infantry Brigade based in China. His brigade was attached to the IJA 10th Division from 1927–1928. Itagaki was then transferred to command the IJA 33rd Infantry Regiment in China from 1928–1929, under the aegis of the Kwantung Army.

    Itagaki rose to become Chief of the Intelligence Section of the Kwantung Army from 1931, in which capacity he helped plan the 1931 Mukden Incident that led to the Japanese seizure of Manchuria. He was subsequently a military advisor to Manchukuo from 1932–1934.

    Itagaki became Vice Chief of Staff of the Kwantung Army from 1934, and Chief of Staffin 1936.

    From 1937 to 1938 Itagaki was commander of the IJA 5th Division in China during the early part of the Second Sino-Japanese War. His Division took a leading part in the Battle of Beiping-Tianjin, Operation Chahar, and the Battle of Taiyuan. However in the Battle of Xuzhou his forces were repulsed during the Battle of Taierzhuang in the vicinity of Linyithat prevented them from coming to the aid of Rensuke Isogai's IJA 10th Division.

    Recalled to Japan in 1938, Itagaki briefly served as War Minister from 1938-1939. On December 6, 1938, Itagaki proposed a national policy in accordance with Hakko Ichiuat the Five Ministers Conference, which was the Japanese highest decision making council, and the council made a decision of prohibiting the expulsion of the Jews in Japan, Manchuria, and China as Japanese national policy. 

    Itagaki returned to China again as chief of staff of the China Expeditionary Army from 1939-1941. However, the defeat of Japanese forces against the SovietRed Armyat Nomonhan in the summer of 1939 was a major blow to his career, and he was reassigned to command the Chosen Armyin Korea, then considered a backwater post.

    As the war situation continued to deteriorate for Japan, the Chosen Army was elevated to the Japanese Seventeenth Area Army in 1945, with Itagaki still as commander in chief. He was then reassigned to the Japanese Seventh Area Army in Singapore and Malaya in April 1945. He surrendered Japanese forces in Southeast Asia to British Admiral Louis Mountbatten in Singapore on 12 September 1945.

    After the war, he was taken into custody by the SCAP authorities and charged with war crimes, specifically in connection with the Japanese seizure of Manchuria, his escalation of the war against the Allies during his term as War Minister, and for allowing inhumane treatment of prisoners of war during his term as commander of Japanese forces in Southeast Asia. He was found guilty on counts 1, 27, 29, 31, 32, 35, 36 and 54 and was condemned to death in 1948 by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. Itagaki was hanged on 23 December 1948 at Sugamo Prison, Tokyo.

    Inaugural Party for the newly appointed War Minister Seoshirō Itagaki (1885–1948, center right). Among the guests were Naval Minister Mitsumasa Yonai (1880–48, center left) and Vice War Minister Hideki Tōjō (1884–1948, to the right of Itagaki).

    Seishirō Itagaki(January 21, 1885 – December 23, 1948) was general in the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II and a War Minister. He surrendered Japanese forces in Southeast Asia to British General Louis Montbatten in Singapore on 12 September 1945. After the war, he was taken into custody by the SCAP authorities and charged with war crimes, specifically in connection with the Japanese seizure of Manchuria, his escalation of the war against the Allies during his term as War Minister, and for allowing inhumane treatment of prisoners of war during his term as commander of Japanese forces in Southeast Asia. He was found guilty and condemned to death in 1948 by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. Itagaki was hanged on December 21, 1948 at Sugamo Prison, Tokyo.

    • Now that the Emperor has accepted the Potsdam Declaration, we must lay down our arms. Obeying the Emperor's order, we shall not fight. We must keep peace and order and we shall not make any trouble.
      • Quoted in "Red Star Over Malaya" - Page 130 - by Boon Kheng Cheah - History - 2003
    • I am convinced that in times such as these, every man must be a soldier, in substance as well as in name.
      • Quoted in "The Fight for the Pacific" - Page 157 - by Mark Gayn - 1941
    • The conflict between Japan and Chiang is little affected by the fall of the Wuhan cities and Sino-Japanese hostilities have just started.
      • Quoted in "Pacific Affairs: An International Review of Asia and the Pacific" - Page 1 - by University of British Columbia - Pan-Pacific relations
    • It is a place rich in natural resources, having everything we need for national defense, a crucial place for the empire's self-reliance. The place is crucial too for our wars with China, Russia, and the U.S.
      • About sending troops to China's northeast. March 1931, from speech entitled "Manchuria and Mongolia from the Military Point of View". Quoted in "China in the World Anti-Fascist War" by Peng Xunhou - Page 23 - 2005
    • We hope the peace will last for twenty years. Then we will be here again.
      • To the Sultan of Johore. Quoted in "Key to Japan" - Page 289 - by Willard Price - 1946
    • The war will continue a long time. Chiang Kai-shek may attempt to continue hostilities throughout his ifetime and as long as Chiang continues, Japan must continue.
      • Quoted in "Time" - by Briton Hadden, Henry Robinson Luce - Australia - 1923 - Page 29
    • The Chinese courts have tried many Japanese officers for their crimes against the Chinese. These men committed thousands of crimes against Koreans. They killed and persecuted thousands of our people for refusing to help the Japanese war effort. They forced Koreans into the coal mines as slave laborers and let them die of tuberculosis and neglect.
      • Quoted in "Korea would Try 2 Japanese Chiefs" from "New York Times" article - November 30, 1948
    • I am convinced of the necessity to take an effective measure of self defense.
      • Quoted in "Oakland Tribune (Newspaper)" - February 21, 1939, Oakland, California

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    On this date, September 12, 1945, Japanese Field Marshal Hajime Sugiyama committed suicide by shooting himself. I will post information about this Japanese General from Wikipedia.

    Hajime Sugiyama (杉山Sugiyama Hajime)

    Hajime Sugiyama (杉山Sugiyama Hajime) in military uniform.

    January 1, 1880
    Kokura, Fukuoka Prefecture
    September 12, 1945 (aged 65)
    Tokyo, Japan
    Empire of Japan
    Imperial Japanese Army
    Years of service
    1901 - 1945
    Field Marshal
    Commands held
    12th Division
    Northern China Area Army
    First General Army
    Russo-Japanese War
    Second Sino-Japanese War
    World War II
    Order of the Golden Kite, Order of the Rising Sun

    Hajime Sugiyama(杉山Sugiyama Hajime / Sugiyama Gen, January 1, 1880 – September 12, 1945) was a field marshal who served as successively as chief of the Army General Staff, and minister of war in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II between 1937 and 1944. As War Minister in 1937, he was one of the principal architects of the China Incident or second Sino-Japanese War. Later, as Army Chief of Staff in 1940 and 1941, he was a leading advocate of expansion into Southeast Asia and later preventive war against the United States.


    Born to a former samurai family from Kokura (now part of Kitakyushu City), Fukuoka Prefecture, Sugiyama was commissioned as a lieutenant in the infantry in 1901 after graduation from the 12th class of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy, and served in the Russo-Japanese War.

    After graduating from the 22nd class of the Army Staff College in 1910 and serving on the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff, Sugiyama was posted as military attaché to the Philippines and Singapore in 1912. Promoted to major in 1913, he was posted again as military attaché to British India in 1915. During this time, he also visited Germany, and became acquainted with the use of aircraft in combat in World War I.

    On his return, Sugiyama was promoted to lieutenant colonel, and commander of the 2nd Air Battalion in December 1918. He was a strong proponent of military aviation, and after his promotion to colonel in 1921, became the first head of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service in 1922.

    In May 1925, Sugiyama became a major general and acting Vice War Minister in June 1930. In August, he became Vice War Minister and a lieutenant general. He returned to command the expanded Imperial Japanese Army Air Service in March 1933. Sugiyama was promoted to full general in November 1936.

    Political career

    Although never elected to political office, Sugiyama is regarded as a nationalist politician. He started in the Toseiha faction, led by Kazushige Ugaki, with Koiso Kuniaki, Yoshijirō Umezu, Tetsuzan Nagata, and Hideki Tōjō. They opposed the radical Kodaha faction under Sadao Araki. Later both factions combined in the Imperial Way Faction movement, and Sugiyama became one of its ideological leaders.

    Japanese news photo June 1, 1943
    Second Sino-Japanese War

    Shortly after the February 26 Incident, Sugiyama became Minister of War. Under his tenure, the situation between Japanese forces in Manchukuo and China became more severe, cumulating with the Marco Polo Bridge Incident and the invasion of Shanxi Province.

    Sugiyama briefly accepted a field command as commanding general of North China Area Army and the Mongolia Garrison Army in December 1938.

    Japanese Prime Minister Kuniaki Koiso (1880–1950, in office 1944–45, third from the left, front row) and the members of his cabinet, including Naval Minister Mitsumasa Yonai (to the right of Koiso) who was ranked with the prime minister, on the inaugural day of his administration.

    Sugiyama (left on first row), as minister of War in Kuniaki Koiso's (third from left on front row) cabinet, with Mitsumasa Yonai (right on front row)
    World War II

    n his return to Japan, Sugiyama was briefly appointed head of Yasukuni Shrine in 1939. On September 3, 1940, he succeeded elderly Prince Kan'in Kotohito as Chief of the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff. He was one of the leading Army officers lobbying for war with the West. However, on September 5, 1941, on the verge of the war against the United States and Great Britain, he was severely berated by Emperor Hirohito for having earlier predicted in 1937 that Japanese invasion of China would be completed within three months, and challenged over his confidence in a quick victory over the Western powers.

    Sugiyama was awarded the honorary rank of field marshal in 1943. As the war fronts collapsed on all sides, Sugiyama was relieved of his post as Chief of the General Staff on February 21, 1944, by General Hideki Tōjō (who continued to serve concurrently as Prime Minister).

    Sugiyama was appointed to the Inspector-general of Military Training, which was still one of the most prestigious positions in the Army. After Tōjō's ouster in 1944, Sugiyama again became Minister of War. In July 1945, he was asked to take command of the First General Army, which directed defenses of the Japanese mainland against the anticipated Allied invasion.

    Ten days after the surrender of Japan, after finishing preparations for the final dissolution of the Imperial Japanese Army as dictated by the victorious Allied Powers, Sugiyama committed suicide by shooting himself four times in the chest with his revolver while seated at his desk in his office. At home, his wife also killed herself. His grave is at the Tama Cemetery, in Fuchū, Tokyo.


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                On this date, 13 September 1946, the Nazi Butcher A.K.A Amon Goeth was executed by hanging in Kraków, Poland. Please go to this previous Blog Post to learn more about this Nazi War Criminal.

    Amon Leopold Goeth's mug shot (1945)

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              On this date, September 13, 2011, a Satanic White Supremacist, Steven Michael Woods was executed by lethal injection in Texas. He was put to death for the May 2, 2001 murders of Bethena Brosz and Ron Whitehead in Texas.

    Steven Michael Woods
                Please go to this previous blog post to learn more about this killer.

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                On this date, September 13, 2004, a Juvenile who later became a serial killer, Charlie Brandt, who murdered again when he was an adult, committed suicide by hanging himself. I will post information about him from Wikipedia and other links.


    Charlie Brandt

    Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
    September 13, 2004
    Orlando, Florida, USA
    Cause of death
    Suicide by hanging

    3 - 6+
    Span of killings
    January 3, 1971–September 13, 2004
    United States
    Indiana, Florida

    Carl "Charlie" Brandt (1957 – c. September 13, 2004) was an American murderer and suspected serial killer. Brandt, a native of Indiana and longtime resident of the Florida Keys, committed suicide in September 2004 after his wife, Teresa "Teri" Brandt, was stabbed seven times and his niece, Michelle Jones, was decapitated and disemboweled. An investigation by police concluded that Brandt had murdered Teri Brandt and Michelle Jones before hanging himself in Jones' garage.

    It later came to light that Brandt had shot his parents – his pregnant mother fatally – in 1971, when he was thirteen; he spent one year at a psychiatric hospital before being released, and was never criminally charged. Because of this incident – of which Teri Brandt's family was unaware – and because of Charlie Brandt's efficiency in killing his wife and niece and his hidden obsessions with human anatomy, investigators looked into the prospect that he had been a serial killer who had operated without detection since moving to Florida in 1973. Police have positively ascribed up to six homicides to Brandt.

    1971 incident

    On the night of January 3, 1971, Brandt, then thirteen, walked into his parents' bathroom while his father was shaving and his mother, who was eight months pregnant, was taking a bath. Brandt shot his father point blank in the back with a gun, then fired several rounds into his mother; his father survived, but his mother died at the scene. Brandt then confronted his fifteen year old sister, Angela Brandt, but his gun wouldn't fire. After a physical struggle, Angela managed to calm her brother down before she fled the house and sought help from neighbors. Charlie also left the house and knocked on the door of a girl next door named Sandi Radcliffe, telling her, "Sandi, I just shot my mom and dad."

    After being identified by his father as the attacker, Brandt was ordered to undergo three separate psychiatric evaluations, all of which couldn't determine what mental illness he may have had or what motivated him to shoot his parents. One of Brandt's psychiatrists, Ronald Pancner, later recounted, "Basically, I was looking for mental illness. And he wasn't showing the signs and symptoms of serious mental illness, which I thought was what the court wanted to know." Interviews with Brandt's family and friends showed that he had no conflicts at home or at school, and had previously shown nothing but devotion to his mother. Pancner and Brandt's other psychiatrists were ultimately unable to come up with any psychological reason for the shooting, later saying, "We found no psychosis, no distorted thinking that would basically be a reason for this crime to be done."

    2004 incident

    On September 2, 2004, Charlie and Teri Brandt were evacuated from their home on Big Pine Key before Hurricane Ivan made landfall. Their niece, Michelle Lynn Jones, invited them to stay at her residence in central Florida. Throughout the visit, Michelle Jones kept in regular contact with her mother, Mary Lou Jones, as well as several friends. On the evening of September 13, one of Jones' friends, Lisa Emmons, was scheduled to visit her house. However, Jones discouraged her from coming after reporting that the Brandts had had an argument after drinking. After that night, Jones stopped answering telephone calls, which alarmed her acquaintances.

    On September 15, another one of Jones' friends, Debbie Knight, came to her house to check on her and the Brandts while on the phone with Mary Lou Jones. After finding the front door locked, Knight tried to enter the house through the garage, where she found Charlie Brandt's body hanging from the rafters; due to sweltering temperatures and the length of time since his death, Brandt's body was in a state of decomposition. Knight contacted the police, who entered the house and found the bodies of Brandt's wife and niece. Teri Brandt had been stabbed seven times in the chest while reclining on a couch. Michelle Jones, whose body was found in her bed, had been decapitated and disemboweled, with her heart and organs removed. Jones' head was also placed next to her own body. The weapons used in the crimes had been knives from Jones' kitchen.

    Links to other murders

    Investigations into cold case files from throughout Florida eventually linked Brandt to unsolved murders that bore striking similarities to Michelle Jones' death. They included the decapitations of the victims and the removal of their hearts, which detectives established had been the focus of Brandt's obsession. The search led to twenty-six unsolved murders in Florida going back to 1973, the year Brandt moved to the state. Some cold cases have since been positively ascribed to Brandt by the authorities.

    Sherry Perisho, 1989

    Perisho's partly clad body was found on July 16, 1989, near the North Pine Channel Bridge at Big Pine Key, where Perisho, who was homeless, lived on a dinghy. Perisho's throat had been slashed and her head had been nearly decapitated; like Jones, her body was extensively mutilated and her heart was removed. Perisho was found less than 1,000 feet from where Brandt lived, and Brandt's appearance matched a composite sketch of a man seen crossing U.S. Route 1 near where Perisho was discovered on the night she was murdered. Based on this evidence, Monroe County investigators determined that Brandt killed Perisho and officially closed the case on May 6, 2006.


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  • 09/14/14--03:08: CAPTAIN EIKICHI KATO

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  • 09/15/14--06:44: THE NUREMBERG LAWS

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                70 years ago on this date, September 21, 1944, Artur Phleps, an SS General, who was an Adolf Hitler Look-alike, was killed by Soviet guards. I will post information about him from Wikipedia and other links.

    Frontal portrait photograph of Artur Phleps, the author is unknown, however, given the caption in Kaltenegger's book states the photograph was taken on 29 November 1942, in Kraljevo, (which was in occupied Yugoslavia), it is highly likely that the photograph was taken by a German military photographer from 7th SS Division, and under German copyright law the copyright remains with the photographer until 70 years after his death. Given it is possible that the photographer survived World War II, it is reasonable to assume that the copyright period has not yet expired.

    Birth name
    Artur Gustav Martin Phleps
    Papa Phleps
    29 November 1881
    Birthälm, Transylvania, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Biertan, Romania)
    21 September 1944 (aged 62)
    Șimand, Romania
    Austro-Hungarian Empire
    Kingdom of Romania
    Nazi Germany
    • Austro-Hungarian Army
    • Romanian Army
    • Waffen-SS
    Years of service
    SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS (Lieutenant General)
    SS Motorised Division Wiking
    Commands held
    7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen
    V SS Mountain Corps
    • World War I
    • Hungarian–Romanian war of 1919
    • World War II
    Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves
    German Cross in Gold

    Artur Gustav Martin Phleps (29 November 1881 – 21 September 1944) was an Austro-Hungarian, Romanian and German army officer who held the rank of SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS (lieutenant general) in the Waffen-SS during World War II. An Austro-Hungarian Army officer before and during World War I, he specialised in mountain warfare and logistics, and had been promoted to Oberstleutnant (lieutenant colonel) by the end of the war. During the interwar period he joined the Romanian Army, reaching the rank of General-locotenent (major general), and also became an adviser to King Carol. After he spoke out against the government, he was sidelined and forcibly retired from the army. In 1941 he left Romania and joined the Waffen-SS as a SS-Standartenführer (colonel) under his mother's maiden name of Stolz. Seeing action on the Eastern Front as a regimental commander with the SS Motorised Division Wiking, he later raised and commanded the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen, raised the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian), and commanded the V SS Mountain Corps. Units under his command committed many crimes against the civilian population of the Independent State of Croatia, Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia and Italian governorate of Montenegro. His final appointment was as plenipotentiary general in south Siebenbürgen and the Banat, during which he organised the evacuation of the Volksdeutsche(ethnic Germans) of Siebenbürgen to the Reich. In addition to the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Phleps was awarded the German Cross in Gold, and after he was killed in September 1944, he was awarded the Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross.

    Early life

    World War I

    Between the wars

    World War II

    SS Motorised Division Wiking

    7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen

    V SS Mountain Corps

    Death and aftermath



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                On this date, September 24, 1946, an IJA General, Yoshio Tachibana was executed by hanging in Guam for war crimes, including cannibalism. I will post information about him from Wikipedia and other links.

    Yoshio Tachibana (立花芳夫Tachibana Yoshio)

    February 24, 1890
    Ehime prefecture, Japan
    September 24, 1946 (aged 56)
    Empire of Japan
    Imperial Japanese Army
    Years of service
    1903 - 1945
    Lieutenant General
    Commands held
    1st Independent Mixed Brigade
    109th Infantry Division
    World War II

    Yoshio Tachibana(立花芳夫Tachibana Yoshio, 24 February 1890 – 24 September 1946) was a lieutenant general of the Japanese Imperial Army. He was commander of the Japanese troops in Chichijima, Ogasawara Islands, and was held responsible for the “Chichijima Incident” a war crime involving torture, extrajudicial execution and cannibalism of Allied prisoners of war.

    Lieutenant General Yoshio Tachibana, Japanese Army, prepares to sign documents surrendering the Bonin Islands, 3 September 1945, off Chichi Jima, on board USS Dunlap (DD-384). A U.S. Army interpreter is assisting him.
    Japanese officers standing behind LtG. Tachibana are (left to right): Lieutenant Commander I. Shinoda, Major Y. Horie, Captain J. Sato and Captain S. Terasawa.
    At the extreme left is Lieutenant David C. McMillion, USN